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Lookin’ good and feelin’ great! 28 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle

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1 Lookin’ good and feelin’ great! 28 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle
ENVP LaGenna Betts with Dr. Bill Bauer, chiropractor, Eau Claire, WI and many other Arbonne consultants!

2 This is an EXCITING TIME to grow an
Arbonne business!!! Other retail stores are staying open longer, hiring more employees, cramming their shelves and aisles full!!!! WHY?? Because people are looking for gifts What else? Hiring seasonal employees who are looking to earn extra $$$ over the next several months WE CAN HELP WITH BOTH!!!

3 November/December ideas
Black Friday sale or BEFORE Black Friday Cookie Exchange Party Christmas ornament or sock party 12 days of Christmas Wish lists at parties – then follow up Chics and Chocolate party Wine and cheese Just in time parties! 6 or more guests, everyone gets 35% off plus $5 s/h Follow your money – ask how YOU can be of service to them

4 Late December/January
28 day to a Healthier Lifestyle system What advertisements are running continuously after Christmas Day??? We have something HEALTHIER for our clients that will assist them in changing their lifestyles not just merely loosing a few pounds Foot spas and facials are still our “meat and potatoes.” This program is an easy addition into our very successful plan Plus this system can be incorporated throughout the entire year

5 Why do we need to detox? Dr. Bill Bauer, Chiropractor, Eau Claire, WI
Why are fats toxic?     -We live in a toxic world         -pesticides         -heavy metals         -antibiotics         -chemicals         Toxic fats are formed due to the detox organs inability to keep up with the amount of toxins coming into our bodies.....bathtub analogy One of the most common reasons people see their weight loss stall on some diets is due to the body's natural blocking of fat loss due to too much toxicity (toxins being released as fat is burned).   The 28 day Healthier Lifestyle Plan helps to keep this from happening....cleanses toxins from our bodies as they are being released into our system.

6 28 day Healthier Lifestyle Plan
    2 things happen         -reduce toxin intake         -burn fat to release stored toxins for elimination

7 Arbonne products and benefits
1. Fiber shake         -acts as a biochemical sponge 2. Protein shake         -spares muscle so we can burn fat for detox         -contains anti-oxidants which help the liver         -fiber 3. Detox tea and 7 day cleanse         -both help detox organs work more quickly and efficiently         -tea is gentle and can be used daily         -7 day cleanse is more of a flush....use once per month 4. Fizz tabs         -especially helpful for pop drinkers and/or coffee drinkers         -contains adaptogenic herbs - helps with appetite control and energy    

8 5. Going Going Gone supplement -contains herbal appetite controls
 6. Weight loss chews         -controls appetite         -curbing cravings for foods restricted on the detox  7. Hybrid vitamins         -good source of anti-oxidants that provide the fuel the liver needs to perform its detoxification functions Cautions:  People with existing medical conditions (e.g. cardiovascular issues, kidney, liver, or diabetics issues) should be monitored by their physician while doing a healthier lifestyle program.        

9 Fact tell….but STORIES SELL!!!
AM Susan Parker - over 106 lbs!!!!! RVP Denise Moor NVP Beth Gaglardi & NVP Vicky Schallhorn And many, many more!!!!!

10 AM Susan Parker - Before

11 AM Susan Parker - DURING
Has lost 106 pounds over an 8 month period using the 28 day Healthier Lifestyle Plan!!!

12 RVP Denise Moor - Before

13 RVP Denise Moor - AFTER

14 Others on Denise’s team
Rita says....Nothing tastes as good as thin works!! I said this to myself many times throughout the first 28 days! Remember, this benefits everyone's health....not just those who want or need to lose weight!! Congratulations to all of you who have had so much success!!! Georgene---20 pounds and cholesterol down from 263 to 199!!!! Colleen pounds Natalie pounds Teresa pounds Jackie pounds Jodee pounds Denise pounds Robert pounds Total: 143 pounds!!!

15 NVP Beth Gaglardi NVP Vicky Schallhorn
One thing that really impressed me with using our products consistently is that these were the last 10 or so lbs I have been working on for a long time. With consistent effort and focus--I did it! I also broke my expensive Starbucks habit!!! My results after 28 days: start weight: 143 lbs belly button: 31 1/2 inches 2 in below: 35" Finish weight after 28 days: 132 lbs belly button: 29" 2 in. below: 32 1/2 “ NVP Vicky Schallhorn I am on my 14 day and have lost 8 lbs and 2” around my waist.  I am able to where some clothes I have not put on in a while!   YEAH!... I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR 28 DAYS….IF IT PRODUCES RESULTS…. One of the greatest benefits to using this program is that I honestly have never felt healthier and more energetic. 

16 Ok, HOW do I personally do this???

17 How can this be incorporated into my business?

18 Personal Story Belief Attitude Commitment to a healthier lifestyle more engaged parent/partner

19 Challenge to you Now is the time to take off a few pounds BEFORE all of the Thanksgiving/Christmas parties Try this system yourself so that you are just as passionate about the results as you are with the RE9 system Regardless of how much weight does or does NOT need to be lost, we all have toxins in our body that are adversely affecting us Purchase products at the beginning of December so that you have them to help your clients right after Christmas. It is not your uplines responsibility to provide products for you.

20 Lookin’ good and feelin’ great! 28 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle

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