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Welcome Vendors! Market Opening Night June 10 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

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1 Welcome Vendors! Market Opening Night June 10 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM

2 Board of Directors Marv Garland, Chair ~ Garland Griffiths Attorneys LeeAnn Pack, Co-Chair ~ Pack 1 st Properties Cindy Dauer, Secretary ~ Westside Cultural Alliance Karen Porter, Treasurer ~Fordham Goodfellow Dan Aberg ~ Founding Member Karla Antonini, ~ City of Hillsboro Katherine Parker ~ Pacific University Lisa Logan ~ Hillsboro Insurance Ben Christ ~ Hillsboro Bike Company Linda Holland ~Community Representative Randy Blair ~Community Representative

3 Staff Lesley Wise - Market Manager Destiny Robinson - Market Manager Assistant Corey Combes - Logistics

4 Volunteers Our board of directors and many of the people you see working in the Marketplace are all volunteers. We could not do this event without them They work really hard to make sure the event is safe, clean and running smooth.

5 Produce, Plants, and Flowers Crafters and Artisans Processed Foods Prepared Foods Non-Profit and Community benefit Entertainment Everything sold at the Marketplace needs to be homemade or home grown. You may not resell other peoples products. If you send staff out to work your booth, make sure they know and understand our policies and procedures. Vendor Types

6 Vendor Attendance If you cannot attend market, please E-MAIL your cancellation by the FRIDAY BY NOON before you were scheduled. Fees will NOT BE RETURNED if you cancel after noon on Monday. If you do not arrive to your space by 4:30 pm it may be given up to a waiting vendor. If you arrive late, you will be given the nearest vacant booth space if one is available.

7 Booth Payments Fees are due two weeks prior to your schedule date. IF you bring your payment to the market it must be: In the form of a check In an envelope, with your name, company name and date. The office is not staffed on a Tuesday Credit card payments will only be taken for full season payments. There is no discount when using a credit card.

8 Safety and Security On site is a full time paid Hillsboro Police Officer to help with safety and security. First Aid can be found at the Tuality Healthcare booth. A copy of our Emergency Plan will be available at both the information and Tuality Healthcare booth. If you are first aid or CERT trained and would like to be included on our list of volunteer responders in case of an emergency, check in with the Information booth on nights you are at the Market.

9 Layout and Spaces

10 M134M138 Use parking space lines to determine your space. Leave space if marked open. Do not extend beyond your space. Curbs will also be marked with your number.

11 All Vendors will be entering through the East gate on 3 rd Avenue Payments can be given to the Volunteer at check in. Check in with a volunteer at the entrance for directions Load In

12 If you arrive early do not leave your car unattended after 3:30. It will be ticketed. Do not unload before 3:30 Vehicles arriving after 4:30 will not be allowed in. If you find a car parked in your space, wait a while, chances are we know and are trying to find the owner. If we cannot get the car moved by 4:15, we will relocate you. Just because there are empty spaces does not mean they are available. Spaces are left open for access to the shops or if we need to work around parked cars.

13 Load In Bring your car as close to your space as you can Try not to block the street Unload ALL your stuff BEFORE you begin setup Go park then come back to set up. DO NOT set up your canopy until your car has been parked (there are exceptions) Volunteers will be working and circulating around the market – they can help you unload and put up tents as their availability permits.

14 Parking 400 East Main Plaza parking lot on the south Corner of 4 th and E. Main (our office building) when space is available. Multistory lot on Washington & 1 st, Street parking AWAY from the marketplace The city lot on Lincoln and 2 nd behind the Church Please do not park on Lincoln between 2 nd and 4 th

15 What to Bring Canopies and Weights Signs Personnel Your Booth

16 What to Bring Careful planning for market is essential to your success. Be on time and ready to sell by the opening bell. The majority of your market day sales may occur within the first hour of the market. Make a checklist! Link to our Tips for First time VendorsTips for First time Vendors

17 What to Bring Customers shop at farmers’ markets because they want to meet the people who grow their food, or make the products, and they want fresh and high-quality products. Invest your time wisely.

