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Baptist History Lesson 26 Divisive Controversies: 1810-1845.

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1 Baptist History Lesson 26 Divisive Controversies: 1810-1845

2 The Work of the Triennial Convention (formed 1814) I. Foreign Missions II. Home Missions John Mason Peck Isaac McCoy 1832 The American Baptist Home Missions Society

3 III. Education Columbian College (1821) William Staughton (1770-1829) Newton Seminary (1825) IV. Publishing The Latter-Day Luminary (1822) American Baptist Missionary Magazine 1825 General Baptist Tract Society The Baptist Tract American Baptist Publication and Sunday School Society (1840) Judson Press

4 Three Divisive Controversies I.Campbellism II.Anti-missionary Movement III.Sectionalism I. Campbellism (1788-1866) Alexander Campbell (1788-1866) 1809-immigrates to America 1811-rejects infant baptism Sandemanism: rejected special operation of Holy Spirit to impart saving faith; conversion simply an accepting of the revealed record about Jesus 1812-baptized on Peter’s confession of Mt. 16:16 “You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” Church joins Redstone Association Who was he?

5 Theological Problems 1. Intellectualization of faith 2. Baptismal Regeneration 3. The person and work of the Holy Spirit 4 Rejection of doctrines of grace/Philadelphia Confession Opposition to Missions: move the entire church! Barton W. Stone (1772-1844) 1832 Stone’s Christians join Campbell’s Reformed Baptists Disciples of Christ Church of Christ

6 II. Anti Missionary Controversy Reasons for reaction against mission societies 1. Biblical 2. Theological The church is the only organization sanctioned to do God’s work “you give…God will save!’ Daniel Parker 1781-1844 Two Seed Predestinarian

7 3. Ecclesiological Objected to the possibility of centralized power 4. Financial III. Sectionalism A. Basic distrust between the North and the South over slavery The occasion for the breakup was disagreement over slavery, but this was not the cause The cause of the breakup was the assumption of legislative power by the acting board of the General Missionary Convention (Triennial)

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