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GROUP HEALTH BENEFIT PLANS OPEN ENROLLMENT Plan Year July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011.

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1 GROUP HEALTH BENEFIT PLANS OPEN ENROLLMENT Plan Year July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011

2 2 Agenda  Francis Parker School Benefit Plan updates  Health Reform changes  Open enrollment options  Individual carrier presentations including perks and discounts offered by carriers

3 3 Medical Renewal  Health Net Renewal came in with 14.5% increase in HMO rates.  Continue with Health Net Medical Plans:  Silver Network HMO Plan (does not include Scripps Medical Groups)  Full Network HMO Plan (includes Scripps Medical Groups)  PPO Plan

4 4 What’s Changed?  Flex Benefit dollars increased to $245 per check for full-time participants  100% if you take the School’s medical plan  Flex Benefit dollars for non-participants held flat at $175 per check  Part-time Flex benefit dollars for those eligible employees working 50% or 80%

5 5 What Has Changed?  Benefit levels under all three Medical plans remain the same.  Dental: Out-of-Network Preventative Services will now include $50 Deductible  Unum Voluntary Life - Open enrollment opportunity with Guaranteed Issue amounts for employees & spouses

6 6 Health Reform changes for 2010- 11  Medical Reimbursement Account  As of January 1, 2011, Over-the-counter medications will no longer be permitted.  Make sure to take that into account when making your election this upcoming plan year

7 7 Health Reform changes for 2010- 11  Overage Dependents  For renewals occurring after September 23, 2010, overage dependents will be allowed to enroll under parents’ employer coverage. For renewals occurring after September 23, 2010, overage dependents will be allowed to enroll under parents’ employer coverage  Dependents that are enrolled on a Health Net plan as of June 1, 2010 will be allowed to remain on the plan regardless of student status up to age 26.


9 9 Open Enrollment Options  Opportunity for eligible full-time Employees to enroll or waive coverage  Add or terminate your eligible covered dependents  Terminate your coverage if you no longer wish to be enrolled in any of the benefits.  Enroll in the Section 125 plan.

10 10 Open Enrollment Instructions  Enrollment will be completed online through Benetrac. The login Employer ID is Fran9101 If you forgot your password the system will allow you to choose another one  Open enrollment is June 7 – June 11.


12 Francis Parker School Employee Benefits Enrollment Presented by The Principal Financial Group ®

13 Dental Insurance A benefit that makes you smile.

14 Unit 1 preventative procedures – routine exams, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments and x-rays Unit 2 basic procedures – simple oral surgery and fillings, root canal therapy, Unit 3 major procedures –crowns, dentures, bridgework, and implants Unit 4 orthodontic procedures – adult and child Your dental benefits

15 One of the largest dental provider networks in the U.S., with over 70,000 network locations. * Maximum for Units 1, 2, and 3 are combined. Unit 4 maximum benefit is a lifetime maximum. Point of Service Dental Plan

16 Benefits Beyond Dental VSP Access Plan VSP Access offers enrolled employees and their dependents discounts on vision services offered through VSP doctors- at no additional cost. Epic Xylitol Products receive discounts on Xylitol dental products offered through Epic dental. Xylitol is a natural sweetner used in toothpaste, oral rinse, mints and gum. More than 20 studies support Xylitol’s effectiveness in reducing tooth decay and preventing cavities. Other Discounts Weight Watchers Quitline- tobacco based counseling system

17 Voluntary Vision Insurance

18 Vision Care Insurance Exams (A)Frames and Lenses (B)Contact Lenses (C) Exams: $50 One Exam each 12 months Frames: $100 One set each 24 months Lenses: $50 for single vision $75 for bifocal $100 for trifocal $150 for lenticular Two lenses (one pair) each 12 months Contact Lenses: $150 The maximum payment for two contact lenses (one pair) will be equal to the maximum payment for single vision lenses plus frames. Your benefit maximum will equal either A+B or A+C, depending on your choice of glasses or contacts. You don’t have coinsurance or a deductible to satisfy for Vision Care Insurance

19 eService – 24/7 tools and resources about your benefits and click ‘login’ –Check your claim status online –Find local providers –Review your benefits –[Check balances] –Contact customer service eService from Principal Life

20 [Group Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits Verification Line: 800- 247-4695] and click “login” Resources

21 Questions? This is a summary of the group coverages offered by Principal Life. Additional limitations and restrictions may not be listed here. See your benefit booklet for complete details. [This material is a summary of Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Health Plans. It is not a complete statement of the provisions or requirements of HSAs and HDHPs. It is intended to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed and is provided with the understanding that The Principal is not rendering legal, accounting, or tax advice. While this communication may be used to promote or market a transaction or an idea that is discussed in the publication, it is not a marketing opinion and may not be used to avoid penalties under the Internal Revenue Code. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, or accounting obligations and requirements. High Deductible Health Plans and custodial services for Health Savings Accounts offered by Principal Life Insurance Company. Bank products and services provided by Principal Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. HSA monies held in a Principal Bank account are FDIC insured. Securities offered through Princor Financial Services Corporation, 800/247-4123, member SIPC. HSA monies held in an account at Princor Financial Services Corporation are not FDIC insured, have no bank guarantee and may lose value. Principal Life, Principal Bank, and Princor® are members of the Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA 50392.] BZ 450-2 l 10/2006 l ©2006 Principal Financial Services, Inc.

