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1 the soul of the city. The Heart of the Neighborhood What it looks like currently: 2.

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1 1 the soul of the city

2 The Heart of the Neighborhood What it looks like currently: 2

3 The Heart of the Neighborhood Madisonville’s Neighborhood Business District radiates from the intersection of Madison Rd. and Whetsel Ave. We will orient new development along Whetsel as it is more pedestrian friendly. Madison Rd. Whetsel Ave. 3

4 The Heart of the Neighborhood The Future of Madisonville 4

5 The Heart of the Neighborhood 5

6 What Has Madisonville Done So Far? Form Based Code Designation – to control the size, shape and character of our business district, with flexible usage Community Entertainment District Designation – to draw more restaurants, clubs, bars and entertainment oriented businesses Quality of Life Plan – hundreds of citizens gathered over several meetings to map Madisonville’s future Tax Increment Financing District – Tax dollars captured from Red Bank to neighborhood center set aside for business district development 6

7 Form Based Code Zoning based on building size, shape and location Must conform to the character of the neighborhood Only a few uses are not allowed Variances are allowed with community permission Applies to the business district and surrounding area only 7

8 Community Entertainment District Up to 15 new liquor licenses Licenses are much cheaper than market rate Each license approved by the community For food-service establishments only 8

9 Quality of Life Plan Dozens of meetings, hundreds of residents and business owners Mapping the future of our community We asked, ‘who do we want to be in a few years’ Our plan will become the only citizen-created neighborhood plan to be adopted by the City Planning Department. 9

10 Tax Increment Finance District Our TIF district includes almost all of Red Bank Road and goes well into our neighborhood business district, capturing tax dollars from new developments on Red Bank 10

11 The Future of our Business District: Large mixed-use development on all four corners of Madison & Whetsel Strip mall to be demolished and replaced with mixed- use development Bank Building at 5900 Madison to be rehabbed for apartments and restaurant Streetscape created for half a dozen blocks with traffic calming features and bike lanes 11

12 The Future of our Business District: We control our future: MCURC and the City of Cincinnati currently control all of the real estate in green. More than 6 acres in the heart of Madisonville’s business district are controlled by MCURC … with more on the way. 12

13 Housing Development by MCURC Rehabs – MCURC has done and will continue to redo houses for sale to owner occupants New Construction – Working with the Hamilton County Land Bank, we will build new infill homes across the neighborhood Aging in Place – We are working with People Working Cooperatively and the Lutheran Benevolent Society to keep seniors in their homes by providing repairs. 13

14 Housing Numbers Home Values up 9% since last year Owner Occupancy Rate – 45% Single Family Detached – 64% Median Sales Price (last 3 months): $74,500 / $90,500 not counting distressed listings 6 homes above $150,000 3 homes above $200,000 Complete Days on Market: 57% sell in 30 days 81% sell in 60 days 14

15 Crime & Safety 15 Part 1 Crime Per Capita (2014): Safest Neighborhoods: 1.Mt. Lookout 2.Hyde Park 6. Pleasant Ridge 7. Madisonville 12. Oakley 35. Columbia Tusculum 37. Mt. Adams Statistics provided by the Cincinnati Police and the US Census Bureau. Part 1 crimes include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, auto theft and arson.

16 Demographics Diversity – We boast about a 50/50 mix and have been rated one of the city’s most successfully integrated neighborhoods Income – Madisonville’s income rate is above average for Cincinnati Education – Our educational attainment is higher, too Households Married with Children – 50% White Collar Professionals – 64% 16

17 Education John P. Parker, our public elementary and magnet school, has improved their rating to Effective. That means that residents are no longer eligible for vouchers since our community school is too good. They have a Latin magnet program and are a feeder school for Walnut Hills. Located in Madisonville: John P. Parker Elementary (public), Schroeder High School (public), Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy (charter), STEAM Academy (charter), the Lighthouse School (CPS sponsored charter) and the Seven Hills School (private). 17

18 Green Space & Recreation The Little Duck Creek Trail is an urban nature trail for hikers and mountain bikers Murray Road Bike Trail Bramble Park has a playground and ball fields Rec Center has ball fields, a pool (with kayak lessons) a full sized gym and tennis courts Desmond Park is a best kept secret Lots of greenspace and trees You’d be amazed at how quiet our community is 18

19 Madisonville the soul of the city 19

20 Madisonville the soul of the city Matt Strauss Real Estate Development & Marketing Manager Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation 271-2495 20

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