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CPAC – Fall Meeting: NeSSi Session 11/8/07

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1 CPAC – Fall Meeting: NeSSi Session 11/8/07
Parker IntraflowTM and Process Analytics: Deployment Status, Technology Development, and Beyond CPAC – Fall Meeting: NeSSi Session 11/8/07 CPAC – Fall Meeting: NeSSi Session 11/8/07 Mike Cost – Applications/Innovation Engineer April 13, 2017

2 Where We’re Are and Where We’re Going
Field Applications and Growth Trend Smart Systems and Current Architecture Merging Analytics with IntraflowTM – The Final Frontier Hardware Development and Applications Flexibility – Improving the Base

3 IntraflowTM Global Installed Customer Base
Lead Users- Multiple systems per site ExxonMobil: Sarnia, ONT / Nanticoke, ONT/ Antwerp, Belgium / Baytown, TX / Baton Rouge, LA / Notre Dame de Gravenchon, France/ SPT Mega plant project Eastman Chemical: Kingsport, TN OMV: Burghausen, Germany UOP: Des Plaines, IL Lanxess: Sarnia, ONT Total: Across France BP: Whiting, IN / Marseille, France Formosa Plastics: Port Lavaca, TX Imperial Oil: Nanticoke, ONT Dow Chemical: Ft. Saskatchewan, AB BASF: Port Arthur, TX Chevron: Pascagoula, MS / Richmond, CA

4 IntraflowTM Growth Review

5 How Did We Get There? Applications Flexibility
10-Stream Natural Gas BTU Analysis System Coalescing & Membrane Separator Drain Header Restricted Orifice Header Pressure Control Freeze Protection Heating

6 How Did We Get There? Sub-Systems for Integration by Others
Low Sulfur Diesel Application 0-1ppm C2H4measurement in high purity C3H6 stream Low volume SCS a plus Silco-steel treatment imperative to avoid C2H4 sticking to stainless Silco-steel treated modular components simplifies system integration

7 How Did We Get There? High Pressure Development Lab Application
Gas delivery system for glove box experiments

8 How Did We Get There? Working closely with SpectraSensors
Partnerships Expanding Modularity Working closely with SpectraSensors Achieving 100ppb moisture LDL Providing scalable system platform allowing numerous performance options

9 Smart Systems Platform: NeSSITM Gen II
Parker HMI with PLC

10 Current Gen II Architecture
4-20mA PLC Ethernet to Technician Workstation It’s all about the information!

11 “Operators Don’t Trust the Analyzer”
‘Smart’ System Application – It Really Works “Operators Don’t Trust the Analyzer” Lanxess / Sarnia; lack of confidence led to moisture related upsets & shutdowns of butyl rubber plant New tools deployed: remote validation and bypass & analyzer 4-20mA flow indication via DCS 100% uptime since June, 2005 Plant shutdowns have been averted $300K ea…)

12 Complete smart sample system integration
Ethylene glycol liquid service Flow & pressure sensing Conductive heating Conventional grab sample & system functionalities

13 Communication Developments
Non-IS 24VDC Power Supply for Solenoid Valves and possibly sensor IS power supply Bus Communications & possibly power supply Bus Conversion Card Multi-bus chipset applicated for specific bus On-board IS barriers supporting wide range of sensor voltage requirements Bus signal conversion to relay output for non-IS solenoid valve actuation Typically Div 2 Typically Div 1 2

14 IntraflowTM and Analytical Hardware
GE Sensing analyzers Hardware Development

15 Micro Analytical Device
Sample Extraction/Conditioning System Micro Analytical Device CCIMS or ProBloc Mount Extraction Point In-Line Filtration, Sample Conditioning and Process Analysis

16 NeSSITM with Analytics: The Final Frontier
Scott Gilbert, CPAC Visiting Scholar Crystal Vision Microsystems LLC Atofluidic Technologies, LLC Split flow approach to sampling m-fluidic LC Chip for On-line Sample Pretreatment Pulsed electrochemical detection (on-chip) Liters per minute micromixer diluent in column mobile phase in sample in microliters per minute nanoliters per minute

17 Complete Sampling and Pretreatment Assembly Prototype for NeSSITM
Modular fluid block designed for NeSSI mounted on a Parker-Hannifin Intraflow substrate – Courtesy of Scott Gilbert, CPAC Visiting Scholar

18 NeSSiTM Gen III: IntraflowTM and microAnalytics
Actively seeking analyzer systems for integration into NeSSiTM platform Progressive concurrent move to Gen II and Gen III architecture Current analytical platforms are developing SP76 compliant hardware

19 Key Elements for Continued Growth
Continue systems solutions approach – Tap to Termination capabilities Continue development of key sample conditioning components (pressure, flow, filtration, etc.) Continue development of analytical systems and interfaces for SP76 protocol

20 Sample of HMI Screens; pressure & flow, alarms, maintenance & more!
IntraFlow™ Smart SHS w/ remote flow & pressure indication, CTC-Human Machine Interface, solenoid pilot valve package Sample Extraction Sample Transport Thank You! Sample of HMI Screens; pressure & flow, alarms, maintenance & more! Environmentally Compliant Sample Return or Disposal Cal Gas Delivery Gas Generators Analyzer (by others)

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