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4/30/2015 Welcome! 2014-2015 School Year William B. Travis High School Coach Parker Advanced Biology.

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1 4/30/2015 Welcome! School Year William B. Travis High School Coach Parker Advanced Biology

2 4/30/2015 Classroom Policies Mr. Parker’s Class Rules: The 3 P’s BE PROMPT BE PREPARED BE POLITE

3 BE PROMPT (ON-TIME) Be in the classroom and in your seat when the bell rings. If your ENTIRE body is not in the classroom by the time the tardy bell rings, you WILL be considered TARDY and asked to report to the Tardy Station. Turn in ALL assignments on time. Work one day late receives maximum grade of 70, two days late a 60, three days late or more a maximum grade of 50.

4 BE PREPARED Bring supplies: paper, notebook, textbook, pencil, etc.***IF YOU NEED TO BORROW A PEN OR PENCIL, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEAVE A SHOE AS COLLATERAL! NON-NEGOTIABLE! Follow directions: Start assignment when you get in class Hand in all work: Homework and class assignments Use the restroom BEFORE coming to class

5 BE POLITE Speak appropriately and respect others. Speak without disrespectful and negative comments Call people by their proper names

6 4/30/2015 Grading Report cards are mailed every 9 weeks Progress reports are sent out every 3 weeks MAJOR: Tests and projects – 50% of grade DAILY: Homework/Quizzes – 50% Extra-credit/extra points are given at Coach Parker’s discretion.

7 REQUESTED SUPPLIES All Students NEED a planner. ALL students need a spiral notebook or composition book. This will be REQUIRED on the daily basis. Class period: 2 nd – SCISSORS 3 rd – MAP PENCILS 4 th – TISSUE 5 th – GLUE STICKS 7 th – HAND SANITIZER

8 Make-Up Policy Retakes are given for exams (tests) ONLY, not quizzes. 10 questions picked from exam. Required to attend at least one tutorial session before they can retake the exam. Students can improve by 20 points up to a maximum grade of 75. Retakes can only be taken during NON-class times (tutorials).

9 Hall Pass Policy Every student will be given 3 hall passes per every 9-weeks (1 pass per every 3-week period) ANYTIME a student requests to leave the class for ANY reason is considered a hall pass (restroom, locker, drink of water, etc.) NO passes will be given during the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of every period (FBISD Policy).

10 THS DIGITAL DEVICE POLICY Cell phones cannot be used in the classroom. All other APPROVED devices (laptops, ipads, tablets, etc.) can be used in class for taking notes and teacher driven and approved instructional use. Students must follow teacher directives to power down during assessments and technology free activities. 4/30/2015

11 TUTORIALS Monday AFTER school from 2:40- 3:30 Wednesday AFTER school from 2:40-3:30, if there were no Monday tutorials for that week. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Ask Coach Parker for a tutorial pass the day you plan to attend.

12 4/30/2015 Parent Conferences Tuesday and Thursday from 12:50pm-1:20pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

13 COACH PARKER’S Favorites (Hint, Hint!) 4/30/2015

14 Q&A Invite questions from parents/students

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