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2012 CEIT Conference Vicky Parker, Ed.M., D.B.A. School of Public Health.

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1 2012 CEIT Conference Vicky Parker, Ed.M., D.B.A. School of Public Health

2 Why Is This an Innovation? Using a case, based on experience or provided by the instructor, students assess the case focusing on what is going well in the situation. Analysis is directed at identifying factors contributing to the positive outcomes observed, and identifying how to maintain the positive outcomes. Approach contrasts with one in which students’ attention is directed to finding problems and recommending changes.

3 In Which Learning Environments Might This Innovation Fit? Applied disciplines where case material is used, such as management, social work, public health, medicine, engineering, or education Undergraduate or graduate courses As an addition to cases more focused on problems When trying to address a “bias for action”

4 Innovation Objectives Focus attention on case aspects that are healthy, functional, useful and associated with good outcomes Develop skills in appraising not only what does not work well, but also what does work well Provide an alternative frame for considering change as something that is not necessarily always needed or good

5 Theoretical Roots of Approach Positive… Organization … Scholarship A lens that looks critically and expansively on a range of positive outcomes associated with individual, group, organizational or system level phenomena, e.g., health system change closely at positive explanatory mechanisms/patterns/meanings that contribute to our understanding of organizationally based phenomena

6 Appreciative Inquiry systematic discovery of what gives “life” to a living system when it is most alive, most effective, and most constructively capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. art and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system’s capacity to apprehend, anticipate, and heighten positive potential

7 Student Assignment Identify a specific case, in either a current or former organization, that relates to human resources management. (This can either be a case concerning an HR-related problem, or a case exemplifying an HR issue handled well.) What does the literature suggest might be reasonable management interventions, if any are needed? (If you have chosen a situation where things are working well, what is it that managers need to keep doing in order to maintain that state?) (Consider other specific questions…)

8 In-class Activity Think of an organizational situation in which engaged, thriving work was happening Describe it briefly to your group members Discuss and analyze what was being done right – to facilitate this engaged, thriving work – in each of your situations Identify common themes across the situations

9 Benefits of This Approach First do no harm – appreciate what is healthy before seeking to make changes Students trained to find problems tend to find... Does learning to identify & explain positive patterns offer some different tools? Learning how to look for/build on “bright spots”? Change as enhancing vs. replacing what already exists

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