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Modular Postgraduate Programmes: Fulfilling Their Potential for Lifelong Learning? Sue Cross UCL EUCEN, BERGEN, 2005

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1 Modular Postgraduate Programmes: Fulfilling Their Potential for Lifelong Learning? Sue Cross UCL EUCEN, BERGEN, 2005

2 Lifelong learning assumes... “ the need for adaptability through a constant registering and processing of information, formation of concepts, and development of attitudes and skills.”

3 It is required by adults who need to: keep up to date at work change location, career or specialism engage with new interests or revisit old ones enrich their personal, social, cultural, civic life maintain mental health in old age

4 It is wanted by adults who: are already successful are subjected to change are offered opportunity are supported and encouraged believe they can succeed

5 Lifelong Learning Pedagogies include: Andragogy Experiential learning Traditional academic methods Transformative learning Social constructivist methods Autotelic learning

6 Andragogy “... learning is a process of mental inquiry not passive reception of transmitted content”

7 ‘A reconstructed charter for andragogy’ based upon: Valuing the experience of learners Engaging in reflection on experiences Establishing collaborative learning relationships Addressing issues of identity and the power relationship between teachers and learners Promoting judgements about learning that are developmental and which allow scope for success for all learners

8 and… Negotiating conflicts over claims to knowledge and pedagogical processes Identifying the historical and cultural locatedness of experiences Transforming actions and practices Tennant (1997)

9 Case studies UCL offers flexible masters courses for the continuing professional development of academics, administrators technical & support staff working in HE and other public and private sector contexts, including an MA in Adult Learning & Professional Development

10 Details may be found at: Design, recruitment, delivery and assessment of the programme of taught modules indicate 6 areas where tensions between academic programmes and cpd in lifelong learning need resolution

11 Developmental areas Student funding Recruitment Progression Scheduling teaching Assessment Reconciling student needs with academic systems and practices

12 Student funding Fees paid by students or employers Recent graduates already have student debt Low level public funds for arts/humanities Fees differ for UK/EU and overseas students Invoicing for modules or programmes

13 Recruitment Need sufficient students to ensure viability Potential students may take modules as “tasters” and then register for an award or use for cpd without academic credit New regulations for APL & APEL Demand for cpd & additional qualifications

14 Progression Linear progression (norm for conventional MAs) less appropriate for cpd Flexible modular programmes permit 2-5 years to complete a masters award Professionals may need breaks from study Negotiated choice of modules permits progression and cost-effectiveness

15 Scheduling teaching Teaching schedule adapted to meet needs of pedagogy and student availability Modules can be shared between programmes Students need flexibility because of professional and domestic commitments E-learning material can support face to face contact e.g.

16 Assessment underpins learning Assessed coursework (+ a viva) includes portfolios, articles, reports, reflective writing, literature review at masters level. Principles of andragogy (value student experience, reflect on practice,promote collaboration, success for all) are linked in learning and assessment No award of distinction

17 Reconciling student needs with academic systems and practices HEI’s expect full cost recovery Lifelong learners need diversity of approach, personalisation and adaptivity Flexibility, blended learning, student- centred methods, credit real-work projects Possible progression to aprofessional doctorate

18 Looking to the future? Demand for flexible, accredited lifelong learning provision likely to grow…

19 because of demand for evidence of cpd full-time studentships more scarce employers (some) provide cash & time for flexible study leading to an award mid-career change more common

20 and realisation of the EHEA later retirement ages cognitive capacity now thought to decline less with age health, social & cognitive benefit from Lifelong Learning

21 So… … important to promote strategic planning by students, teachers and administrators to develop programmes, support systems and build capacity for growth.

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