22 22 June 2, 2010 Voluntary Life/AD&D, BasicLife/AD&D, and Long Term Disability Francis Parker School

23 23 Basic Life/AD&D 1x your annual salary to a maximum benefit of $200,000 Guaranteed Issue Portable * Employees can change beneficiary designations at any time during the year, please contact Human Resources

24 24 Long Term Disability 60% of your monthly pre-disability earnings to $10,000/month 90 day elimination period 2 year usual occupation

25 25 Additional Benefits… Employee Assistance Program Travel Assistance Program Identity Theft Solutions

26 26 Supplemental Life and AD&D Employees can purchase Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance. Coverage is available to spouses and dependent children. Amounts are as follows: –Employee- In increments of $10,000 up to 5x salary with a maximum of $500,000. –Spouse- In increments of $5,000 up to 100% of the employee amount to a maximum of $500,000 –Children- In increments of $2,000 up to a maximum of $10,000 AD&D- Same schedule as Supplemental Life coverage * Employees can change beneficiary designations at any time during the year, please contact Human Resources

27 27 Plan Features Guaranteed Issue: No medical questions in amounts at or below: –Employee: $130,000 –Spouse: $50,000 –Children: $10,000 “Buy 10 Rule”: As long as you enroll in the minimum of $10,000 during open enrollment, you can elect coverage up to the Guaranteed Issue maximum at ANY OPEN- ENROLLMENT going forward as long as you are actively at work. There will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED

28 28 Sample Monthly Premiums per $10,000 25$0.52/month 35$0.90/month 45$2.07/month 55$5.04/month

29 Flexible Benefit Plan Enrollment 2010

30 A tax free way to pay for certain annual expenses for you and your family! What is the purpose of a Flex Plan?

31 What do you mean… TAX FREE?

32 ¨FICA (Social Security + Medicare) - 7.65% ¨Federal Taxes - Start at 15% ¨State Taxes - Approximately 8% Place a portion of your salary per pay period into the Flex Plan before…

33 A Flex Plan allows you to pay for: ¨Certain Medical expenses ¨Dependent or Child Care expenses TAX FREE !!!

34 Flex vs. No Flex Spendable Income Reimbursed Expenses Net Pay Taxes (2) Taxable Gross Pretax Expenses Gross Pay $22,400 $0 $22,400 $9,600 $32,000 $0 $32,000 Without Flex $23,000 $2,000 $21,000 $9,000 $30,000 $2,000 $32,000 With Flex Group Health Insurance Premium Plan, MCRA, DCAPGroup Health Insurance Premium Plan, MCRA, DCAP Estimated FICA, Federal Income Tax and State Tax at 30%Estimated FICA, Federal Income Tax and State Tax at 30%

35 ¨Medical Care Reimbursement Account redirect up to $6,000 annually nYour Medical Care election is available to you from the first day of the plan ¨Dependent Care Assistance Plan redirect up to $5,000 annually nDependent Care reimbursements are paid from available posted payroll contributions, dollar for dollar Plan Types

36 Deductibles Co-payments Over-the-counter items Massage Therapy Mileage to/from Doctor’s Office or Hospital Vision Services Laser Vision Correction Dental Orthodontics Qualified Medical Care Expenses Reimbursable up to $6,000 per year *For a complete list of all eligible expenses, please visit

37 Eligible Expenses In order to get expenses reimbursed, they must be… MEDICALLY NECESSARY! ** A letter of medical necessity may be required from your physician No Vitamins or Dietary Supplements No Toiletries / Sundry Items No lotions, soaps, creams, etc.

38 Can I stop or change contributions during the plan year? NO, unless there is a… Marriage Divorce/Legal Separation Birth Death Adoption/Change in Legal Guardianship Change in spouse’s insurance

39 Dependent Care ¨Dependent child must be under the age of 13 ¤Or dependent children who are physically or mentally incapable of self-care ¨Taxpayer ID# or SS# of person or organization providing care required Reimbursable up to $5,000 per year

40 Dependent Care covers the following while you work: - Babysitters - Day Care Centers - Nursery School/Preschool - After School Care Programs -Summer Day Camp -Adult Day Care Eligible Expenses

41 Flex Benefits Card ¨ For qualified expenses at approved locations ¨ No out-of-pocket expenses ¤ Your entire election amount is loaded onto the card as of the first day of the plan! ¨ No reimbursement requests to submit ¨ No waiting for reimbursement Medical Care Expenses Only

42 ¨Your new Flex plan year begins July 1, 2010 and runs through June 30, 2011 ¨The last day to send in expenses for the 2010-2011Plan Year is August 31 st following the close of the Plan Year ¨Don’t forget to re-enroll! Plan Highlights

43 Sending In Your Reimbursement Request ¨Visit for easy submission and to track the status of your ¨Upload, e-mail, fax, or mail copies of receipts ¤Receipts must show date of service ¤Description of the item/service must be included ¨Reimbursements will be processed on the 7 th and 22 nd of each month and will be distributed by your payroll department ¨Requests must be received 4 business days prior to scheduled processing date

44 Insufficient Data…. ¨Charge card receipts ¨Balance due statements ¨If your form is filled out incorrectly, your claim cannot be paid

45 Use It or Lose It! Don’t let this happen to you! ¨Know how to use the plan & how not to use the plan ¨Only put in money for planned expenses ¨Use the worksheets to budget properly *Visit for more info to help you plan smarter!

46 Print & Complete Forms Access Worksheets Log in & view your account Upload requests for reimbursement Send questions to Participant Services Shop the online FSA store Visit us on the web at

47 Participant Services By Phone: 800-633-8818, Option 1 Via E-Mail: Contact Igoe

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