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2 Our Funding Partner

3 What has Changed in Homeless Services in Recent Years? Just about everything!  Housing First- Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing  Motivational Interviewing, Harm Reduction, etc.  Coordinated Entry and the VI-SPDAT  Health Reform and Medi-Cal Enrollment  Housing for Health

4 How do Providers Stay Current and/or Deepen their Knowledge?  Travel to the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference in D.C.  Attend the San Gabriel Valley Annual Conference (great choice!)  Participate in the UHHP Homeless Services Case Management Institute

5 Who is UHHP?  A homeless provider network of 375 members across Los Angeles  Our mission is to:  Advocate for more funding for homeless services;  Support policy advocacy related to health care and housing; and  Provide training, as needed, to homeless providers based on requests. The Case Management Institute has been under development for several years in response to agency request for training.

6 What is the Homeless Services Case Management Institute (CMI)? 10-month learning program for all levels of case managers. Cohort-based learning experienced, designed to support collaboration and co-learning across agencies. 10 module program, with a new topic/module per month. Blended learning program that combines online training, videos and readings with monthly classroom-based trainings.

7 Learning Objectives  Demonstrate a strengths-based approach to case management with homeless and previously homeless clients;  Develop and implement an individual development plan that focuses on building on areas of strength and addressing areas of need; and  Demonstrate the advantages of case coordination and support between case managers and other colleagues with different life and educational experiences;

8 Who is this program for?

9 Learning Modules  Landscape of Homelessness in Los Angeles County  Homeless Services Case Management Core Functions  Cultural Competency & Ethics  Homeless Services Case Management Effective Practices  Housing  Mainstream Benefits & System Navigation  Health: Medical, Mental Health, & Substance Use  Education, Employment, & Life Skills  Violence & Incarceration  Documentation, Data, & Data Management

10 Training Dates and Timing  The monthly meetings of CMI participants are scheduled for the last Friday of each month, beginning with an orientation on February 28 th at LAHSA.  In-person trainings will be either half-day or the whole day in length, during normal business hours.  The online training can be completed at any time, day or night, based on individual preference.

11 Program Development Program Development Advisory Team This training program was designed under the guidance of experienced homeless case managers, other service providers, and advocates, representing the thought leaders in homeless services in Los Angeles County. These include…

12 Program Development Advisory Group Doug Bond Amity Foundation Rose Liu United Homeless Healthcare Partners Michael Nailat United Way/Home for Good Denise Cornelius Weingart Center Association Shannon Parker US Vets Elena Fiallo United Homeless Healthcare Partners Monica Quezada Homeless Health Care Los Angeles Peggy Edwards United Homeless Healthcare Partners Alan Richards Amity Foundation JoAnn Hemstreet Homeless Health Care Los Angeles Leepi Shimkhada Los Angeles County Dept. of Health Services Gina Jones LA Christian Health Centers Dorene Toutant Hollywood Community Housing Corp. Veronica Lewis Special Services for Groups Sieglinde von Deffner LAMP

13 Cost & Registration Information  The cost of the 10 months of training is $750.   For more information, please contact: Leslie Clarke at or visit  The cost of the 10 months of training is $750.   For more information, please contact: Leslie Clarke at or visit

14 FAQs  No scholarships are available at this time (sorry!)  The modules are not offered individually at this time, but may next year.  An abbreviated course is not available.  A limited number of slots are available at this time, so register ASAP if you want to get into this cohort.


16 Rose Liu Thank You!


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