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Towards … The Engineering Research Center for Innovative Fibrous Materials Director: Behnam Pourdeyhimi, 919-515-1822,

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1 Towards … The Engineering Research Center for Innovative Fibrous Materials Director: Behnam Pourdeyhimi,, 919-515-1822, Co-Director: Ruben Carbonell,, 919-515-5118,

2 2 Nonwovens – Innovative Fibrous Materials  Nonwovens are Engineered Innovative Fabrics  Nonwovens are manufactured by high-speed, low-cost processes – Large Volume, Low Cost  Nonwovens are in many applications already, but most are hidden and you do not see them

3 3 History…  In 1991, The Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center (NCRC) started as a National Science Foundation Center in the form of a State Industry University Cooperative Research (State I/UCRC) Center.  Funds were to come equally in the amount of $300,000 each from the State of North Carolina Industry NSF  In 1998, NCRC graduated from the National Science Foundation.

4 4 NCRC’s Growth Continues NCRC is the largest I/UCRC in the Nation Non-Core Research & Support Extension, Engagement, Economic Development Core Research Establishment of pilot and analytical facilities Development of a model for Extension, Engagement, Economic Development Establishment of pilot and analytical facilities Development of a model for Extension, Engagement, Economic Development

5 5 Current NCRC Supported Staff – 16  Five visiting Faculty/Scientists – Teaching and Research 1. Hooman Tafreshi 2. Svetlana Verenich 3. Eunkyoung Shim 4. Benoit Maze 5. Bong Yeom  Twelve Full time Staff 1. Sherwood Wallace 2. Stephen Sharp 3. Ben Lambert 4. Alvin Fortner 5. William Barnes 6. Robert Byron 7. John Fry 8. Amy Minton 9. Susan Pegram 10. Wendy Cox 11. Don Shiffler 12. Bruce Anderson

6 6 Investments in Infrastructure by NCRC

7 7 Current Member Companies FULL MEMBER I 1.BASF 2.Clorox 3.Colbond 4.Cumins Filtration 5.Eastman 6.First Quality 7.Jockey Int. 8.KITECH 9.MeadWestvaco 10.NATICK 11.NatureWorks 12.Procter & Gamble 13.ProMetic 14.Rohm and Haas FULL MEMBER II 1.3-M 2.A. Celli 3.Ahlstrom 4.Albany Int. 5.Arkema 6.AstenJohnson 7.BBA Fiberweb 8.Cintas 9.ConvaTec 10.Cotton Inc. AFFILIATE 1.AFTECH 2.Allasso Industries 3.American Truetzschler 4.Apexical, Inc. 5.Atlantic Mills 6.Dophes, Ltd 7.Duke Energy 8.Fi-Tech 9.FlexForm Technologies 10.Fluent 11.General Nonwovens 12.Groz-Beckert 13.Herrmann Ultrasonics 14.J. D. Hollingsworth 15.Jenkins, Wilson & Taylor 16.NanoFiber Group 17.Nippon Nozzle 18.Nonwoven Media Int. 19.NSC 20.NuTex Concepts 21. OMNOVA 22. Porous Materials, Inc. 23. Progress Energy 24.Slack & Parr 25.Xymid, LLC ASSOCIATE 1. CSIRO FULL MEMBER II 11.Dow 12.DuPont 13.FiberVisions 14.CHA Technologies (FIT) 15.Fleissner 16.Freudenberg 17.Hills Inc. 18.INDA 19.Johns Manville 20.Kimberly-Clark 21.Kuraray 22.Milliken 23.PGI Nonwovens 24.Raytech Composites 25.Rieter Textile Systems 26.Sellers Wipes 27.San Fang Chemical 28.Sara Lee 29.Sunoco 30.TTIR

8 8 NCRC’s Mission  Education Training students Technology transfer  Short Courses  In-plant Training  Research Core – Creating Knowledge – Fundamental & Applied Non-core – Outreach – Applied & Fundamental  Economic Development (Extension/Engagement) Analytical services Product innovation/development

9 9 Why an ERC? To Sustain and Support a Rapidly Growing Industry  Initially, focused on single-use disposable products, today this $50 billion industry, with as much as $11 billion in roll goods, produces a wide-ranging array of products – These are not apparel textiles.  Presently, the major markets include medical and hygiene, filtration, personal care and industrial and automotive.

