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WP-JP-E Review meeting.

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1 WP-JP-E Review meeting

2 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 2 JPE Technical review An outline of research fields General areas of research in JP-E: Equalization techniques, FFE,DFE, MLSE Equalization in WDM systems, for CD, PMD, NL Optimization of MLSE equalizers Optimization of FFE/DFE equalizers Development and study of SQRT equalization Coherent multi-level systems + equilization Signal pre-distortion, pre-shaping MMF equilization

3 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 3 JPE Technical review Designs Studies Equalization Coding Performance Comparisons FFE/DFE MLSE FEC In access In metro In core MMF Dispersion/OSNR Non-Linearities Longer distances Higher capacity + Modulation formats Combinations Pre-Equalization

4 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 4 JPE Technical review

5 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 5 JPE Technical review ctd. Topics studied, investigated, demonstrated: Electronics to mitigate impairments in core: Channel distortion: Dispersion, SPM, Timevirying effects: PMD  FFE/DFE: Optimization of taps, transmission efficiency, adaptive schemes  MLSE: Optimization, study on required stages, transmission efficiency  Alternative solution: pre-equalization Electronics to mitigate impairments in metro/access: Cost effective, small bandwidth, high capacity systems Low cost Tx,Rx, MMF  Coherent multi-level systems + equilization  Low cost DML transmission enchancement compensation (FFE/DFE)  MMF transmission equalization with FFE/DFE Development and study of SQRT equalization

6 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 6 Actual Research per partner Research fields per partner poliTO MLSE receivers – Algorithm, design optimization Coherent systems + equalization. Optical PLL to increase receiver sensitivity FT WDM system equalization (CD, PMD) MLSE receiver FEC + equalization (comparative studies) ENST PMD equalization studies (1 st and 2 nd order PMD) Modulation Format (MOTS) to reduce SPM-induced chirp – Signal Pre-shaping UCL MLSE testing, pre-equalization, pre-distortion techniques FFE/DFE optimization

7 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 7 Actual Research HHI Coherent systems (optical 16QAM) + Equalization IT Modulation Formats (OSSB) dispersion tolerant – Signal pre-shaping SQRT design AIT DFE/FFE optimization DML – equalization UPC Coherent systems – Homodyne receivers (for ultra-DWDM in PONs) DML – Frequency modulation + pre-/post-equalization SQRT equalizers UoA MMF, plastic fibre equalization for Access, Home networks

8 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 8 Common research fields Combination of knowledge and research fields among JP-E partners Coherent systems + equilization:poliTO, UPC, HHI Equalization in WDM systems:FT, ENST, AIT Advanced equilization schemes:poliTO, UCL, FT DML efficiency enhancment:AIT, UPC Impairment tolerant modulation formats – Signal/Spectrum Pre-shaping:IT, ENST MMF POF equilization:UoA, PoliTO

9 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 9 JP-E Mobility actions Mobility actions: PoliTO, UCL, UPC: On the development and testing of MLSE equalization technique PoliTO, UPC, IT: Plans for further investigations and realization of MLSE UPC, IT: On the performance increase of low cost receivers with the use of SQRT equalizer. UoA, PoliTO: On electronic dispersion compensation for multimode and plastic optical fibers

10 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 10 Final report – JP-E technical summary A 10 page report on the developed techniques within JPE has been prepared and intended for publication Introduction: – Network benefits with electronic compensation – Electronic equalizers: FFE/DFE, MLSE Compensating chromatic and polarization mode dispersion with EDC – JPE research activities on FFE/DFE – JPE research activities on MLSE Electronic pre-distortion methods Special applications developed and studied within JPE – SQRT equalization – Enhancing the performance DML transmitters – Equalization in high order formats – Equalization in short reach links for Multi-Mode Fibres

11 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 11 Joint papers P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), G. Bosco (PoliTO), M. Visintin (PoliTO), S. J. Savory (UCL), Y. Benlachtar (UCL), P. Bayvel (UCL), R. I. Killey (UCL), MLSE-EDC versus optical dispersion compensation in a single-channel SPM-limited 800 km link at 10 Gbit/s, ECOC 2007 - Paper 9.1.3, Berlin, Germany, September 2007. J. Prat (UPC), P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), RECEIVER FOR OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS, COMPRISING A NONLINEAR EQUALISER, International Patent Application (PCT), Vol. PCT/ES2006/000074, No. 1, pp. 13, EPO: USA, Japan, China, August 2007. J. Prat (UPC), M. Omella (UPC), P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), G. Bosco (PoliTO), R. Killey (UCL), A. Teixeira (IT), R. Sousa (IT), Electronic equalization of photodetection by means of an SQRT module (Invited), ICTON 07, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. we3.c3.6, Rome, July 2007. P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), G. Bosco (PoliTO), M. Visintin (PoliTO), P. Bayvel (UCL), R. Killey (UCL), S. Savory (UCL), Y. Benlachtar (UCL), J. Prat (UPC), M. Omella (UPC), Recent progress and fundamental limitations of optical MLSE receivers, 9th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2007), pp. paper ICTON I, Rome, Italy, July 2007. J. Prat (UPC), M. Omella (UPC), P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), G. Bosco (PoliTO), R. Killey (UCL), A. Teixeira (IT), R. Sousa (IT), Electronic equalization of photodetection by means of an SQRT module (invited), ICTON 2007, Rome, Italy, July 2007. S. Savory (UCL), Y. Benlachtar (UCL), R. Killey (UCL), P. Bayvel (UCL), G. Bosco (PoliTO), P. Poggiolini (PoliTO), J. Prat (UPC), M. Omella (UPC), IMDD Transmission over 1,040 km of Standard Single-Mode Fiber at 10Gbit/s using a One-Sample-per-Bit Reduced-Complexity MLSE Receiver, OFC 2007 - Paper OThK2, Anaheim, CA, USA, March 2007.

12 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 12 Achievements and further research Research Achievement: Development and testing of MLSE equalization: Work has been carried out through several collaborations for over two years Resulted in one of the leading research activities worldwide on the topic of equalization Demonstrated a world record uncompensated transmission distance (over 1000km). ! …in ECOC 2006 Post Deadline paper Th4.4.6 SQRT equalization: Initial design and demonstration within JPE Further developments and testing is underway to achieve higher data rates and examine other transmission techniques FFE/DFE equalization for low cost access networks: Further collaborative work in currently performed on DML and RSOA transmitters for low cost tuneable access networks

13 JPE – ePhoton/ONe Review Meeting 13 Collaborations established FP7 projects where JPE team participates: STREP SARDANA: Project initiated purely from the JPE partners JPE Partners that participate: UPC, IT, AIT, FT Targets the development and study of PON architectures for access and low cost technologies to extend the reach, the capacity and the number of users of current PONs Ranked 3 rd in the final FP7 call 1 evaluation! NoE BONE: All JPE partners are participating to WP15 on Transmission technologies. Mitigation techniques with the use of electronics is identified as one of the main key activities Further work focuses on the benefits offered to network design aspects from the use of electronic compensation techniques

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