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Norman S. Minor Bar Association Executive Welcome and Strategic Plan March 5, 2014.

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1 Norman S. Minor Bar Association Executive Welcome and Strategic Plan March 5, 2014

2 Meeting Agenda I. Strategic Initiative II. Calendar of Events III. Membership Secretary’s Report IV. Treasurer’s Report V. Good of the Order VI. Registration- events/membership!

3 2014-2016 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Darlene White, President Zakiyyah N. Ashshaheed, First Vice President Adrian Thompson, Second Vice President Teirra Everette, Recording Secretary Angela Simmons, Membership Secretary Brandon D. Cox, Treasurer * * * Ronald V. Johnson, Jr., Immediate Past President Hon. Ronald B. Adrine, President Emeritus

4 Darlene E. White Deputy Director of Cuyahoga County Law Department

5 Zakiyyah N. Ashshaheed Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority “CMHA”

6 Adrian Thompson Partner at Taft/

7 Teirra Everette Counsel, Dominion East Ohio

8 Angela Simmons Senior Counsel, Parker Hannifin

9 Brandon D. Cox Associate, Tucker Ellis

10 2014 ?

11 Direction…?

12 Organizational Soul Searching….  Before you can figure out where you are going…  You have to know where you have been…  and where you are!

13 SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Opportunity for students to network Important to see other people of color Luncheon Programs Holiday party Respect in legal community Historians Current financial outlook WEAKNESSES Lack of administrative support Outdated mailing/email list Inconsistency in collecting dues Lack of Resources Unorganized Cutting corners Suffered an identify crisis Lack of membership participation OPPORTUNITIES For growth Stronger community presence Transition between generation gaps To be continued advocates Help development of future professionals Community partnerships Current programs are in demand Raise money for programs and scholarships THREATS Weaknesses could diminish overall effectiveness Loss of interest Loss of respect in community Loss of mission


15 Plan…

16 “Strategic Initiative”

17 Two primary Goals initiatives With two very interdependent initiatives

18 First Initiative CAPACITY BUILDING INITIATIVE To develop and implement a capacity building scheme to ensure a strong, sustainable organization in order to enhance our ability to effectively serve the communit(ies) we serve.

19 Second Initiative BRANDING INITIATIVE To develop and implement a systemic plan of action to brand and re-introduce the organization to the community in order to create higher visibility and to ensure the current and future support of NSMBA’s value.

20 CORE OBJECTIVES 1. To develop an administrative support system 2. To create a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation in order to allow increased fundraising opportunities 3. To improve service delivery by strengthening and building upon existing programs 4. To expand the services and benefits available to the membership 5. To increase active participation of core members, while continuing to increase membership 6. To partner with other organizations in the community to advance diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and thus enhance our ability to effectively serve the communities that we serve 7. Technological advancement

21 PROJECTS I. Infrastructure Building II. Branding III. Partnership Opportunities IV. Program Development V. Membership Drive

22 Infrastructure Project  501(c) 3  Develop administrative support Going to take time! End of 2014- Beginning 2015 * * *

23 Infrastructure Project (continued) More immediate results!  Financial Records on Quickbooks  Annual Budget

24 Infrastructure Project (continued)  Technological Advancement!  Technology  Laptop Computer  Quickbooks  Microsoft Word  Mobile Credit Card Payment Device

25 Branding

26 Branding (continued)


28  Website!  Cyber  Social Media  Facebook  Linked In  Google docs

29 Partnership Opportunities  Ohio Women’s Bar Association  Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association  Ohio State Bar Association  Legal Aid Society  Special Counsel  Florida A&M University  Cleveland Municipal Court Community Organization Program, “C.O.P.”  C|M|Law College of Law Black Law Students Association  C|M|Law College of Law Hispanic Law Students Association  Case Western Reserve University Black Law Students Association  Potential Partnerships:  Hispanic Bar Association  American Asian Bar Association  On and on…….

