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The Amish By:Razan Ali, Shane Moon, and Ian Silva.

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1 The Amish By:Razan Ali, Shane Moon, and Ian Silva

2 Origin When It was created in 1693 Who Jacob Amman c. 1656–c. 1730 Where Started in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Norway before migrating to the United States

3 5 Things They Believe -Worshipping in alternating homes every sunday -Isolation from modern appliances -Men only gives offering during communion service -Musical instruments are too worldly to be played during daily service -God is Father, Son, and Holy spirit

4 Universal or Ethnic Religion T he Amish practice an ethnic religion as they appeal to primarily one group of people(Don't use technology). Also the bulk of their population lives in one area(Ohio,Pennsylvania,I ndiana and other Midwestern States)

5 Hierarchical Structure of Amish church the Amish Deacon- he collects alms for the church and in disciplinary duties the Amish Minister- preacher, assisting the bishop and responsible for preaching on sunday the Amish Bishop- head of the church district, responsible for new ministers, baptizing, and marrying new members

6 Diffusion over time Founded in 1963, being in Europe with ‘’High taxes, high rents, inflation, wars and rumors of wars, the military draft, and religious persecution encouraged believers to leave’’ In three waves they arrived in Pennslyvania (Relocation Diffusion). They then migrated slowly to other Midwestern States which is where they are today.

7 Amish diffusion on the USA

8 Distribution Today About 64% of Amish population is located in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania.

9 Sacred Spaces & Places Church service is held in rotating households of the members of their specific amish community

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