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Holly Parker MMIT Learning Communities Coordinator.

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1 Holly Parker MMIT Learning Communities Coordinator

2 What are the Learning Communities? Cluster-based initiatives supporting and sustaining WIRED projects Separately funded by a grant from the C.S. Mott Foundation Effort to foster sustainable practices and ongoing collaboration (beyond the limited lifespan of WIRED funds and similar constraints)

3 Learning Communities will provide a venue to: align and link existing efforts promote partnerships and resource-sharing represent a broad range of diverse stakeholders avoid duplication and/or depletion of existing projects accelerate innovation and collaboration improve outcomes

4 Initial Learning Communities: Advanced Manufacturing Healthcare Entrepreneurship Bio-economy

5 Who participates in the Learning Communities? All MMIT WIRED-funded partners Suppliers Manufacturers Higher education R&D K-12 Regional Skills Alliances Michigan Works Agencies State & Local Investors Providers Hospitals Organized Labor Youth Etc. (including, we hope – you!)

6 Learning Communities Champions Leadership of Learning Communities MMIT Board members for one year Healthcare: Norma Hagenow (Genesys) Advanced Manufacturing: Kathy Conklin (Saginaw County Business and Education Partnership)

7 Convened by our Champions, Learning Communities will meet throughout the region to: Identify sector-based, regional challenges Inventory assets and best practices Provide examples of successful adaptation Prioritize strategies for fostering innovation, talent and collaboration (the MMIT goals)

8 Learning Communities Visit Please contact Holly Parker, MMIT Learning Communities Coordinator, at or 517.999.3382.

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