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Presenters:Donald McCalman Sandy Gilchrist 1 st Sept 2008.

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1 Presenters:Donald McCalman Sandy Gilchrist 1 st Sept 2008

2 Insight from Interactions TM 2 BT, Technology and Partnerships  Long term relationship between BT and the UK’s police forces  Focus is on the use of innovative technology applied to real business challenges  Technology developed from several sources :  Internal R&D - £1bn investment, 3500 staff  Open Innovation – collaboration with academia (MIT, UCL etc)  Innovation scouting – 1200 new technologies, 50 start-up reviews  Business development partnerships  A key partner in the Police sector is NICE Technologie s

3 Insight from Interactions TM 3 “Performance increasingly depends on the ability to detect critical events sooner and respond to them faster” “Agencies must model citizen behaviour, turn analysis into action and revise constantly …”

4 Introducing Actimize and NICE Inform™

5 5 SPSA SCDEA Police Forces ACPOS Federated Assets & Stakeholders Actimize / INFORM™

6 6 Secure High Speed network Architecture Authorised User A Authorised User B Authorised User C Multi-owner Capture Layer Multi discipline Access / Alerts Actimize / INFORM™ Multimedia Monitoring Analysis & Reconstruction

7 7 Provide Insight to Improve Decision Making

8 8 Analytics  Goal – find a needle in a haystack  Valuable & actionable information to achieve a clearer understanding of the intelligence picture for investigators  Actimize Highlights  Robust Patented platform.  Analysis of combined data types.  Based on Best Practices and intensive “Know How”.  Real-Time Suspicious Events Detection.  Control and Monitor - targets and potential targets.  Support tools for Time-Critical Decision-Making.

9 9 Technology Concepts  Meta Data Analysis  Filtering by extreme meta-data utilization.  Data Fusion  Collaboration of various of data types.  Target Profiling  Tracking activity routine of targets.  Pattern Detection  Real-time abnormal behavior of suspects and events.  Complex Event Processing  Events occurring sequence for specific time intervals.

10 10 Solutions Concept Telecommunication Data Location Data TCP/IP Data Transactional Data Reference Data Voice analysis, Text Analysis, GIS services & 3 rd party products Immediate Response Take Action

11 11 Analytics Architecture www intranet Audit Trail Crime Prevention Workflow M.I.S Alerts Investigation NICE Intel Server Money Laundering Fraud Crime Prevention Firewall Updates Multimedia Case Management Configuration tool TCP/IP meta data Data Sources:  Crime records  Intelligence  FCC  ANPR SID CDRs Funds

12 Insight from Interactions TM 12 Summary - Benefits and Key Differentiators

13 Insight from Interactions TM 13 Benefits  Analysis of financial flows  Surveillance of financial transactions of suspects  Telecommunication analysis  Surveillance and utilization of phone communications CDRs  Location analysis  Tracking of suspects and protecting facilities and borders  TCP/IP (IM & emails) transport layer analysis  Link analysis to map networks  Additional intelligence analysis  Complex modules involving several of the above

14 NICE SmartCentre 14 Key Differentiators Modeler MessagesSIDCases Unstructured Data Crime Records STRUCTURE Virtual Data warehouse - Speed of deployment - Cost of installation and maintenance - Quality of the alerts

15 Thank You... Questions?

16 Sandy Gilchrist Director Public Safety & Security (M) 07792 343080 Tollbar Way, Hedge End SOUTHAMPTON SO30 2ZP Donald McCalman Public Sector Practice (Devolved Government) M: 0791 888 4553 E: W:

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