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Lang. Arts Project By Josh, Mary, Parker and Caymen.

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1 Lang. Arts Project By Josh, Mary, Parker and Caymen

2  The Glade is the area where all the characters live. It is surrounded by the Maze. People arrive in the Maze in the Box, an elevator that carries the person after their memory is wiped. It is located in the heart of the Maze. From the Glade, a person can enter the Maze from the four walls that represent the four cardinal directions. It is where all of the characters, eat, sleep, and work. Inside the Glade, there are fields, livestock farms, a grave yard, sleeping quarters, and a kitchen. It is all centered around the Homestead. Which is the place where all the Gatherings are held. The Glade is the main setting of the story, where mostly all of the action takes place. S The Glade is positioned to be in the dead center of the Maze.

3 The Maze is around the Glade. It is what the Runners map, and study. The walls are always moving and seem to follow a monthly cycle. In the Maze, there are eight sections. The is The Cliff, the Griever Hole as it is later called. Half-animal, half-machine monsters, called Grievers, lurk in the Maze. They will kill anything that moves. Around the Maze, there are mysterious signs that read “World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department.” The Maze plays an important role in the story because it is a code to be solved by the Gladers so they can escape the Maze. S The walls that make up The Maze are at least 100 feet tall, and clearly made to last a very long time.

4 Thomas is the main character in The Maze Runner. He is also the main protagonist. He starts off in the Glade with no memory, like everyone else. He is a dynamic character because he changes as he learns more about himself. C This is how we pictured Thomas. He has brown hair and is relatively pale.

5 Teresa is a main character in The Maze Runner. She arrives at The Glade in a coma. It takes many days for her to some out of it. Throughout the book, Teresa changes to become the person who’s always got your back for Thomas. She helps Thomas at all times possible, which makes her a protagonist. C Teresa has long, dark hair and blue-green eyes. This is what we imagined she would look like.

6 Gally is a minor/major character in the book. He is a static character, throughout the book he just hates everybody in The Glade. He is an antagonist, because he kills Chuck. He comes and goes in the book and isn not usually the main subject. C Gally is only briefly described in The Maze Runner. From the limited information, we figured he’d have darker skin with jet black hair and eyes.

7 Newt is the leader of The Glade. He is one of the boys who was in The Glade two years ago, when The Maze Trials began. He is dynamic, and changes to like Tom for who he is and what he does. He is a protagonist, and supports Thomas until the end. C This is how Newt is described in the book. He has blond hair and almost-gray eyes.

8 Chuck is one of the main characters in The Maze Runner. He is the first boy Thomas actually gets to know well. Chuck is static, and always remains funny, mischievous and loyal to his friends. He is a protagonist, and is always there when Thomas needs him. C In the book, Chuck is described as chubby with red hair.

9  When Thomas arrives at the maze.  Thomas goes to a forest part in the glade and gets attacked by Ben.  He meets Gally, who has been through The Changing.  Gally says he remembers him and hates Thomas.  Thomas meets Chuck, who becomes his best friend  Thomas thinks about going into the maze to save Alby and Minho.  A girl arrives to the Glade in a coma  Thomas feels a connection with the girl but doesn’t want to tell anyone.  Thomas keeps it a secret that he thinks he might know the girl.  Thomas goes into the Maze  Teresa wakes up from the coma  Teresa talks to Thomas about her knowing him and being the trigger to an ending  Alby goes through the changing and doesn’t like Thomas anymore  Thomas thinks that the maze is a code.  Grievers start to come into the Maze  Gally tells the Gladers that the Grievers are going to eat all of the Gladers one by one.  People begin to believe Gally because what he said is actually happening.  Thomas says that the Gladers shouldn’t just sit around and wait for the Grievers to eat them, so they plan to go into the Griever hole. P

10 The climax of The Maze Runner is when Teresa triggered The Ending. It all lead up to the escape from The Maze. After The Ending, the walls don’t close, which only makes Thomas plan the escape from The Glade faster.

11  The walls don’t close at night  The Grievers invade The Glade  Gally returns, tells the Gladers that the Grievers will take them one at a time.  The maps are burnt, Minho and Newt save them  Thomas gets stung by Grievers in order to retrieve his memories  Thomas figures out the Maze Code  The Gladers escape The Glade and battle the Grievers in The Maze  Gally returns, and kills Chuck  The scientists are killed, their saviors take the Gladers to a bunker.

12 In The Maze Runner, Gally, the main antagonist, is put against his fellow Gladers. He claims to have seen Thomas during The Changingand that Thomas is evil. In every situation in the novel, Gally is against whatever Thomas stands for. For example, during the Gathering after Thomas saves Minho and Alby, Gally states that anyone could have tied Alby up there. He recommends that Thomas should be held in jail for a month, which seems unreasonable. He comes back at the end of the book. If not for Chuck’s sacrifice, he would have killed Thomas. C

13 In the novel The Maze Runner, Thomas must fight a battle against his own mind to unlock his memories. He does this when he feels like he has been to The Glade, before, when he feels recognition towards Teresa, and when he retrieves his memories from before The Glade. In all of these moments, he tries to pass through the “wall” and into his memories. This is obviously a man vs. self conflict because Thomas is battling his own mind for his memories. C

14 An example of Character vs. Nature in The Maze Runner is when Thomas must defeat the Grievers and escape The Maze. The Maze, the area surrounding The Glade, is crawling with half-animal, half-machine creatures called Grievers. If you are ever caught by a Griever, chances are that you’ll probably die. Thomas and all the other Runners, and later in the story Gladers, must battle these creatures for clues that leads to a way out of The Maze. The Maze is a hostile environment in many ways. You can get lost, stung/killed by a Girever, or fall off The Cliff. C

15 The theme of The Maze Runner was to always trust your instincts. This morale helped many characters in the story. When Thomas was out in The Maze, he didn’t run away like Minho, but saved Alby and himself in the end. Thomas knew the only way to beat The Maze was to purposely get stung by a Griever so the memories he gained in The Changing would tell him what everybody needed. He used the information from those memories the escape The Maze. T

16 Thomas and half the people at The Glade made it out and aborted a bus to a huge bunker where they stay for a night, but before that happened they had to fight a bunch of Grievers into what they call the Griever Hole where a computer lies, what they did was punch in a code which turned off all Grievers and showed them a way out. Once they got out they met the creators of The Glade, and a woman told them that they did amazing getting out, soon after a man shot her and told them to run and follow him to a bus which took them all the The Flare which drives people crazy and makes them into hostile animals. How they solved The Maze was when Thomas got stung by a Griever on purpose to see the past and secrets to The Maze, he saw that he helped the creators and that he knew a way out. The walls haven’t been closing and the Grievers were taking one person a night. They had to hurry so they could get there without losing any more people. The Gladers went to The Cliff which housed the Griever Hole, but they were wrong about the Grievers only taking one person at a time. Instead they killed 20 by the time they beat The Maze. R

17 The Glade Photo: The Maze Photo: Thomas Photo: Teresa Photo: Gally Photo: Newt Photo: Chuck Photo:

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