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Group B6 Patient`s Safety in the Hands of Porters and Cleaners.

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1 Group B6 Patient`s Safety in the Hands of Porters and Cleaners

2 Where did the idea originate from ?

3 Meeting with Dr.Samira Result of the meeting : - Questionnaire -Statistics - Writing the goals and strategy. -Posters and brochure -Awareness day

4 Data analysis of cleaners’ s questionnaire : 63% 50% Data analysis of porter’s questionnaires: 62% 60% 50% Data analysis of doctors and nurses' questionnaire: 69% 77%

5 Formulation of Ideas and Goals 1)- Explain the relation between the patients safety and the quality of the work done by the porters and cleaners.

6 2)- How doctors and all medical staff can improve or reduce the quality of the porters and cleaners work : many tasks to the porter. Giving extra tasks not related to job. In case of cleaner did not respond to orders. Not respecting the cleaner and porter`s job. Sending porters in a mission without checking if they accomplished the work on time. assignment without explanation. Not giving attention to the level of cleaning in patient`s room. Not giving attention if the cleaner is not wearing mask during cleaning.

7 3)- Problems encountered by the porters/cleaners Shortage of the staff number. Over crowded elevator delay the staff extra work from doctors or nurses delay their performance

8 - Increasing the number of workers to cover the job as it should. - Programming 2 silver elevators for transferring the patients only. We put : * sticker carpet with indicative phrases  All this for the patients’ priority in using the silver elevators  - increase the porters number and add some of them for serving doctors.

9 We took the permission from Dr.Amro Al-Hebshi to put the indicative phrases.

10 We had been cooperating with Mr. Sultan mandeli in creating and designing the logo and phrases

11 5)-THE HOSPITAL AND THE COMPANY CONTRACTS The company contract and how it mismatch with hospital contract: Although our hospital put in the terms of the contract with the Almajal company “Arabic and English the workers that were employed did not speak either language. that was the main problem that we faced and what doctors and nurses confirmed


13 Our suggestions 1- Half an hour teaching class per week for basic vocabulary that porters and cleaners will need in their job. 2- A small dictionary with 3 languages (Arabic,English and his/her main language) will help them the read when needed or in their free time.

14 Problems we faced : Postpone putting the painters and posters until the completion of taking the Canadian accreditation and compliance in accordance with the Canadian standard Postpone programming the silver elevators and installation of TV- speaking screen until the completion of taking the Canadian accreditation



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