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Hachiko :A Dog’s Story.

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1 Hachiko :A Dog’s Story

2 Everyone called Hachi a mystery dog, because...
he never knew where it came from. Maybe Hachi escaped from a dog pound, or maybe he jumped out of somebody's car from someplace faraway like Florida or New Jersey.

3 No matter how it happened,
but long time ago, in the town Parker Wilson lived, Hachi appeared at the train station. That's where their story began.

4 The Catcher In The Rye (麦田的守望者)

5 Every day Professor Wilson goes to work but Hachi always doesn’t want him to leave .He wants to stay with Parker all the time .So when Parker goes to work, he walks with him and stays at the train station waiting him back from work .

6 Do you see the hands ? They’re family .

7 Ten years later after Parker had died , when Parker’s wife returned to their past house ,she happened to see Harchi still waiting at the train station . She was really moved by the faithful dog .

8 Hachi was old but he still waited at the train station with the belief that Parker would be back some day as usual . And he died in this place .

9 A little early before he died he dream of Parker , we all knew that this was unreal . It just implied that Parker came up to bring Hachi to the heaven .

10 Hachi’s story is adapted from a real story happened in 1935 in Japan
Hachi’s story is adapted from a real story happened in 1935 in Japan. The true story is made ​​into a Japanese film, starring by Tatsuya Nakadai (仲代达矢).The film caused a sensation(轰动) in Japan that year, taking in 40 billion yen in box office receipts . And Lasse Hallström( 莱塞·霍尔斯道姆 ) also made story into a English film .This is the one today I introduce.


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