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Question 1 Jane Fonda’s actor brother Peter Fonda.

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2 Question 1 Jane Fonda’s actor brother Peter Fonda

3 Question 2 The French King whose reign last for 61 years Louis XIV

4 Question 3 Charlie Chaplin, Jawaharlal Nehru, V.I. Lenin, Adolf Hitler. Three of these men were born in 1889. Who is the odd one out? V.I.Lenin

5 Question 4 The next two in this list of populous countries: China, India, USA, _____, _____. Indonesia, Brazil

6 Question 5 Why is the inflatable floatation vest is called ‘Mae West’? Because of the resemblance of its shape to the chesty film star

7 Question 6 Policy documents sent by the pope to his bishops called as Encyclicals

8 Question 7 What does a cramometer measure? Skulls

9 Question 8 Britain’s oldest merchant bank that crashed in 1995? Barings

10 Question 9 Who is Elizabeth J. Carr? The first U.S-born test tube baby

11 Question 10 The maiden name of Camilla Parker Bowles Camilla Shand

12 Question 11 With whom has Lata Mangeshkar sung the maximum number of duets? Mohammed Rafi

13 Question 12 The Allahabad park where Chandrashekar Azad’s famed end came Alfred Park

14 Question 13 The 16 th century Japanese mystic known in the modern world as the Laughing Buddha Hotei

15 Question 14 The first box-office hit in India. Year:1917. Phalke’s L anka Dahan

16 Question 15 India’s first Administrative Reforms Commission (1966) was headed by Morarji Desai


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