10 10 Innovation & The Industry  Are we doing enough to ensure our future?  It is unlikely, that growth in these markets can be sustained, or that new markets can be generated, in the absence of significant innovations in materials or process technologies that can enable the development of new and innovative products. Roll Goods Machinery Products Materials Innovation


12 12 The Vision  to become a global research, educational, and training resource for the Fibrous Materials Industry by developing innovative fibrous materials and systems that sustain and improve the economic well being of the nation and contribute to the quality of the environment and public health.

13 13 Mission  to develop new scientific and engineering knowledge through world-class scholarship.  to transfer that knowledge to the Industry to spawn commercialization of next-generation product technologies to drive the innovations required to realize new classes of uniquely robust and responsive products.

14 14 Our Model … Creating Knowledge Adding Value Transferring Knowledge University, Industry, GovernmentIndustry, University & Government Fundamental Research New Product Development Core Research Non-Core, Applied Research Extension, Engagement and Economic Development Graduate & Undergraduate Education NSF’s Mission

15 15 Goals 1. Undertake research in the areas of materials synthesis, surface engineering, and structure/process modeling to aid in the development of new and innovative products related, but not restricted, to medical, surgical and drug delivery applications, biospecific biological separations processes, drug and toxin detection and removal, national defense, energy conversion, reinforced materials for construction and aeronautical applications, and energy conservation.

16 16 Goals 2. Build strategic alliances with industrial partners and facilitate technology transfer and commercialization, and meet the education, research, and engagement needs of the industry. 3. Educate and train students and researchers through targeted educational programs, short courses, online and distance education programs, internships, sabbaticals, direct in- plant training, and one-on-one consulting.

17 17 Research Focus Responsive Polymer Structures - Examples  Electrically conducting fibers – Use in adsorptive filters – detection and removal  Thermally responsible fibers – Drug delivery, sensors, energy conversion  Impregnation of drugs into fibers – Drug delivery, wound healing, surgical applications

18 18 Research Focus Surface Modification Technologies - Examples 1. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) approaches for organic, inorganic and metallic coatings 2. Plasma treatment for ligand attachment – Biospecific separations, detection, removal 3. Controlling of surface-modified fiber properties

19 19 Research Focus Composites & Hybrid Materials - Examples 1. Particle – nano fiber composites, nano tubes – Uses in energy storage, conversion, catalysis 2. Nano- and micro- particle impregnated membranes – energy conversion, medical devices 3. Composite/mixed-mode/gradient materials (combination of nano and micro fibers)

20 20 Outreach 1. Involve undergraduate and graduate students in research projects, publications, and presentations, 2. Develop an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate and MS programs in Engineered Fabrics at NC State. 3. Collaborate with The Science House and the Kenan Fellows Program at NC State to implement teacher institutes to train secondary school teachers on ways to teach engineering and scientific concepts. 4. Work closely with North Carolina and US Department of Commerce, Wake County and other Economic Development groups to recruit small and mid-sized companies to North Carolina and provide in-plant training and technical assistance to those in need.

21 21 Fundamental Knowledge Enabling Technology Engineered System New Products & Processes Models for Product/Process Development Material Synthesis and Surface Engineering 15324610879 Year Fiber and polymer materials synthesis Engineering of surfaces Creation of multi-component and responsive fibers, nano fibers, and nano materials Expedient processes for the large-scale production Performance models Integrative fibrous material tesbeds Engineered Innovative Fibrous Materials Process models Structure models Structure-property relationships Structure-property relationships Filtration, Separation, Automotive, Medical, Hygiene

22 22 Thrust Areas & Leaders  Fiber and Polymer Materials Synthesis Saad Khan; Richard Spontak; Alan Tonelli, Sam Hudson  Surface Engineering Greg Parsons; Jan Genzer; Peter Hauser; Ruben Carbonell  Process Engineering, and Structure modeling Jon Rust; Behnam Pourdeyhimi  Structure modeling Hooman Tafreshi; Jeffrey W. Eischen; George Chase, Dr. Alexander Yarin  Entrepreneurship – Systems

23 23 Status to date…  First draft will be ready by 3/26  Over 50 responses from NCSU and Partner universities NCSU Georgia Tech Maryland Akron U.I.C Loughborough Liberec

24 24 AOC Council of Deans: NCSU and Partner Universities Deputy Director University Policy Committee NCSU and Partner Universities Associate Director Research Associate Director Education Associate Director Tech. Transfer Center Analyst Industrial Advisory Board Director Co-Director Communications Director National Science Foundation

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