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Houston Parks and Recreation Department FY2012 Proposed Budget Mayor Annise D. Parker.

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1 Houston Parks and Recreation Department FY2012 Proposed Budget Mayor Annise D. Parker

2 Department Organizational Chart Joe Turner Director Houston Parks and Recreation Department JC 985.1 / PG 36 Direct Reports: 7 Erika Reyna Administrative Coordinator Director’s Office JC 302.6 / PG 24 Direct Reports: 1 Maria Luci Correa Administrative Coordinator (Exe) Council Liaison JC 302.7 / PG 24 Direct Reports: 0 Estella Espinosa Division Manager (Exe) Communication’s Office JC 303.1 / PG 29 Direct Reports: 4 Abel Gonzales Deputy Director Greenspace Management JC 985.2 / PG 34 Direct Reports: 9 Doug Earle Deputy Director Recreation and Wellness JC 985.2 / PG 34 Direct Reports: 8 Mark Ross Deputy Director Facilities Management and Development JC 985.2 / PG 34 Direct Reports: 5 Cheryl D. Johnson Deputy Director Management and Finance JC 985.2 / PG 34 Direct Reports: 9 2

3 $60,710,583 650.3 FTE’s Director’s Office $ 446,838 4 FTE’s Administrative Council Liaison Customer Service Management Support Mayor’s 311 Communication’s Office $ 484,830 5 FTE’s Communications Media Public Relations Marketing Website Graphic Designs 311 Ask Parks Greenspace Management $ 17,095,054 237 FTE’s Parks Maintenance Trail Maintenance Library Grounds Multi-Service Center Grounds Sports Field Management Urban Forestry Tree Maintenance Planting Services Tree Ordinance Enforcement Adoption Program Community Involvement Programs Lake Houston Wilderness $ 428,454 6.5 FTE’s Lake Houston Wilderness Park Recreation and Wellness $ 4,519,237 75.8 FTE’s Adaptive Recreation Aquatics Tennis Jr. Golf Permits Summer Food Jamail Skate Park Family Programs Community Centers $ 7,857,379 169 FTE’s After-School Programs Summer Enrichment Programs Senior Programs Teen Programs Fitness Facilities Management & Development $ 6,973,127 89 FTE’s Park Development, enhancement and expansion Building Maintenance Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical Graffiti / Fencing / Playground Heavy and Light Construction Park Administration $ 128,075 1 FTE’s Planning, Design and Management Hermann Park, Memorial Park and Signature Parks Urban Park Rangers $ 1,846,760 34 FTE’s Rangers, Security, Alarms and Dispatch Management and Finance $ 2,619,846 29 FTE’s Administrative Budget HR Liaison Accounts Payable / Receivables Payroll Liaison Procurement Fixed Assets Utilities / Services $ 9,719,431 Electricity, Sewer, Natural Gas, Fuel, Property Insurance and Rebuild Houston Houston Zoo $ 8,591,552 Zoo Contract Department Divisions and Functions IT Safety Grants Legislation Federal Government Projects Sponsors Partnerships 3

4 HPARD Workforce by Race American Indian/Alaskan Native Asian / Pacific Islander Black or African American Hispanic/LatinoWhite 767 Total Employees FemaleMale 4

5 FY2012 Proposed Budget Expenditures Summary - All Funds General Fund$ 60.7 M Revenue Fund$ 7.7 M Total$ 68.4 M 5

6 Personnel Services 40,246,92434,970,277(5,276,647)-13.1% Supplies 3,360,4062,662,587(697,819)-20.8% Other Services & Charges10,881,80414,354,9003,473,09631.9% Debt Service 524,645131,267(393,378)-75.0% FUND SUBTOTAL55,013,77952,119,031(2,894,748)-5.26% Houston Zoo8,485,1008,591,552106,4521.25% FUND TOTAL63,498,87960,710,583(2,788,296)-4.39% EXPENDITURES – GENERAL FUND 1000 FY2012 Proposed FY2011 Current Change FY11 Current vs. FY12 Proposed Percent FY12 Proposed Budget General Fund 1000 Expenditures 6

7 Director’s Office 426,326446,83820,5124.8% Communication’s Office587,601484,830(102,771)-17.5% Greenspace Mgmt17,685,23117,095,054(590,177)-3.3% Lake Houston Park416,222428,45412,2322.9% Recreation & Wellness5,630,0724,519,237(1,110,835)-19.7% Community Centers8,485,1877,857,379(627,808)-7.4% Facilities Mgmt & Dev.7,380,3056,973,127(407,178)-5.5% Park Administration150,006128,075(21,931)-14.6% Urban Park Rangers2,192,7041,846,760(345,944)-15.8% GLAD Office288,802-(288,802)-100.0% Management & Finance3,793,8102,619,846(1,173,964)-30.9% Utilities / Services7,977,5139,719,4311,741,91821.8% Houston Zoo8,485,1008,591,552106,4521.3% TOTAL63,498,87960,710,583(2,788,296)-4.4% FY12 Proposed Budget Expenditures by Division EXPENDITURES – GENERAL FUND 1000 FY2012 Proposed FY2011 Current Change FY11 Current vs. FY12 Proposed Percent 7

8 Director’s Office 432,8382,10011,900-446,838 Communication’s Office476,0301,6007,200-484,830 Greenspace Management12,820,173462,2003,812,681-17,095,054 Lake Houston Park344,25426,40057,800-428,454 Recreation and Wellness3,467,274122,300929,663-4,519,237 Community Centers7,533,484191,200132,695-7,857,379 Facilities Mgmt & Dev.5,706,127640,200626,800-6,973,127 Park Administration126,3754001,300-128,075 Urban Park Rangers1,789,4609,90047,400-1,846,760 Management & Finance2,274,26244,90030,684-2,619,846 Utilities / Services-1,161,3878,426,777131,2679,719,431 Houston Zoo--8,591,552-8,591,552 TOTAL34,970,2772,662,58722,946,452131,26760,710,583 EXPENDITURES – GENERAL FUND 1000 SuppliesPersonnel ServicesDebtTotal FY12 Proposed Budget Expenditures by Division 8

9 FY2012 Proposed Budget Reductions Impact Budget Changes For General Fund 1000 Personnel Reduced by over 100 7 Community Centers Closed 8 Pools Closed, 1 under construction Eliminated department sponsored organized youth sports leagues Park mowing cycles increased to 14-16 days Privatization of Forestry tree removal / trim maintenance Transfer of esplanades to PWE – R.O.W. Division Department Training Division is being eliminated and will utilize EB Cape Center. 9

10 FY 2012 Proposed Budget Fund 2100 (Parks Special Revenue) Mayor Annise D. Parker

11 FY12 Proposed FY11 Estimate FY10 Actual FY12 Proposed Budget Revenue for Fund 2100 11

12 FY12 Proposed Budget Revenue and Expenditures for Fund 2100 REVENUE FUND 2100RevenuesExpendituresChange Tennis Centers229,800 690,820 (461,020) Golf 5,991,8005,779,080212,720 Community Center Rentals122,10049,00073,100 Summer Enrichment Programs130,000291,800(161,800) Special Events Permits95,000095,000 Ballfield Permit / Team Reg.728,800588,600140,200 Park Concessions220,0000220,000 Other Revenues / Expenditures264,300133,400130,900 Total7,781,8007,532,700249,100 12

13 For Revenue Fund 2100 Personnel Reduced by 3 No Golf Course Improvements Budgeted FY2012 Proposed Budget Reductions Impact Budget Changes 13

14 Thank you! Mayor Annise D. Parker

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