$3.4 billion in assets focused on cleantech venturing, as well as over 400 affiliate members">

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Cleantech venturing - performance, players and potential Presentation to Workshop on Innovative Options for Financing the Development and Transfer of Technologies,

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1 Cleantech venturing - performance, players and potential Presentation to Workshop on Innovative Options for Financing the Development and Transfer of Technologies, October 2004 Prepared by Nicholas Parker, Chairman

2 Cleantech Defined Embraces products and services that optimize the use of natural resources, while reducing ecological impact and adding economic value by significantly lowering cost and improving profitability. Cleantech spans many industries, from alternative forms of energy generation to water purification to materials-efficient production techniques. Not classic “environmental” technology – more like “biotech” as an investment theme.

3 Our Background & Mission Cleantech Venture Network (“Cleantech”) is a private company founded in 2002 by investors to provide information-based services to an emerging community of clean technology venturers. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of investment into venture- grade companies deploying "clean technologies" through the provision of high quality market facilitation activities. Our principal office is in Michigan, with a presence in Canada, Europe and on the US West Coast We have 120 full members with >$3.4 billion in assets focused on cleantech venturing, as well as over 400 affiliate members

4 The Founders Nicholas Parker: Substantial experience in starting and investing venture capital funds. Currently director of leading cleantech investment group. Keith Raab: Significant expertise in creating and managing investment networks. Engineering and business degrees and startup experience.

5 Current Services Venture Forums – provide access to high quality deal flow, industry information, and networking opportunities Venture Monitors – provide investment tracking and quarterly analysis, along with industry updates, trends and forecasting. On-line Investment Opportunities – provides access to cleantech investment opportunities in real time with minimal transactional costs Research – provide subscription based reports on investment returns and prospects leveraging proprietary data streams and industry partnerships

6 Accomplishments Five highly successful forums in Toronto, San Francisco & New York Venture Monitor established as the source on cleantech venturing Media coverage in over 80 publications including WSJ, FT, Newsweek, Red Herring, Venture Capital Journal. Sophisticated website, offering member services High-profile venture advisory board Currently expanding into Europe with first Forum planned for Spring 2005 in Paris

7 Cleantech Venture Forums Cleantech I – Nov 2002, Toronto –20 presenting companies: 80 investors Cleantech II – April 2003, San Francisco –22 presenting companies: 230 investors Cleantech III – October 2003, New York –20 presenting companies: 200 investors –Pre-event workshops; inaugural Pioneer Awards; significant PR Cleantech IV – April 2004, San Francisco –22 presenting companies: 300 investors –Cleantech 2003 awards; major institutional investor involvement Cleantech V – October 2004, Toronto –21 presenting companies: over 200 investors –Discovery showcase More than 500 different Forum attendees: over $230M raised to date by presenting companies

8 Cleantech Venture Monitors In Each Issue: Cleantech Investments Monitored Cleantech Investments Profiled Clean Capital Stories Venture Activity Clean Bulletin Board Established reference for media and other stakeholders on cleantech venture industry Over $3 billion in deals tracked!

9 Pioneering Research Responding to an unmet demand for reliable research on the state, performance and opportunities in the cleantech area. Initiated preparation and publication of the first report on cleantech venture returns, exits and prospects. Report underwritten by sponsors – EnerTech Capital, Expansion Capital Partners, CDP, Rustic Canyon, Sustainable Asset Management, SDTC. First report provided preliminary data suggesting strong historical and projected returns to cleantech venture investors. Future reports will cover topics such as State of the Industry, VC Directory as well as more detailed data on investor returns

10 “Cleantech” – the Sustainable Venturing Opportunity Alongside the information revolution is an industrial revolution reshaping the design and manufacture of almost everything that we see around us. The revolutionary products being developed today have dramatic improvements over the old because they:  Are lighter, smarter and stronger.  Are cheaper to manufacture and operate.  Are less carbon-intensive and more energy efficient  Offer greater service utility per unit of material input  Enable virtually zero waste and/or emissions

11 Cleantech Segments Clean Energy Clean Water Cleaner Production Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology (e.g. catalysts and membranes) Information Technology & Internet (e.g. advanced meters and sensors) Cleantech is a category like biotech, not a sector. CONVERGENCE

12 Who are the Buyers? Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Thermoelectric companies who use large quantities of ultra pure water Automobile and Aircraft Manufacturers needing higher fuel efficiency from lighter materials Utilities and Large Energy Users demanding reliable, affordable and low carbon power supplies Consumer Electronics companies needing to reuse valuable components and materials Agricultural producers requiring safer and more precise inputs and products Logistics organizations seeking more efficient use of fleets and containers

13 Cleantech is not Envirotech Envirotech 1970s-80s Regulatory driven market Compliance-based purchasing “End-of-pipe” tech, eg scrubbers on smoke stacks Chemical science Traditional engineering Slow growth markets, eg waste management “Save the world” mentality Low IT use Cleantech mid 1990s - Economic market drivers Productivity-based purchasing “Front-of-pipe” tech, eg zero emission plants Biological & materials science Systems design & engineering Rapid growth markets, eg solar energy “Entrepreneurial” mentality High use of IT

14 Cleantech - “Leapfrog” Opportunity The market for cleantech is rapidly developing due to a industrial restructuring and modernization; scientific and engineering advances in microelectronics, biology, chemistry and physics; changing socio-political values; and, deepening concern for environmental sustainability. Some clean technology markets are growing at compound annual rates of more than 20%, for instance those for solar energy and natural pesticides, as costs come down, products improve and consumer demand strengthens. Emerging fields such as nanotechnology offer the prospect of products that cost less, perform better, and sustainably satisfy human demand in ways that could not be done or imagined previously. The impact of cleantech is ubiquitous: there are large and highly disruptive market opportunities emerging in the multi-billion dollar agricultural, manufacturing and transportation sectors, as well as in the fundamental enabling areas of energy and water.

