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SELF MANAGEMENT 1. Do Morning Exercise Regularly – 10 minutes. 2. Do 5 minutes of Relaxation – count 50 to 1. 3. Read good books on Self Development Daily.

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Presentation on theme: "SELF MANAGEMENT 1. Do Morning Exercise Regularly – 10 minutes. 2. Do 5 minutes of Relaxation – count 50 to 1. 3. Read good books on Self Development Daily."— Presentation transcript:

1 SELF MANAGEMENT 1. Do Morning Exercise Regularly – 10 minutes. 2. Do 5 minutes of Relaxation – count 50 to 1. 3. Read good books on Self Development Daily – 10 minutes. 4. Always be cheerful – have a smiling face. 5. Motivate others – Appreciate others. 6. Think that you are ‘Unique’ in this world !! 7. Be positive !! – It will help you and others. 8. Don’t be lazy. 9. Your own ‘belief’ can change your ‘Behaviour’. 10. Dress up smartly daily. 11. Look into the Mirror – Tell ‘I am confident’ – 3 times. 12. Admit your mistakes boldly. 13. Make friends & not ‘Enemies’. 14. Learn at least one good thing – everyday. 15. Help someone – An act of kindness. 16. Enjoy your ‘Job’ – ‘Work’ and ‘Profession’. 17. Don’t have ‘Ego’ !! It won’t help you. 18. Be open to suggestions and requests. 19. Before going to sleep do ‘Self – Introspection’. 20. Sleep at fixed time – sleep well.

2 TIME MANAGEMENT 1. Maintain a Regular Diary of Personal – Professional and family life. 2. Have the concept of ‘Do it Now’!! 3. Do not postpone the things. 4. Be self – disciplined and punctual. 5. Increase the ‘Speed’ of work. 6. Do not sit with ‘papers’ – clear them fast. 7. Pick the phone on 3 rd bell. 8. Have a clean Desk. – No pending Jobs !! 9. Do not let the crisis situation arise. 10. Plan your entire day in the diary. 11. Keep 30 minutes without any disturbance !! 12. Evaluate your time waster activities. 13. Try to tell ‘No’ to certain things !! 14. Meetings should not be more that 30 minutes. 15. Keep agendas ready – Talk to the point !! 16. Reduce telephonic talks. – 3 min. maxiumu. 17. Before talking to anybody on phone – have the points ready. 18. Do not allow visitors to wait longer. 19. Remember – Everybody’s time is precious !! 20. If you are free – do not spoil the time of others.

3 MIND MANAGEMENT 1. We have one million million Brain cells. 2. Mind is invisible “body” & body is visible “mind”. 3. Mind never sleeps. It is continuously working. 4. We are receiving 60,000 new thoughts every day. 5. You are what you “think” – you are !! 6. “Imagination” is the greatest weapon !! 7. Your conscious mind is logical mind !! 8. Your sub-conscious mind is very powerful !! 9. It acts as a ‘computer’!! But faster than ‘computer’. 10. Relaxation helps to charge the sub-conscious mind !! 11. Do meditation for 5 minutes daily !! 12. Forget the past negative things !! 13. Give positive auto – suggestions to your mind. 14. Negative suggestions will give negative results. 15. Think Good Health !! You will be Healthy. 16. By positive auto – suggestions you can reduce any pain !! 17. Your “Destiny” is in your mind !! 18. Whatever you ‘think’ – you will ‘Achieve’!! 19. Increase your memory and concentration power. 20. You should ‘control’ the mind – Not the Reverse !!

4 PEOPLE MANAGEMENT 1. Try to remember the names of people !! 2. Be first to tell ‘Good Morning or Hello’ !! 3. Do not judge people, from their faces !! 4. Have respect and courtesy for all. 5. Do not indulge in arguments. 6. Friction or conflict arise because of Ego problems. 7. Do not criticize anybody when he or she is absent. 8. Appreciate in public and criticize in private. 9. Think twice before you speak. 10. Listen to people with Empathy. 11. Keep cool. Do not be angry. 12. Use words telegraphically. 13. Remain silent for 10 minutes in a day. 14. Be sincere about your commitments. 15. Do not give false promises. 16. Leave a lasting impression with positive manners. 17. Shake hands confidently. 18. Distribute ‘Love’ – Love Everyone. 19. Pray for Everyone – for peace and prosperity. 20. Make one new friend everyday.

5 FAMILY MANAGEMENT 1. Do not mix up the professional and family life. 2. Switch off the professional life in the Evening. 3. Talk to your children for 20 minutes. 4. Go through their studies – help them do the home work. 5. Have dinner together. 6. Always pray together for 10 minutes before sleep. 7. Talk to your wife for 20 minutes. 8. All of you read together – Learning time !! 9. Reduce TV watching. 10. Exchange Ideas !! 11. Have open communication – Discuss. 12. Ask everybody to write down their Goals of life !! 13. Never criticize anybody before children. They also learn. 14. Write down your family mission. 15. Plan your Sunday together. 16. Surprise your children with small gifts !! 17. If you go to relative’s house carry a small gift. 18. Respect your grand parents – in laws. 19. All of you – do one act of kindness. 20. All of you Hug each other once in a day.

