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Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities International Executive MBA 2008 Information Evening.

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1 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities International Executive MBA 2008 Information Evening

2 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities BMI is a Consortium of Leading European Business Schools Copenhagen Business School (CBS Denmark) HEC School of Management (HEC France) Louvain School of Management (UCL-LSM Belgium) Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH Norway) Vytautas Magnus University (VMU Lithuania)

3 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities BMI’s Mission is … to enhance the management skills of executives and business professionals in the Baltic region

4 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Core BMI Programmes: fully equivalent to EMBA studies in Western Europe Executive Education International Executive MBA seminars, in-company trainings, coaching, speakers for events

5 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities BMI Executive MBA Highlights 18-month part-time programme International Faculty: 25 world-recognized professors with global business expertise Practical application of the latest knowledge Class of 45 carefully selected experienced classmates

6 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities BMI EMBA Student Profile Management Level Top Executives & Senior Management 87% Middle Managers 13% Average age 34 Management experience, avg. 6 years Professional experience, avg. 11 years Percentage women 21-36%

7 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities BMI EMBA Participants Since 1999 350 graduates and students from 262 companies The combined turnover of companies managed by BMI graduates and students is more than 35% of Lithuania’s GDP

8 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities - an International Academic Council - an Academic Dean - EPAS Accreditation BMI Academic Quality Guaranteed By:

9 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities The International Academic Council: sets strategic direction approves academic standards BMI Academic Council Members Prof. Rolf J. Brunstad, NHH Bergen, Norway Jean-Paul Larçon, HEC Paris, France Kristina Levišauskaitė, VMU, Lithuania Jens Aaris Thisted, CBS, Denmark Pierre Semal, UCL - LSM, Belgium

10 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Prof. Pierre Semal BMI Academic Dean Former President, UCL-LSM Award-Winning Researcher Teaching at BMI since 1999 The Academic Dean monitors quality and initiates improvements in the academic process builds relations with international academic partners

11 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities EPAS Accreditation The BMI International Executive MBA: the only EPAS-accredited degree programme in the Baltic countries and one of only 21 programmes worldwide to have this distinction. A “Programme Quality Label” granted by the EFMD, Europe’s most prestigious management education body, based on: quality assurance and innovation in curriculum and pedagogy. international relevance; links to the business community;

12 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Introductory Session November – December 2008 Stage 1: Economics of the Firm January - March 2009 Stage 2: Finance March – June 2009 CHINA STUDY TRIP June 2009 Stage 3: Market-Driven Management June - November 2009 Stage 4: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Nov. 2009 – February 2010 Stage 5: Organizations & Leadership February - April 2010 Diploma Paper defence in June 2010 Graduation June 2010 EMBA PROGRAMME STRUCTURE (Class X) Application Deadline: October 22, 2008

13 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities INTRODUCTORY SESSION - Teambuilding and Group Dynamics - Communicative Competence November – Dec. 2008 Stephen Neale (bcs) Keld Jensen (MarketWatch) Stage 1: ECONOMICS OF THE FIRM - Advanced Financial Accounting - Cost Analysis, Managerial Economics - Management Control Systems * Real-Life Project for Stage 1 January - March 2009 Prof. Jens Aaris Thisted (CBS) Prof. Kenneth Fjell (NHH) Prof. JoseM. Alvarez (ESADE) EMBA Programme Details (Class X)

14 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Stage 2: FINANCE - Corporate Finance - Financial Performance and Valuation - International Financial Markets / Macroeconomics - Corporate Governance and Legal Environment * Real-Life Project for Stage 2 March – June 2009 Prof. M. Cheikh-Rouhou (HEC) Prof. Antoine Hyafil (HEC) Prof. Joel Bessis (HEC) Prof. Rolf Brunstad (NHH) Prof. Niels Mygind (CBS) Mr. Rolandas Valiūnas (LAWIN) EMBA Programme Details (Class X)

15 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities - Lectures at Jiao Tong University Ranked No. 3 MBA in China, and No. 5 in Asia, by the Financial Times in 2008. - Company visits - Management briefings - Networking opportunities Designed to broaden students’ horizons with direct exposure to the dynamic reality of today’s global business world CHINA STUDY TRIP June 2009

16 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Stage 3: MARKET-DRIVEN MANAGEMENT -Operations & Supply Chain Management -Strategic Marketing and Branding -Operational Marketing -Project Management * Real-Life Project for Stage 3 June - November 2009 Prof. Pierre Semal (LSM) Prof. Isabelle Schuiling (LSM) Prof. Carlo Gallucci (ESADE) Prof. Pedro Garcia (IE) Prof. Pierre Semal (LSM) Stage 4: STRATEGY & ENTREPRENEURSHIP -Business and Corporate Strategy -Entrepreneurship and New Ventures -Business Plan Development -Leadership and Coaching Skills (EI) * Real-Life Project for Stage 4 Nov. 2009 – February 2010 Prof. Lars Ohnemus (CBS) tbd S.Adomaitis (Ernst & Young) Stephen Neale (bcs) Prof. Jean-Paul Larçon (HEC) EMBA Programme Details (Class X)

17 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Application Deadline: October 22, 2008 Stage 5: ORGANIZATIONS & LEADERSHIP - Managing People For Competitive Advantage - Organization Design and Management of Change - Corporate Culture and Ethics - Negotiation Skills February - April 2010 Prof. Georges Trepo (HEC) & Prof. C.Besseyre (HEC) Prof. Eric Cornuel (EFMD) Prof. Eric Guthey (CBS) Keld Jensen (MarketWatch) DIPLOMA PAPER DEFENSE GRADUATION June 4-5, 2010 June 19, 2010 EMBA Programme Details (Class X)

18 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Graduates receive: an International Executive MBA Certificate as well as a Master’s Degree.

19 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities EMBA Tuition Fees in Western Europe, about 138 000 – 240 000 Litas (40 000 – 70 000 Euros) plus costs of travel, accommodation, living expenses and job interruption. At BMI: 53 500 Litas (15 500 Euros) classroom instruction for 18 months; teaching materials; travel & accommodation for the study trip to China; testing & exams; faculty assistance in preparing Diploma Paper. Flexible terms of payment Favorable loan conditions

20 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Benefits of the BMI EMBA Programme Systematic Understanding of all Management Functions, for improved business performance and effectiveness; Leadership and Decision-Making Skills, crucial to be successful in business; International Perspective, guarantees a competitive advantage in the global business world; Career Progression; Networking via the Alumni network and events; Increased Time-Management Capacity; Business English Competence and Confidence, opens opportunities for international careers.

21 Opening Unlimited Business Opportunities Open the door to unlimited business opportunities

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