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May 1, 2013 King’s Fork High School.  Brief overview of AP/DC Classes  Expectations of the courses and review of summer assignments  Ms. Chirlene Mitchell-

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Presentation on theme: "May 1, 2013 King’s Fork High School.  Brief overview of AP/DC Classes  Expectations of the courses and review of summer assignments  Ms. Chirlene Mitchell-"— Presentation transcript:

1 May 1, 2013 King’s Fork High School

2  Brief overview of AP/DC Classes  Expectations of the courses and review of summer assignments  Ms. Chirlene Mitchell- AP Literature  Ms. Dionne Redding- AP Language  Ms. Jo Weaver- Dual Credit Psychology  Ms. Sherri Story-AP Biology  Ms. Brittany Collins- AP US History  Mr. Sean White- AP Government  Ms. Susan Braford- Dual Credit Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus  Ms. Mona Parker- The Pruden Center for Technology  Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Opportunities  Summary and closing remarks

3  Taught by trained high school instructors  No tuition  Students must meet pre-requisites  Students encouraged to take national standardized test in the spring  To receive college credit must achieve minimum passing score on AP exam (3-5)  AP exam fee: $87.00  Registration Process  Fee Waivers available through ACCESS

4  Enrolled through Paul D. Camp Community College or Tidewater Community College  Complete electronic college application  Eligible scores on The Virginia Placement Test  Pay tuition – each semester  Earn college credit at completion of the course with a grade of “C” or better  Failure to abide by requirements will result in course being deleted from student schedule  Withdrawals from DC courses follow the withdrawal deadlines of the community college. Any withdrawals after that will result in a failing grade for the year.

5  Low enrollment options-  Virtual Virginia (AP Statistics)  On campus or online (DC Western Civilization, DC Chemistry)  Notified over the summer  Must register and pay for class at Paul D. Camp  IB course equivalent  Example IB Chemistry instead of AP or DC Chemistry, IB Psychology instead of DC Psychology

6  Honors & AP  Academic Excellence Website 

7 Chirlene Mitchell

8 Dionne Redding

9 “An AP course in English Language and Composition engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subjects as well as the way generic conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing. The AP Language and Composition course …enables students to read complex texts with understanding and to write prose of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers.” (The College Board, 2012)

10 Students entering AP Language and Composition are:  Skilled in basic composition  Proficient in their use of standard English grammar and mechanics.  Expected here is refinement of these skills to develop sophistication and stylistic maturity in writing.  The students will demonstrate their writing skills through journals, timed essays, multi-draft essays and a persuasive research paper of some length.

11  Critical reading of various prose styles  Essay writing  Students’ skills in analyzing the standard rhetorical modes  AP test practices-both objective and open-ended questions, journals, daily assignments, class discussions and an individual oral presentation  Students will follow a skeletal chronological core of the canon of American Literature.

12 Jo Weaver

13 Is designed to  Provide a solid basis for taking upper level courses,  Bridge the gap between high school & college,  & work as an Owner’s Manual for being a human being.

14  “She isn’t lying when she says, ‘reading the book helps.’ IT HELPS A LOT! It’s also a very interesting class.” Zak (senior)  “If you don’t want to do, do not take it. It will make the class much harder.” Anonymous  “RECOMMEND! (A good introduction to a college course, coming from a student who has taken other college courses outside of the high school ‘itinerary.’)” Anonymous

15  Students are asked to think about the course material, develop a point of view and articulate it. They must be able to support their position with coursework and personal experience.  Two major projects offer experiential learning in doing research and changing a behavior.  Gaining understanding into the workings of human beings: how we think, how we behave, and how we feel is a primary goal.

16 Sherri Story

17 Brittany Collins

18  Examines US History from the exploration of the Americas through the present & is designed to develop the student’s critical thinking skills  Students will study themes throughout history and how they helped form the nation we have today

19  Weekly readings & reading quizzes  Interpreting primary source documents  Extensive essay writing  AP Exam in May

20 Sean White

21  Course Description  AP U.S. Government consists of six units:  Constitutional Underpinnings  Branches of Government  Political Socialization and Public Opinion  Linkage Institutions  Public Policy  Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

22  Expectations  AP U.S. Government is a rigorous course.  Emphasis is placed on analysis.  Students must be prepared to assimilate a lot of information in a short period of time.  Excellent time management skills and an intrinsic motivation to learn are necessary for success in this course.  The course is designed to help students pass the AP U.S. Government Exam and to prepare students for college.  100% of current AP U.S. Government students will be attending college this fall.

23 Susan Braford

24 Mona Parker

25 THE PRUDEN CENTER TIDEWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Geospatial Technology Modeling & Simulation

26  Suffolk Education Foundation Tuition Assistance Application  Due May 10, 2013  PDCCC Scholarship Application  Due May 10, 2013  Applications by the door

27  Student Name________________________________ID #__________________________   Parent Name___________________________________________________________________   Contact me by E-mail_________________________Phone______________________________   Question/Concern:  ____________________________________________________________________________

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