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1 Parker Factory Display – The Next Generation Next Generation:

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1 1 Parker Factory Display – The Next Generation Next Generation:

2 2 Our Architecture Provides the Information you need … Anywhere! XPR06 XPR08 XPR10XPR00HPX15PFD46

3 3 The Parker Factory Display Remotely View and edit your information displays in realtime with Internet Explorer Offline Development software allows editing when you’re not ‘Connected’ Key templates are included. The ‘PFD’ is also 100% configurable to meet your internal metrics. Delivers Real Time information where it is needed. Both on the Plant Floor and remotely via Web published displays.

4 4 The Parker Factory Display Intelligent Real Time Monitoring and display of critical performance metrics. Point of Generation Solution PFD unit can connect directly to virtually any automation controller in use today. (PLC, Motion Controller, PAC, etc.) The Parker Factory Display also supports Manual Data input via Keyboard and mouse.

5 5 The Parker Factory Display Intelligent Real Time Monitoring and display of critical performance metrics. Provides immediate local ‘Scoreboard’ display as well as Web publishing of the information for remote viewing and Data Collection / concentration. Infinitely Scalable solution via local intelligence – Start with a single unit and scale to a world wide interconnected system. Part of the Parker ‘Information Anywhere’ family of products.

6 6 The Parker Factory Display Fully User configurable Adapts to your standard metrics and calculations rather than the other way around. Key Metric Calculations calculated on a local level Allows for variations from facility to facility or Regional differences. But Template capability allows for Global Standardization if this is required.

7 7 The Parker Factory Display High Definition resolutions and Video Support allow for the most intuitive error display information in the Industry. The faster a problem is identified and displayed – the faster it can be corrected.

8 8 Parker Factory Display – Web Publish Data Web Publishing Capability Remotely view status from anywhere in the facility / even from across the country.

9 9 Parker Factory Display - Designed for tough Environments Wide Screen for Greater Visibility (1366 X 768) 16.7 Million Colors – 32”, 40” and 46” Display Sizes Thermal Sensors and Fans RTC with Scheduling feature for Power Agencies: CE, UL, FCC Operating Temperature 5 - 40 C VESA 200mm Mounting

10 10 Parker Factory Display - Technology Each PFD has: Independent Intelligence Independent Data collection Capability Web and Data Serving capability via Adobe Flash. Local Display Capability 32”, 40” and 46” Display Size options.

11 11 Sample Template Screens

12 12 Sample Template Screens

13 13 Sample Template Screens

14 14 Sample Template Screens

15 15 Sample Template Screens

16 16 Sample Template Screens

17 17 Data Aggregation with InteractX SCADA

18 18 Data Concentration and Connectivity Parker’s SCADA solution (InteractX) Can Display PFD Screens in a Browser. Can connect to multiple PFD units and read the data from their Comm Servers directly. Can Communicate directly to Most Existing HMI and Control Solutions. Can pull data from Most Existing Databases (ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, etc.) Can combine data from all of these sources and make it available via OPC, ODBC or any of our Database Connections.

19 19 Data Concentration and Connectivity Puerto Rico Line 1 Puerto Rico Line 2 Puerto Rico Line 3 Puerto Rico Line 4 Puerto Rico Plant Wide Data 3rd Party SCADA Via OPC Local or Remote Database Existing Reporting Tools and Infrastructure

20 20 Why Visualize ? Reduce Downtime and Waste ! – Cost of Downtime can exceed $ 5000 per minute in an automotive plant. (e.g. Paint Line) Calculate the total cost of unplanned downtime per year. (Typically – 30 + hours). Estimate a 1% improvement in downtime. (30 *60 * $ 5000) = $ 9 Million per yr. 1% improvement Saves $ 90,000 Vs an implementation cost of < $ 10,000 – Payback is less than 2 Months.

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