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Partnership and Engagement. Staff and student training: Finding the right fit.

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1 Partnership and Engagement

2 Staff and student training: Finding the right fit

3 ‘Aha’ moments! Experts don’t always know best! (You already know your aims; but what about those of your stakeholders?) One size doesn’t fit all. (How will your requirements shape your approach?) Partnership and Engagement

4 Define your objectives Who are your audiences? What do you want them to know about? What do they want?

5 Partnership and Engagement Filter… Ideas Stakeholder and requirement capture Who are your stakeholders? How will you capture their needs? How will you translate their ideas into action?

6 Partnership and Engagement UCL stakeholder needs workshop: Who needs to know what?

7 Partnership and Engagement StaffStudentsManagementEngineersCleanersAcademics General Awareness Yes EMSYes EnergyYes WasteYes Air Con … UCL training needs assessment

8 Partnership and Engagement Team Training Admin Cap Dev FMs Help- desk Mainte- nance Post Room Property & Space Planning Security & porters Sports Ground Chemicals and haz materials: storage, use & disposal X X X Contractor & supplier management XXX XXX X Building energy management XX X XX Relevant legislation on all topics XXXXX XXX Procurement and whole-life costing XXX X Integrating Design Spec XX X X Waste compliance XXXX LSE training needs assessment

9 Partnership and Engagement In groups: What do your audience need to know / do differently?

10 Partnership and Engagement Iterative development of content Diverse internal stakeholders Consultants Senior management … Others? StakeholdersManagementConsultantsYou 17 committees and their cousins, etc.

11 Partnership and Engagement In groups: Whose opinion do you need to seek?

12 Partnership and Engagement What training formats are best suited to your audience and context? What are the options? AWARENESS TRAINING KNOWLEDGE Posters Emails Social media Website E-learning Taught course Workshop Work shadowing Practical experience Training formats The ‘what’ shapes the ‘how’

13 Partnership and Engagement Some considerations when picking a format: Budget. Number of people. Audience: roles, diversity, existing levels of knowledge, etc. Learning preference of audience (e.g. knowing vs doing). Logistical issues: software compatibility, space availability, etc. Accreditation / testing if relevant. £

14 Partnership and Engagement In groups: What format would work best for your scenario?

15 Partnership and Engagement Range of proposals / providers. Matrix of options. What are your priorities / assessment criteria? Who decides? How? Cost: £0 - £22k depending on requirements Developing and evaluating options FEATUREOPTION 1OPTION 2 Video clips embedded within packageCautionY SoundYY AnimationYY Interactive quizzesYY Interactive drag and drop exercisesYY Images of own institutionYN Unique institution feelYN Length 20mins (30 max)YY Appearance (relevant and balance of formal/accessible)YY Specific to UCL - labs/artsYN Work with iPad or tabletYN Completion records availableNN System compatibilityYY Easy to updateYN Inclusive - non technical languageYY Effectiveness evaluationYN Cost - value for moneyFree Maintenance costs£300Free Update costsAt costNot available ReliabilityCautionsY Student /staff optionality (direction)NN External Hosting availabilityYY Internal Hosting availabilityYN Storyboard developmentNN

16 Partnership and Engagement

17 TOPICS: Sustainability Energy Waste Water Resources Transport Procurement Emergencies … what’s the issue? … and UCL … and you

18 Partnership and Engagement Navigate Voice- over Click to reveal

19 Partnership and Engagement Why are we tackling this? What’s LSE already doing? How can you play your part? Key environmental impacts.

20 Partnership and Engagement Performance data (e.g. energy reduction.) Uptake Number of participants, test scores, etc Engagement Attitude / understanding; feedback; website traffic; new Green Champions. Measuring impact Surveys? Focus groups? Granularity? Log-ins? Attendance register?

21 Partnership and Engagement In groups: What are you going to measure? How?

22 Partnership and Engagement Comms campaigns, initiatives, etc. What else does your training link into?

23 Partnership and Engagement Group discussion: What training have you delivered already? Who to? What was it? Add your sticky note here!

24 Partnership and Engagement Group discussion: Final thoughts

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