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Welcome to Computer Exploratory Mrs. Parker Room 40.

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1 Welcome to Computer Exploratory Mrs. Parker Room 40

2 In the hallways In the hallways... Before entering the classroom, you should be in a straight line facing the door. Project/Film Area Other classes in session Fire Drill Exit

3 When entering the room... Pick up ½ sheets here for attendance and recording Mavis Beacon score.. Pencil sharpener is here.

4 Attendance Sheets (½ sheets) Your name is already written. You may enter a nickname in parenthesis after your full name. Write your personal e-mail. Circle your band status. Joseph Smith (Joey) Date of today’s class. These are all the dates listed for this quintile. Put the sticker you get from me, Mrs. Parker, when entering the room. You are to record your Mavis Beacon score here. It is the AWPM you receive after playing a game.

5 Getting Started... Username: Password is your full student id number.

6 Mavis Beacon... Icon is located on your desktop.

7 My eBoard Sticky Notes Tabs: Interactive (Speech Bubbles) Attachment (Paperclip) Links to ProgressBook. This is NOT the time to be checking your grades for any class. Links to Beck’s Homepage Links to Exploratory’s eBoard. Link

8 Around the room... Paisley Bulletin Board Leaving the room is a privilege. You are accountable for your actions and whereabouts. If you cannot sign out and/or in then you will not be permitted to leave. There are pens and pencils here for you to borrow. They are called ‘Courtesy Pens’ so be sure to return them when you are done. Which restrooms to use? Actions & Consequences

9 Around the room... Generic E-mails

10 Around the room... Applications (MS vs. Google)

11 Around the room... Words to Know We can add words to the wall as we complete projects!

12 Around the room... Standards

13 Pick up all papers from this side of wall!

14 Behavior... Active Listening Respect Self Accountability Responsibility Positive vs. Negative hallway classroom fire drill On Task… Internet Assignments Accountable Talk vs. Socializing Being Prepared On Time Have Pen/Pencil Ask 2-3 before me: Following Directions verbal written Level 1 Infractions Tardiness Level 2 Infractions Site Surfing Off-task Disrespect/Lying




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