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Case Study: the UCL Perspective Dr. Ben Hanson, Lecturer in Control and Dynamics.

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1 Case Study: the UCL Perspective Dr. Ben Hanson, Lecturer in Control and Dynamics

2 Scenario: Automatic Control Systems course within Mechanical Engineering Dept at UCL ○~35 students Desirable to add a “servo motor” lab, but ○No time to purchase / install / re-condition equipment ○No extra time on students’ timetable for additional lab sessions ReLOAD provided the solution

3 Servo Motor Position Control Motors used to control position of many devices ○e.g. surveillance camera, satellite dish These systems are mainly used for remote operation ○Running lab over the internet is quite appropriate

4 Experimental Setup (in Leeds) One servo motor “Desired” position from Green LED lights “Actual” position from laser spot Webcam records the result as video Position sensor provides trace data

5 Incorporating ReLOAD into my course Experiment features real lab equipment ○As seen in text books and other courses. ReLOAD servo experiment was ready to use ○I had time to tailor the structure of experiment and write background material to suit my course “24, 7” availability ○Provided ample opportunity to run through the experiment to check results are sensible and illustrate the appropriate learning points



8 Running the Experiment Theory and method were explained to students ○Demonstrated ReLOAD in a computer class Students run experiment in their own time ○Given Christmas break ○+2 weeks term time (to ensure access to PCs) Only one short period of “down time” ○Fixed promptly ○Since access time is flexible, this did not prevent students from running the lab.

9 Running the Experiment Students occasionally e-mailed for clarification Wide range of access times was seen ○Including Christmas Eve ○Usage increased near the report hand-in deadline ○Short duration experiment  no queuing problems Students submitted traditional style lab report

10 After the fact ReLOAD continues to be included in course Lab equipment updated and protocol modified ○This only requires changing one experimental rig Individualised parameters used now Online submission of experimental results ○Assessment now performed semi-automatically, manually verified.

11 Results -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 1 100 Frequency, rad/s mag, dB Student’s experimental data Theoretical result

12 Future Development “Real” servo lab will not be introduced at UCL Instead alternative, additional teaching resources will be developed ○Including real lab experiments Development of a remotely-operated experiment is planned ○Large physical scale and cost ○Unsuitable for lab use by individual students

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