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T EXAS A SSOCIATION OF M ID -S IZE S CHOOLS Regional Service Center 2 Presentation March 11, 2015.

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1 T EXAS A SSOCIATION OF M ID -S IZE S CHOOLS Regional Service Center 2 Presentation March 11, 2015

2 H ISTORICAL P ERSPECTIVE 1998-1990 Denny Crow, Lampasas conceives “Mid-Size Formula”, researches and gathers state and national data Contacts school finance experts Develops a political approach and formulates procedures for establishing an organization

3 F OUNDING S UPERINTENDENTS 1990: A select group of superintendents get together to develop the plan for a Mid-Size School Organization. Dick Parker (Lampasas) Bruce Wood, (Terrell) David Welch (Sweetwater) Darrell Garrison (Marble Falls) Fred Weaver (La Grange)

4 T EXAS A SSOCIATION OF R URAL S CHOOLS D ECLINES Prior there was a meeting with TARS to see if the two groups could merge TARS declined because of a concern that the larger schools could take control of the organizations and jeopardize the small school formula

5 1991 I NAUGURAL Y EAR 1991 First TAMS Meeting takes place during Mid-Winter Conference under the leadership of Dick Parker and Denny Crow, both from Lampasas. 1991 Articles and Statement of Purpose are filed with the Secretary of State 1991-1994 Dick Parker becomes first TAMS President 1991 First Testimony for Mid-Size Formula during the 72 nd Legilative Session.

6 E ARLY 90’ S 1993 Testimony for Mid-Size Formula during the 73 rd Legilative Session 1994-1998 Wayne Pierce, Superintendent of Kaufman, is President 1994 First Legislative and Legal Conference with Schwartz & Eichelbaum, PC. continues through 2002

7 R ATLIFF C OMMITS TO F UNDING 1995 Rep. Oakley, Senator Cain and Chairman Ratliff speak to about 200 administrators at the first Mid- Winter Breakfast. Ratliff commits to funding Mid-Size Schools. Funding the formula becomes a part of Ratliff’s Education Finance Bill in the 74 th Legislative Session. President Pierce sends the amount in the “Bill” as filed, (no phase-in) to all Mid-Size Schools showing each school’s gain. Membership spikes and there is State-wide involvement in the lobbying effort. Doc Arnold (Lobbyist) is hired to help when the “Bill” goes to Conference Committee

8 R ATLIFF SUCCEEDS Chairman Ratliff succeeds in getting around $19 Million for a 5 year phase in formula (20% each year beginning 1996-97). The formula multiplier was less that 20% because it was set at a level to spend exactly the money available. (push began in 1991) 1997-98 formula went to a full 40% (.000010 multiplier)

9 F UNDING F ORMULA 1996: The initial funding formula was a progressive scale with a multiplier of.0000045 and increased annually to the present multiplier of.000025 in 2001.

10 TAMS P RESIDENTS DURING THE F ORMATIVE Y EARS 1998-99 Ken McCraw, Superintendent of Lamesa, is President. Ken helps to grow the organization by focusing on TAMS vision. 2000-01 Tony Jones, Superintendent of Lockhart, is President 2000-02 Administrative partnership with Schwartz & Eichelbaum, PC under Sandy Schwartz 2002 Dana Marble, Superintendent of Marble Falls, is President 2003-05 Mary Ann Whiteker, Superintendent of Hudson, is President

11 2003 2003 Doc Arnold (Lobbyist) is retained on separate two year contracts for 78 th and 79 th Legislative Sessions (2003-2006) 2003 Sandy Schwartz hired as Administrative Director 2003 First Legislative Conference in partnership with TARS and continued through 2011 2003 First inclusion of Chapter 41 districts in Mid-Size Formula

12 T HE MID -2000’ S 2004 Denny Crow retires. Previously hired as legislative advocate. Prepared all financial information regarding Mid-Size formula 2005 Dues increased from $275 to $300. 2005 – present Coalitions with TARS, TACS, Equity Center, TASA, TASB, TREA and TAMSA 2005 Increase push for Chapter 41 districts to be included in Mid-Size Formula

13 2006 2006-07 Larry Apel, Superintendent of Dumas, is President 2006 Membership Chairs by Region are appointed and unofficially become a part of the Board. 2006 Administrative Director becomes Executive Director 2006 incorporated as nonprofit

14 2007 Increased lobbying on the part of membership A push for Chapter 41 school districts to be included in Mid-Size Formula continues

15 C HAPTER 41 D ISTRICTS R ECEIVE A DJUSTMENT 2008-2009 Darrel Floyd, Superintendent of Stephenville, is President 2009 Chapter 41 Districts receive Mid-Size Adjustment (push began in 2003)

16 C OALITION, P ARTNERSHIP & L OBBYIST 2010-2013 Keith Bryant, Superintendent of Lamesa and Bullard is President 2010-2013 TACS and TREA form a small school coalition and share lobbyist 2011 TAMS begins partnership with ESC’s and invites all ESC Executive Directors to attend its first solo Legislative conference 2014 Ted Moore, Superintendent of Lovejoy is President 2014 TAMS hires Ellen Williams as Lobbyist

17 TAMS P ROFILE Approximately 194 school districts of the 1025 are Mid-Size School Districts with an average ADA of 1600-5000 The average per school impact of the Mid-Size Formula $880,000.

18 P OINTS TO A DVOCATE At a minimum maintaining if not updating the Mid-Size Funding Formula. Full funding of TRS Continue to support ESC’s

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