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Welcome to Denmark a beautiful country. Studying social work at university college Lillebaelt – pass examination of bachelor degree February 2016. READ.

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1 Welcome to Denmark a beautiful country

2 Studying social work at university college Lillebaelt – pass examination of bachelor degree February 2016. READ MORE Click International Click ”Life in Denmark” Health care in Denmark Danish welfare system Options for educations at UCL

3 Copenhagen ”Dopenhagen” central station – high pulse area. Resort around the station where many social exposed people are living their life. Homeless people – drug users – foreigners - prostituted woman – pushers.

4 Law of social services nr. 573 of of June 2005 (Including 196 sections). § 1 The purpose is to provide Citizen support and Prevent social problems. § 4 All local authorities must guarantee that all kind of social offers are available according to the law.

5 TILBUDSPORTALEN § 7 A national homepage where you can find different sort of social services. Institutions for people with physical & mental reductions. Private families and institutions for children that have been lived with abuse (violence, sexual abuse etc..) Private and public treatments for addiction Alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, playing, etc.)

6 Your Local Authorities §10 All local authorities must offer advises within different areas, preventing of all social problems. §18 Local authorities are required cooperating with private and voluntary organisations to help people with social problems.

7 HOMELESS PEOPLE § 80 Local authorities must assign temporary hostels where homeless people can overnight for a small amount of money.

8 § 81 People with mental and Physically reductions must have offered a special designed effort. These efforts have to go all around their problems. SCP (support – contact person) Mentor Job - special individual designed according to how much the person are able to A home – either their own or in a shared living. Inclusion in social activities. Professional treatments.

9 Yes or No? 35 years of discussion. Legal rooms for consumption of drugs

10 First room implemented in Copenhagen October 2012

11 Actual report shows positive results of using the rooms. 3 rooms in DK have saved 93 drug addicts life from OD for the last year. More rooms are expected starting up. Government has granted 36 mill DK, for the next two years. (1.4 billion HUF). Danchurch social work is maintaining the upcoming project.

12 Pros & cons Give drug addicts a safety place when injecting drugs. (observation by a nurse). Clean needles & tools (exchange of needles). Minimize the risk of infection (HIV – hepatitis). Avoid stressful situations when injection is taking place. Discuss and offer permanent rehab. More? ”Ensure a higher quality of life”

13 Pros & Cons Used needles are stored the right way. Reduction of needels in the city – local surroundings. Do we parking addicts on a national level? Is it okay spending that much money from the tax system, for addicts who isn’t even in treatment? Is it a kind of ”giving up” for Illegal drugs suppliers? ???????????????????????????????????????

14 Drug addiction § 101 Local authorities are required to offer treatment, when an addicts apply. Stk. 2 The treatment have to start up within two weeks after application. Stk.4 Users have their rights to choose which treatment they want. (private or public).

15 § 107 Local Authorities must offer a temporary share living with treatment if needed. SPECIAL FOR YOUNG PEOPLE & CHILDREN § 154 All citizens must inform the Authorities if they observe children or young people below 18 years who seems to be unhappy. (violence, abuse, using drugs, etc.).

16 Danish Drug ambulance methadone Project.

17 Dogs are our best friends

18 Affraid of dying? No affraid of living

19 Drug situation in the future? search ”Heroin Crisis”

20 who-we-are who-we-are Danchurch social

21 Professional social worker Private institutions Hospitals Local Authorities /job centre Schools National trade unions Voluntary organisations ”Red cross” Other social unions 20 % of working is communication with people.

22 AI Appreciative Inquiry 4D Model DISCOVERY: Bring the best from the past into the future. Tell the story DREAM: Playing with the future, dreams about new experiences, the new life.(Brainstorming). DESIGN: Transforation of the dreams to specific goals. Create a common picture of the future. DESTINY: The phase where you realise your goals. Inspired by: Cooperrider, Whitney, Gergen, Barreth, Srivastva, Lang. USA & UK

23 Groupmethod By Ken Heap Participating in groups make it easier for effective learning, experiences feels stronger, when you have somebody to share with. Groupmethods are a better way of understanding your own problems. Groupmanager is a rolemodel – help with solving konflicts, adviser for specific values and norms. Basic princips ”find the balance – the group have to be its’ own medicine of treatment”

24 Psychosocial theory by Florence Hollis 1907-1987 Inspired by Freud, best theory for understanding of the clients problems. Keep in contact with the client. Encourage the client by giving ideas and advice. Challenge the client in dialogues – clients have to share emotional feelings. Reflection in the situation

25 Essential elements in social case work. By Hillgaard & Keiser 1979 Holistic view Ethics Systematic documentation Communication.

26 Interactionism way of social work Inspired by Jane Addams Chicago sociologist Most important value HOW clients define their situations Thomas – Teoremet When a human being defines a situation as real – then it is real in it’s consequences. (Thomas,1982 in Charon 1992).

27 ALWAYS FOKUS ON Remember to use the HUMOR Count the smiles A good laugh is the best way of treatments Be CANDID OPENMINDED is the right approach.

28 What the future will bring? GLOBALIZATION – we are ”ON” 24 hours INDIVIDUALISM – challenge our values and family structure. IMPULSE FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD Breeding ground for drug addiction WzE WzE

29 What can we do?

30 Christiania Cannabis is ”Legal and tolerated here”

31 Help people living Thank you for listening to my presentation. Movie Movie

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