30 Program Development  Continuing Legal Education “CLE”  Healthier Futures, Health & Wellness C.L.E. for General credits and Ethics & Professionalism credits- dates TBD  Others…  Community Outreach  Various suggestions  Community Partnerships  Special Counsel will sponsor and co-host a “Professionalism and Career Development Workshop” for law students interviewing for the fall interview/internship programs.  Scholarship Opportunities  Events where we currently co-host or co-sponsor:  Brief Advice Clinic- Legal Aid Society, OSBA, CMBA, Antioch Baptist Church  OWBA- LeanIn Event- “Creating a Level Playing Field”  CMBA:  3R’s Program  Stephanie Tubbs Jones Summer Legal Academy  Stokes Scholars  Annual Bench Bar Memorial  J.C.R.C. Judge for Yourself

31 Calendar of Events

32 2014 Calendar  2/27/14 CWRU BLSA  2/28C|M|Law HLSA  3/5 General Body Meeting  3/7J.C.R.C.-Judge for Yourself  3/11CMBA’s Diversity & Inclusion Conference  4/2C.O.P.*  4/4 & 4/5 American Asian Bar Association of Ohio  4/7CMBA Annual Bench Bar Memorial Program  4/8OWBA-LeanIn Event- “Creating a Level Playing Field” *

33 The 2014 Diversity & Inclusion Conference is March 11 at Aloft Cleveland Downtown. Please join us as we feature nationally recognized speaker Kathleen Nalty to discuss exciting initiatives and action plans that take our firms to the next level-retaining and advancing our people to generate a truly inclusive work force. 3.00 hours of CLE requested. Special Recognition of: Inajo Davis Chappell Adam Fishman William Warren (awarded posthumously) Sanford Watson



36 2014 Calendar  4/25C|Mlaw BLSA  5/9MLK High School Field Trip*  5/15Brief Advice Clinic (Legal Aid, OSBA, Antioch Baptist Church, CMBA)*  5/? Region VI- NBA Conference  6/1NSMBA Family Reunion Picnic *  6/4C.O.P.*  6/11CMBA- Stokes Scholars, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Minority Clerkship /Panel Discussions with students*  6/19“*  6/20“*  6/24CMBA-Stokes Scholars, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Minority Clerkship Luncheon*  8/6C.O.P.*


38 2014 Calendar  9/3General Body Meeting  9/16Special Counsel- Career Workshop for Students*  10/1 C.O.P.*  10/24Annual Trailblazer Luncheon*  11/5General Body Meeting  12/3C.O.P.*  12/? C.L.E.*  12/?Holiday Party*

39 Information overload?

40 Success Depends on… YOU! THE MEMBERSHIP!

41 What do we need from you?  Elements that are key to the success of this Initiative:  Commitment from members“Own it!”  Action from members“Do it!”  Investment from members“Support it”

42 TOGETHER we can do it!


44 Project Roles and Responsibilities Executive Committee PAST MEMBERS CURRENT MEMBERS FUTURE MEMBERS POTENTIAL MEMBERS Bar Ambassadors Student Ambassadors

45 Ambassador Opportunities

46 Sign up sheets for: 1. C.O.P. Programs 2. M.L.K. High School Field Trip 3. Brief Advice Clinic 4. OWBA LeanIn Event “Creating a Level Playing Field” (Attendance only) 5. Event Planning Committee (Family Reunion, Career Development Event, Socials) 6. Trailblazer Luncheon (1 of 3 committees- VIP/Marketing, ticket sales, planning) 7. Scholarship/Fundraising Committee 8. CLE committee 9. Pipeline Programs- Stokes Scholars, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, etc. 10. NSMBA 3R’s Team for 2014-2015 school year

47 With TEAM WORK, there wont be any of this.…

48 Only this…

49 Membership Secy’s Report

50 Membership Project Membership Drive  Attorneys less than 5 yrs of practice: $60 year  Attorneys 5 yrs or more practice: $100 year  Associates (non-attorneys):$50 year  Paralegal$50 year  Law StudentFree

51 Join today and get 50% off! One time deal! One day only! Membership Drive 2014  Attorneys less than 5 yrs of practice: $60 year$30  Attorneys 5 yrs or more practice: $100 year$50  Associates (non-attorneys):$50 year$25  Paralegal$50 year$25  Law StudentFreeFree

52 Treasurer’s Report

53 How do we generate revenue?  Dues  Continuing Legal Education  Annual Trailblazer Luncheon  C.O.P.  Sponsorships  Grants (future)

54 Good of the Order! ??

55 GENERAL BODY MEETING DATES March 5th July 2nd September 3rd November 5 th Time:5:30p.m Location: CMBA, Galleria Downtown Mark your calendars!

56 House keeping items Membership Forms Current Members Joining Members Membership Dues Pay by check, cash or credit card- Today and save! Sign up for committees Sign up for volunteer opportunities Mark your calendars

57 Welcome to the New Norman S. Minor Bar Association!

58 Thank You! See you soon!

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