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ManageEngine ® SQLDBManager Plus - Product Overview.

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1 ManageEngine ® SQLDBManager Plus - Product Overview

2 SQLDBManager Plus - Introduction Primary Functions Technical Overview s Benefits Key Differentiators Summary 2 Agenda

3 Primary Functions - Introduction 3 Microsoft SQL Monitoring – SQL Availability monitoring – SQL Performance analysis – SQL Host Server monitoring – Monitor Custom SQL Queries Manage SQL Sessions & Jobs SQL Server Audit Reports Fault Management Reporting

4 4 How SQLDBManager Plus Works ? Monitoring Starts

5 SQL Memory usage and Cache usage SQL Sessions Databases details – Size, log usage, index usage etc SQL Jobs and Backups Query performance in SQL Performance of custom SQL queries 5 Performance Metrics - SQL

6 CPU, Memory, Disk Process Monitoring Network Interface Stats Disk I/O Services on the server Event logs from server 6 Performance Metrics – Servers

7 07/22/08 Audit Reports Failed logins and login password changes. Database changes – created, altered or dropped. Server changes- grant, revoke or deny permission. Creation, deletion or modification of audit specifications.

8 Fault Management – Alarm View

9 Low total ownership cost (TCO) & High return on investments (ROI) Used for Troubleshooting and Availability Monitoring Generate Reports and Empower Decision Making Complement Existing Investments in 3rd Party NSM Integrates views with the Internal Portal 9 Benefits

10 Single tool, single console (Monitor | Manage | Audit) Ease of deployment & Affordable (Starts at $795 for 5 SQL Server Instances) Agentless Monitoring (Ensures Low Maintenance) Extensive monitoring, Manage certain SQL actions & Execute windows-based action from the console Key Differentiators of SQLDBManager Plus

11 11 Summary Single view for monitoring SQL, helps DBAs prioritize and make effective use of SQL resources SQL and Server monitoring helps troubleshooting performance issues faster and identifying bottle necks in your SQL environment

12 12 Live Demo:  Professional Trial Edition :  Professional Trial Edition : 30 day evaluation without restrictions  Free Edition : Monitor 1 SQL instance Website: Product Editions: Contact: More Info Toll Free US: +1 888 720 9500 | International: +1 925 924 9500 Forums:

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