15 Example: Cleantech and Nanotech

16 Cleantech Examples Agriculture - bio-based materials, farm efficiency technologies, micro-irrigation systems and natural pesticides Energy - distributed and renewable energy generation and conversion (including fuel cells, geothermal, wind and photovoltaics); energy management systems; superconducting transmission; energy storage and power quality; key enabling technologies; and related Internet and information technology-based services Manufacturing - advanced packaging; high value materials recovery; natural chemistry; sensors; smart construction materials; and precision manufacturing instruments. Transportation - hybrid vehicles, lighter materials, smart logistics software and telecommuting Water - water recycling and ultra-filtration systems (UV and membrane based systems), sensors and automation systems and desalination equipment


18 Cleantech Venture Activity $1.1B invested in North America during 2002, $1.2B in 2003, for about 6% market share, up from about 2% in the late 90s. Momentum building. deals over 2002-2003 – from specialists to corporations to mainstream VC investorsApproximately 450 investors in 400 deals over 2002-2003 – from specialists to corporations to mainstream VC investors Energy related companies account for 40% of all cleantech deals, followed by advanced materials/nanotech, water purification and management, materials recovery & recycling and sustainable agriculture and precision farming Strong pipeline of early stage deals requiring follow-on financing, especially in the US North East and Canada Geographic dispersal and average deal size broadly tracks overall deal activity although the US West Coast is less dominant and the North East has the highest number of start-ups

19 INVESTMENT BY SEGMENT 2002-2003 Materials and Nanotechnology, $406,312,000, 16% Manufacturing/Industrial, $145,052,900, 6% Water Purification and Management, $115,276,900, 5% Materials Recovery and Recycling, $208,658,538, 8% Transportation and Logistics, $69,522,420, 3% Environmental IT, $2,640,000, 0% Energy Related, $1,058,228,131, 43% Agriculture and Nutrition, $114,160,000, 5% Enabling Technologies, $229,253,400, 9% Air Quality, $131,557,500, 5%

20 Investment by Energy Industry Segment for 2002-2003 (est.) Energy Infrastructure – IT related $303,918,900, 29% Energy Storage, $186,398,900, 18% Energy and Efficiency, $74,320,431, 7% Energy Generation, $493,589,900, 46% Source: Cleantech Venture Network LLC

21 Investors in Cleantech Funds

22 Some Success Stories Ballard(CAN) – fuel cells; MC ~C$1.5Billion Xantrex(CAN) – power conversion equipment; MC ~C500Million American Power (US) – power conditioning; MC ~US$3.0Billion Vestas/NEG Micon(DEN) – wind turbines; MC ~EUR1.6Billion Zond (US) – wind turbines, 7x return to investors when sold Trojan Tech (CAN) – ultraviolet technologies, MC ~C$200Million Zenon (CAN) – membrane technologies; MC ~C$600Million USFilter (US) – water technologies; sold in ’99 for ~US$8.2Billion Pall Corp.(US) – filtration/separation tech; MC ~US$3.6Billion Nanogram (US) – battery materials, 90% IRR to investors when sold Silicon Energy (US) – energy IT, high multiple to investors when sold More success stories and more stable returns than commonly understood

23 Attractive Financials & Fundamentals Category not over invested Low enterprise valuations Lower capital intensity than other categories Strong trade exit potential – most M&A Global corporate, consumer and government demand Evidence of rising public market interest Pro forma portfolio IRRs equal or better than other sectors Strong leverage on public sector incentives

24 Opportunities & Challenges Clean technologies reflect long-term trends – decarbonization, lighter materials, greater social transparency etc – accelerated by technology and the eco-footprint of 6.1 bn people. Trends + acceleration = new sustainable market opportunities Investors can play a key role by picking out and nurturing the potential winners for high financial ROI and societal benefits Challenges include: Fostering “serial” cleantech entrepreneurs Building big-small partnerships Building investment syndicates Attracting patient and smart capital Gaining recognition as an investment category Earning sell-side analyst coverage

25 Summary Cleantech can help reduce sustainability risks while providing opportunities to leapfrog into new markets with high margin revenue streams Cleantech emerging as a new asset category with increasing evidence of venture grade ROI potential SRI oriented investors need to allocate 5-7% of assets to cleantech private equity, either through established or emerging managers Cleantech Venture Network is positioned to assist investors and entrepreneurs to succeed in this next and necessary wave of venture-backed innovation

26 Thank You! We welcome your interest and support

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