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Bremen High School. Have plans in place to earn all necessary credits – Pay attention to senior credit check letters Take PSAE(??) on April 23 & 24 –

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1 Bremen High School

2 Have plans in place to earn all necessary credits – Pay attention to senior credit check letters Take PSAE(??) on April 23 & 24 – Pertains only to those who did not take it last year Pass Constitution Test – Listen to announcements for Fall makeup: October 28, 29, 30, & 31 Register for Selective Service – – Not eligible for financial aid if not registered

3  First priority given to seniors  Enrolled in one ½-credit course for semester  Computer-based; class held in computer lab at Bremen one night per week from 4-8 p.m.  Classes begin next week! Attendance mandatory for orientation night and for all tests to be taken  Cost is $120; work must be completed by December 17; no refunds  See counselor ASAP to enroll

4  Beginning next week!  All Seniors will be seen by their counselors to discuss future options  Things to bring to the interview  Transcripts with corrections  List of questions and concerns  Current plan for beyond Bremen

5  Must submit proof of post-secondary plans  Bring all documentation to Project Manager in PPS by May 1 st !  Acceptance letters  Semester schedule or COMPASS results  Signed military contract  Letter from employer  Senior Signing Day – May 8

6  ACT Test  Required to apply to 4-year college  Next test is October 26; registration deadline is Sept. 27  Register online with a credit card or waiver at  If you qualify for free lunch, obtain a waiver from your counselor  ASVAB – required for the military  September 26 and 2 nd semester (TBA)  Listen to the announcements for signup info.

7  College Campus Visits - allowed two per year  Must be taken before April 1 st  Follow planned-absence procedure outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook  College Rep. Visits at Bremen - allowed three per semester without counselor approval  Sign up outside PPS office  Meet in Presentation Room (PR)

8  All students are encouraged to apply online  Target application deadline: November 1 st  Read all parts of application carefully!  If you qualify for free lunch, you may qualify for an application fee waiver  Read waiver directions carefully  Give counselor at least one week to complete her part  Letters of recommendation are not necessary unless requested by the school

9  All parts completed correctly  Correct postage  Application fees  Application waivers (if qualify)  Complete signatures  Test scores  Accepted off of Bremen transcript?  Transcripts  Request from Registrar, Mrs. Innocenti  Form located in PPS  Must provide complete mailing address  Free until July 1 st ; then $5.00  U. of I. – Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

10 College & Career Center Staffed beginning next week Counselor assistance available during study halls Monday-Thursday Ask any teacher for a pass; scan in for attend. AAC – need grade clearance to obtain a pass

11 Assistance with Personal Statement/College Application Essays – CCC Workshops during Connection Period: October 2, October 16, October 30 – May seek assistance from Theme Grader in AAC Monday-Thursday.

12  If you are planning on playing sports at the collegiate level, sign up to see your counselor.

13  NCAA requirements:  See your counselor for specifics regarding classes, GPA, test scores, etc.  ACT score sent to NCAA from ACT  Choose 9999 as one of your college and scholarship choices when registering for ACT  Register online with a credit card ($70) at

14  NAIA requirements:  Must meet two of the following three criteria:  ACT Composite = 18 or better  Cum. GPA = 2.0 or better (on 4.0 scale)  Class rank = Top 50%  ACT score sent to NAIA from ACT  Choose 9876 as one of your college and scholarship choices when registering for ACT  Register online with a credit card ($70) at:

15  Students are responsible for their own scholarships  Follow same guidelines for completing college applications, essays, letters of recommendation, etc.  The more time and effort you put into the process, the greater your rewards will be.  Pay close attention to deadlines!!!!

16  Career Cruising  Bremen Student Services website  Colleges and universities  Parent employers  Your employer  Relatives  Unions (credit and job)  Church  Insurance companies  Military  State and local representatives  Internet websites  Fraternities/sororities  Local Chamber of Commerce  Private, no cost to you, agencies such as  Educational Talent Search  Ada S. McKinley  Target Hope  Public/college libraries  Bookstores  Magazines



19  Obtain an application from the Project Manager or apply online  Prepare a packet including the application and all required materials  Allow 2 weeks for others (counselor, teacher, coach, etc.) to complete their parts and return to you  Give a completed Letter of Recommendation Form to every recommender  Affix proper postage and address properly  Mail by posted deadline


21  All money is first come, first served  If you apply late, you may not get money even if you qualify  Meet with your counselor to make an appt. to meet with the ISAC rep. in CCC on Thursdays during study hall (begins next week)  Attend Financial Aid Night at Bremen on November 20  Register TONIGHT and get your PIN  All students need a PIN to apply for financial aid  Go to

22  Wednesday, September 25 th, 5:00-7:30 p.m.  South Suburban College Physical Fitness Athletic Center  Visit with more than 120 universities, colleges, technical schools, apprenticeship programs and military branches from across the country  Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) will be present to assist with financial planning

23  Take a look at yourself  Examine your values  Think about your level of motivation  Explore your interests  Gather Information  Career Cruising  Internet  College campus visits/fairs/open houses  Published guidebooks  Facebook and LinkedIn  Local/college libraries


25  Investigate different types of schools  Universities  Liberal arts colleges  Career schools  Historically black colleges and universities  Community/junior colleges  Women’s/men’s colleges  Do your research  Use websites, printed materials, personal interviews  Be sure to visit the campuses of your top choices

26  PRIORITY FILING: earliest application deadline (Nov. 1); may give student an advantage where space is limited; must have all documents turned in by deadline; used at Univ. of Ill. at Urbana.  REGULAR DECISION: largest selection pool; competing for admission and financial aid left after early admission decisions have been made (applications usually due by Feb. 1)  ROLLING ADMISSIONS: no application deadline; schools accept applications until all spots are filled  WAIT LIST: “We wish we could have you attend our school, but there isn’t any room at this time.” Some schools’ waiting lists have 500 students. Keep applying to other schools!  ACCEPTANCE DEADLINE: the national enrollment confirmation day is May 1; all freshman must commit to the school they will attend by this date  DEFERRED ADMISSION: requesting to postpone college for one year; may have a fee involved

27  GPA/Rigor of Curriculum  ACT or SAT scores  Class Rank  Application Essays  Extracurricular Activities  Recommendations (if requested)  Interviews  Intangibles

28  Be original  Start early  Relate to college program  Don’t recycle a used essay  Answer the question(s)  Talk about:  Activities  Travel  Favorite sayings  Accomplishments  Shortcomings  Personal traits  Attend a CCC Workshop for guided assistance  Share with Theme Grader in AAC, Monday-Thursday

29  Complete college applications on time  Visit potential colleges and/or college fairs  Research financial aid options  Research and apply for scholarships, FAFSA, etc.  Request final transcripts  Maintain good grades throughout senior year  Work together to make post-secondary plans  Be honest and open about financial concerns

30 PSAE RESULTS MEETS or EXCEEDS for both Math and Reading means you are Final Exam Exempt Look on page 1 under “Your Performance Level”

31 Remind101 Mrs. Rauch (A-Ce) – Enter this number: 815-315-1548 – Text this message: @61744 Mrs. Cheatham (Ch-Ho) – Enter this number: – Text this message: Mrs. Bylut (Hu-Pe) – Enter this number: 708-794-4637 – Text this message: @mrsbylu Mrs. Bonebrake (Pf-Z) – Enter this number: 708-761-6721 – Text this message: @f2e2b

32 Come to PPS if you have any questions! Please use the Bremen website often!

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