18 Canopies are Required Make sure that your canopy is well maintained and presentable. This is a reflection of your business and our Market!

19 Canopies are Required Make sure that your canopy is well maintained and presentable. This is a reflection of your business and our Market! Canopies that are broken and not weighted down are unsightly and a hazard to customers and visitors

20 Weights All canopies must have weights. Weigh down your canopy FIRST at set up. Take them down LAST at tear down Vendors without weights will be asked to take their canopy down We will rent weights when available, @ $5 each Most accidents at farmers markets involve canopies. It is your job to minimize the risk.

21 Weight Safety Weights should not protrude beyond your booth not cause a tripping hazard be tethered with lines that are clearly visible have soft edges to avoid causing cuts and scrapes be securely attached to the tent be on the ground or suspended from the top (NOT above people’s heads)

22 Recommended Weights Minimum 20# per leg We recommend: Weight bags filled with water or sand, and come with straps. PVC pipes with cement Old gym weights! Canopy leg weights (although we prefer they not sit on the ground) Water filled milk cartons are NOT heavy enough.

23 Rental Equipment For those broken and forgotten equipment needs we now rent to vendors on a weekly basis, when available. Prices include setup and teardown at your space. ask about 12 week rentals. We do not rent out for other market use. Weekly rates: Tables $6 Folding Chairs $3 Canopies $25 Weights $5 per weight or $15 per set Ask about full season rates

24 Hot Food Vendors There are a few separate rules for hot food vendors. Space should be maintained between booths with cooking equipment. Rope off and sign your hot cooking area to prevent shoppers passing through

25 Hot Food Vendors The Hillsboro Fire Department and Health Department WILL be on site the first few weeks of Market Have all your permits and licenses in your booth A 4A:40B:C extinguisher must be available in each cooking area and a class K with vendors who are deep frying

26 Hot Food Vendors The ground must be covered in your working and cooking area Fat, oil and deep frying vendors MUST use approved absorbent floor covering ALL garbage must be taken with you and the area swept Please use compostable service ware There will be recycle and compost stations in the food court areas

27 Signage and Personnel

28 Visitors need to know who you are and what you sell. Use bright, professional or artistic signs that clearly show products and prices. Signage and Displays

29 Visitors need to know who you are and what you sell. Use bright, professional or artistic signs that clearly show products and prices. Beautiful, fun and creative displays are pleasing to the eye... Signage and Displays

30 Visitors need to know who you are And what you sell. Use bright, professional or artistic signs that clearly show products and prices. Beautiful, fun and creative displays are pleasing to the eye... and give your booth and the Marketplace a nice and professional appearance. Signage and Displays

31 Interact with customers but do stay within your booth space If you can, offer samples Register people for giveaways Offer ‘Market Specials’ Interact with customers Personal Personnel

32 Do not enter other vendor booths unless invited to do so Keep your comments about other vendors to yourself. If you have concerns about the Marketplace staff or volunteers, unruly shoppers or other vendors, please send a written complaint using our complaint form.

33 Special Events We have several events during the season to give our visitors reasons to come back each week. Some of them are. Hillsboro 20/20 Vision Town Hall Meeting Free Milk and Strawberry shortcake giveaways Emergency Services Dogs on Parade Beach Party All events are listed on the website and I have rack cards you can take and distribute at your business.

34 Marketing Print Ads, Rack Cards and Posters Newspaper articles Web Blogs and newsletters Radio and TV Social Media - …facebook/hillsborotuesdaymarketplace You and your friends Please list us on your website and share our posts on your own sites.

35 More Stuff We are a pet friendly Market – but we do not suggest that you bring your pet to the market. Make sure you have plenty of supplies and water for the day. We are always looking for volunteers to help with setup and teardown. We encourage high school students (over age 16) who need to collect volunteer hours.

36 Thank You

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