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Learning Circle Places and Perspectives Long Beach Ohio Qatar Austin Belarus 2007.

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1 Learning Circle Places and Perspectives Long Beach Ohio Qatar Austin Belarus 2007

2 Games of the World Belarus Skidel Gymnasia

3 Games to start a game

4 Long Beach  Coin flip  Rock paper scissors

5 Ohio One game to start a game is called (not it.) You would have a group of people to play the game. You would call (1,2,3 not it) and whoever says it last is (it) or goes first.You usually spend about 1 minute on the game. There are no rhythms or chants in it. by Cameron Brock Everybody sits in a circle and puts their fists in. One person is it, and they tap their fists on the others saying: “Bubblegum, Bubblegum in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?” Whichever person’s fist was hit by ‘it’ on ‘wish’ says a number. The ‘it’ person taps the fists saying: “1,2,3…. Ect. Ect. (Whichever number they said). Whichever fist the number lands on is out. You do this until there is only one fist left, and whosever fist it is wins and gets to start the game. (You could also play this as a game itself.) You lay out the Twister mat, which has yellow, blue, green, and red circles on it. You spin the spinner and it lands on the right or left hand red, yellow, blue, and green or the left foot or right foot, you place the appropriate hand/foot on the color it lands on. Everyone does this until one person is left standing. by Tabby Truax

6 Qatar  Before you play foot ball you have toss a coin, like gambling who gets the ball  When playing tag you have to pick the catchers.  Whenever we start a game any game we wish for each other luck and shake hands and start playing.

7 Austin We usually start a game by picking who goes first (normally youngest to oldest). We do not have any rhythms or chants that we use. by Mattie and Parker For duck, duck goose we pick a tagger and they go around the circle and tap people on the head and say duck, duck, and then GOOSE. The person tapped as Goose runs around and tries to catch the original person who tapped them before that person makes it to the Goose’s seat. by Rhaven and Kelsie We usually get a ball out of a basket and start playing and we don’t have any rhythms, or chants. by David and Stephen

8 Board and Table Games

9 Long Beach  Blackjack  Poker  Rummy  Go fish  Pinball  Football  Air hockey  Mouse trap  Monopoly  Life  Candy land  Chinese checkers  Chess  Checkers

10 Ohio Poker- A really fun card game. You deal 5 cards and then you try to get a suit. A suit is a certain match of cards like 2 of a kind. It is 2cards that are the same number. 4 players possible. Go Fish- is another card game. You give out 7 cards, and then you take turns asking for certain cards. If the other players have that card they give it to you. If not they tell you to go fish, and you draw a card from the deck. The point is to get 4 of each card. The first person out of cards wins. by Brianna Vernon One Table Game is Billiards. You put all the balls in a triangular rack, and line them up. There are 16 balls total. You will have sticks, which you will use to hit the balls. Try your best not to hit the black ball. You will use the white ball to hit the other balls into pockets. There are 7 stripes and 7 solids. It takes 15 to 30 min. I do not know the origin of the game. by Tabby Truax

11 Qatar  Chess  Monopoly

12 Austin  Monopoly  Pictionary  Shoots and ladders  Operation (shrek version)  Apples to apples  Sorry, Mouse trap  Guess who and guess where  Clue  Bingo, liars dice, and scrabble. by Rhaven and Kelsie, by Mattie and Parker

13 Belarus  Chess  Draughts

14 Street and Playground Games

15 Long Beach  Bowling  Soccer  Football  Ice Hockey  Water Polo  Polo  Basketball  Baseball

16 Qatar  Football  Basketball  Volleyball

17 Austin Most of the time on the weekdays we have school work and on the weekends we still have some homework and sports games like basketball, soccer, and football. Although, when we were younger we played duck-duck-goose, tag, red rover, hide and seek, sardines, Ring around the rosy ( Ring around the rosy was originated in the medieval times when people got the Black Plague. It was used to make fun of something very scary ), candy land, and life. by Mattie and Parker My parents usually played Sudoku and my grandparents used to play jump rope by David and Stephen

18 Belarus  Football  Volleyball  Socks (with a sock full of different groats; children make a circle and kick the sock)  Two captains

19 Festival Games

20 Ohio Throwing Dimes - this is always at the Antioch Ohio Fireman’s Festival. You throw dimes over a fence like counter into an isolated box area. The point is to win the cups and plates by throwing dimes into or onto them. Anyone can play. Dunking game - one person willing to sit in the dunking machine will go and sit on the trap door. Other people will throw baseballs at a clown face, and if they hit the nose of the clown, the person on the trap door goes down into water. by Brianna Vernon My grandparents used to play Dominos, Bridge, and hide and seek. Horseshoes is a game connected with festivals in my country. I do not know the origin of some games. I have Battleship and Dictionary at my house. I buy all my games. Baseball is a national game in our country. by Cameron Brock At festivals such as the fair we have every summer, or even birthday parties, we play games such as darts and balloons or pin the tail on the donkey. Games have been around for so long, that it is almost impossible for me to tell their true origin, although I do know that baseball originated in America. I I am not sure if we have any national game, but I think baseball and football would be one. A lot of people play and watch them on TV, or they actually go to the games. Games are an important part of my family and my culture; they bring us closer together. by Tabby Truax

21 Qatar Sponge toss and basket ball contest There are many different types of games in Qatar. Qatar has hosted the Asian Games in Qatar and are thinking of also hosting the Olympics. The Asian Games were amazing we had them in Doha in a stadium called Kalifa Stadium. I went and watched the opening ceremonies and lots of other games. The opening ceremony was so moving and they had a story behind the whole thing. I heard that the Closing ceremony was also amazing. They showed it on T.V. Qatar won a lot of medals in many different types of games. China came first in the Asian games followed by Korea. Qatar came 9 th which is very because there were like 42 different countries competing in this splendid event. Here is some information about the Asian games from Qatar did it. They put on the best Asian Games ever, the biggest Asian Games ever, the most widely reported Asian Games ever, the highest standard of Asian Games in terms of both sporting achievement and planning ever – and they even won some medals too. Qatar’s success on the field amazed everyone and leaves a legacy for the whole country and the wider Middle East. The 15th Asian Games was not just about putting Doha on the map in a sporting sense, but Qatar acted as flag bearer for the whole of the region. Never before had a Middle Eastern country and region staged anything on this scale.

22 Austin One of them is Texas Monopoly (University of Texas Longhorns Edition). We also play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker (card game). Go to to learn the rules! by Mattie and Parker, by David and Stephen

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