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Making the UK the Place for Space Robert Waters Head of Industrial Strategy June 2014.

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1 Making the UK the Place for Space Robert Waters Head of Industrial Strategy June 2014

2 The UK and Space Over 50 years involvement in space –As a provider of systems to the world –As a user of data services at home The UK Space Agency leads our civil space programme –Policy advice to Ministers –Regulation –Investment (>£300 p.a.) –60 staff Our goals are achieved via national, European and international partnerships

3 To meet national needs, the UK Space Agency is responsible for ensuring that the UK retains and grows a strategic capability in space- based systems, technologies, science and applications An Executive Agency of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Operational in April 2011 60 staff: policy, technical, programmes, administration HQ in Swindon, Wiltshire Offices in London and Harwell, Oxford Provide Government with space policy advice Regulate and licence UK civil space activities Invest in the UK’s space industrial and research base Represent the UK’s interests in Europe and overseas Transfer space technology and services into the UK economy Increase use of space in government Oversee and exploit investment in EU space programmes Present the UK’s space programme to the public 2013/14 Budget: ~£320M ~£60M National+ bilateral Programme + admin technology, instruments, national and bilateral projects ~£260M ESA Programme industrial, scientific and application- driven space projects

4 Space Agency structures Policy European Regulation Security International Communications Programmes Exploration Space science Major project delivery Growth Applications Earth Observation Education & Skills Industrial strategy Space ‘Gateway’ Space for Smarter Government Technology strategy Operations & resources Finance Operations Change Programme HR Chief Executive: David Parker

5 Structure & Economics

6 The Global Space Market Source: The Space report 2012 The Space Foundation 12.2 % 8.4%3.8%4.8% Total market value US $ 290 B

7 UK space industry benefit £9.2 billion turnover £3.4 billion contribution to GDP 30,000 direct jobs ~ 8% real growth per annum since 2000

8 Space Policy 200920102011201220132014 Ukspace/OEF ‘Case for Space ’ Space Innovation & Growth Strategy UK Space Agency formed Government response to IGS & Space Leadership Council created ECSAT Opens UK Civil Space Strategy 2012-2016 SIGS Space Growth Action Plan Government response to Space GAP National Space Security Plan Satellite Applications Catapult established Government Growth Review ESA C-min 2012

9 Civil Space Strategy – six themes Goal: £40B sector by 2030

10 Space Innovation and Growth Strategy 2014-2030: Space Growth Action Plan re-affirm industry and government’s 2010 growth ambition for sector grow UK market share in expanding global space economy –10% of expected £400 billion world space economy by 2030 –100,000 new UK jobs –interim target of 8% by 2020 (£19bn in real terms) focus on markets, services and space-enabled applications (cultural change) satellite & ground infrastructure remains crucial 5 new recommendations and 37 new actions

11 Space GAP Recommendations 1.grow space-enabled markets by £30bn by 2030 2.make UK the best place to grow Space business regulatory environment to promote growth operational space port by 2018 3.increase the UK’s returns from Europe Europe vastly different for space by 2020 4.grow exports from £2bn to £25bn p.a. by 2030 more strategic approach improving access to finance & new mechanisms 5.stimulate a vibrant regional SME sector Future is also more users of space, new applications, more competition!

12 IGS 2014-2030 Key Markets

13 What are we doing now? 1.Looking towards 2030: the Growth Action Plan of the space innovation and growth strategy –A industry-government partnership providing a roadmap of actions 2.Key space policy issues –Cross-government National Space Security Policy published 30 April –Reforming licensing regime for operators –Developing new regulation to support growth 3.Delivering on investments –Industrial R&D for commercial space sector –Major scientific programmes 4.Implementing NSSP Everything we do is delivered through partnerships National, European, Global

14 Partnerships have created… The leading global mobile satcom operator The world’s first public- private partnership for secure military communications The world’s most advanced satellite telecommunication technology World-leading business in software, satellite control and ground segment technology Outstanding achievements in space- based science Excellence in Earth science for climate and environment monitoring and its use in business The world’s leading small satellite company A strong UK role in Galileo, Europe’s global navigation system

15 Launch of UKube-1: July 2014 First UK national cubesat Fully functional 3-axis stabilised spacecraft weighing 3kg Built by SME Clydespace plus various universities and industries Success will underpin export opportunities 43

16 Partnership with business: NovaSAR S-band (3.1-3.3GHz) Synthetic Aperture Radar Low cost, lightweight small satellite design Co-funded investment by UK Space Agency and industry to demonstrate NovaSAR in-orbit Example applications –maritime security –flood mapping –forestry monitoring First launch in FY 2015/16

17 Partnership in Innovation Reaction Engines Ltd ‘SABRE’ air-breathing rocket engine Could lead to ‘Skylon’ reusable satellite launch vehicle PV investors, UK Space Agency and ESA

18 UK Space Sector Map

19 European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications Will lead ESA work on satcom technology and applications ESA climate office: space data to understand climate change A business incubator creating new space businesses Will grow to 100 staff by end of 2015 Mission to drive growth through the exploitation of satellite data; link existing space organisations with new market sectors Government supported, private sector ethos A collaborative environment for industry, academics and government organisations

20 We are using space to inform, educate and inspire We provide coherence and leadership We are promoting growth In Summary @spacegovuk

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