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The Importance of Information Security for Parkers Office Products.

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1 The Importance of Information Security for Parkers Office Products

2 Why Is Protecting Parker’s Information Important Company liability Employee liability Risks from Parker’s competition

3 Common Practices and Habits That Put Information At Risk Sharing passwords Using company devices and email for personal use Using unsecure internet access Leaving company devices or assets unattended Discussion of company information with 3 rd parties, eavesdropping, and “Blabbermouth ”

4 Sharing Passwords Reasons or excuses for this: “It was just too busy…..” “I wasn’t there and letting them do it was easier….” “It’s always been ok…….”

5 Sharing Passwords Cont. What this can lead too: Conflicts with management and employees “He said, she said” situations Possibility of misuse, i.e.: theft, access to confidential information, etc.

6 Using Company Devices for Personal Use This includes: Personal internet browsing/use Personal use of company email Gaming

7 Using Company Devices for Personal Use Continued Risks this incurs: Cyber attacks: viruses, malware, etc. Spam in company email accounts Sharing of company and employee confidential information

8 Using Unsecure Internet Access Unsecure or Public internet access: Restaurants Stores Libraries Schools This can lead to: Cyber attacks 3 rd party eavesdropping or others seeing information on the screen

9 Leaving Company Assets Unattended Leaving a device unattended while logged in Leaving a device in a vehicle Lack of diligence while using company vehicles

10 Discussion of Parker’s Information With 3 rd Parties Discussion of information with: Employees Family Friends Customers Competitors

11 Eavesdropping Eliminate eavesdropping: Be aware of who’s listening Speak softly, especially when emotional If need be, take your conversation elsewhere If you can hear another conversation that’s confidential, remove yourself immediately

12 “Blabbermouth” Keep confidential information, CONFIDENTIAL! No one ever wins or benefits from gossip 3 rd party discussion, eavesdropping, and blabbermouth can lead to termination, liability, etc. Can lead to loss of business

13 Summary Do not share passwords, for any reason Do not misuse company devices or services Always use a secure internet access Do not discuss company info with 3 rd parties Eliminate eavesdropping and blabbermouth

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