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Westward Expansion.

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1 Westward Expansion

2 American Indians such as Quanah Parker, a powerful Comanche leader and son of Chief Peta Nocona, Comanche chief, and Cynthia Ann Parker, captured Anglo What Living in Texas prior to Anglo settlement, American Indians showed aggression to the Anglos for encroaching on the land they were living on. When 1860s–1880s Where The Texas frontier beyond the frontier line that extended north from the Red River and south to the Rio Grande. Why This was the homeland to the American Indian tribes. The Anglos were taking their homes and their way of life away from them

3 How American Indians attacked and killed, wounded, or captured Anglo settlers. American Indians pushed the frontier line further east Effects Continued raids on Anglo settlers resulted in many deaths. Attempts at peace treaties failed. American Indians were encouraged and eventually forced to move onto reservations. The food supplies of the American Indians were destroyed; therefore forcing them to move onto reservations and rely on the Texas government for food. Eventually, Anglos were free to settle the “reserved” American Indian land. American Indians began to disappear. Quanah Parker encouraged his people to avoid relying on the Anglo government for support

4 Anglo Settlers What When Where Why How Moved to land in West Texas.
1850s–1880s Where Texas Frontier Why Anglos wanted to establish homes on the frontier How Anglos built towns on the western frontier, which forced American Indians from the land

5 Effects With the assistance of military force, Anglos pushed further west and eventually settled the land west of the frontier. Aggression and conflict continued between the Anglos and the American Indians

6 African American soldiers, also known as buffalo soldiers.
What Guarded forts, defended When 1873–1882 Where Texas frontier Why To protect Anglo settlers from American Indian raid

7 How By patrol Effects Buffalo soldiers faced racism and discrimination from Anglo American settlers. They were harassed and killed even though they were defending the Anglo settlers from American Indian raids. Many buffalo soldiers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their bravery.

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