6 CHILDREN MANAGEMENT 1. Children are more ‘creative’ than us. 2. They all have their own ideas. 3. They are imaginative and do not like to take our ideas. 4. They will never do – what we tell. 5. They will definitely do – what we do. 6. So be a role model for the children. 7. Parents should not quarrel before the children. 8. Never criticize them before their friends. 9. Never let them down before the Guests / Relatives. 10. Spare some time – 30 minutes every day with them. 11. Help them – ask them about the school activities. 12. Teach them meditation. Ask them to do exercises regularly. 13. Parents and children must read together. 14. Have time together – go to picnic. 15. Surprise them with small gifts. 16. Love. True love will make them more obedient. 17. If you will respect them they will respect you. 18. Ask them to write down their goals. 19. Teach them one act of kindness. 20. Tell them spiritual stories with morale at the end.

7 DESTINY MANAGEMENT 1. Your Destiny lies in your mind !! 2. Write down your personal Goals in the Diary. 3. Write down your professional Goals in the Diary. 4. Write down your family Goals in the Diary. 5. Write down your social Goals in the Diary. 6. Write down your Spiritual Goals in the Diary. 7. Read these Goals 3 times in a day. 8. Before going to sleep, after waking up and during the day. 9. Visualize your goals daily. 10. Firm Desire, Belief and Expectance must be there. 11. Always use positive affirmations. 12. E.g. ‘I have a beautiful house’ – visualize you have it already. 13. Stick your Goals on the mirror / walls. 14. Always Expect positive things !! 15. Doubting yourself will ruin the process. 16. Do positive programming in your mind. 17. ‘Power of Intention’ works for Everybody. 18. The more you think the cosmic Energy works for you. 19. Meditate on your Goals. 20. Even now, all that you have – is because of your own thoughts.

8 TEAM MANAGEMENT 1. Every team member must think about others. 2. Teams are working for a common goal. 3. All the team members must motivate each other. 4. ‘Helping Attitude’ must be the motto. 5. Forget the past experiences which are negative. 6. Always have a positive perception about others. 7. Each member must have control of Emotions. 8. Team must have a high ‘Self-Esteem’. 9. All must aim for win / win situation. 10. Trust and consideration for each one should be high. 11. Communication must be smooth & simple. 12. Avoid communication Gaps among Team members. 13. All team members must have self discipline. 14. Dedication & Determination must be high. 15. Do not let down anyone in team. 16. Choose an effective leader for Team. 17. Solve the conflicts of each Team members. 18. Achieve Team Excellence thro’ collective support. 19. Collect ‘Ideas’ from each Team members. 20. Convert each member’s energy into ‘synergy’.

9 LEADERSHIP MANAGEMENT 1. All good leaders are good managers. 2. But every manager cannot be a good leader. 3. A leader creates more managers. 4. He is continuously learning. 5. Leaders are good readers. 6. A leader is a coach and a mentor. 7. He is a role model for others. 8. Leader is also a Team member. 9. Leader helps the team member to recognize his talents / skills. 10. Leader creates followers. 11. He has high values and principles. 12. His Personality is based on his character. 13. Leader energizes people / team members. 14. Leader creates a learning organization. 15. Leader balances people and production. 16. Leader has a balanced mind. 17. His approach is from deep within. 18. He acts as a bridge between management and employee. 19. They always take blame on them. 20. They always appreciate the team members.

10 SALES MANAGEMENT 1. Selling is a Noble Profession. 2. Sales persons are not born they are ‘made’. 3. Love your product first – Product knowledge. 4. Love your customers – customers knowledge. 5. Love your competitors – competitors knowledge. 6. Before the customer buys the product he buys you !! 7. Dress smartly – Be confident – motivated. 8. Communicate effectively – Power of Presentation !! 9. Always visualize success !! Don’t be Negative. 10. Each ‘call’ is important – Learn from it. 11. Take references from the customer / client. 12. Be on time every time !! Be punctual !! 13. Check your ‘sales-kit’ – Do not forget a single thing !! 14. Do not over promise and under deliver. 15. Always under promise and over deliver. 16. Create a win / win situation in Negotiations. 17. Read everyday good books !1 18. Keep your sales targets in mind !! 19. Be proactive – self starter !! 20. Your Reporting system should be Excellent !!

11 CUSTOMER-SERVICE-MANAGEMENT 1. Remember – we get our salaries from the customer. 2. Customer is the boss – he can keep us in Business. 3. Involve all Employees to give best services. 4. Train, train and Re-train in customer service. 5. Gain more and more trust from customers. 6. Do not tell a lie to the customers. 7. Deliver the goods as per the promised time. 8. Inform about delay. 9. A complaining customer is a friend !! 10. He gives us an opportunity to improve. 11. ‘Walk an extra mile’ for the customer. 12. Organisation’s vision and mission must be ‘customer service’. 13. Have ‘Glad’ customers !! Not ‘Sad’ customers !! 14. Service your customer with ‘soul’ !! 15. They are ‘walking advertisement for our products’. 16. Take suggestions from customer to improve services. 17. Educate your customer. Treat them as Partners. 18. Visit them Regularly. 19. Those who do not buy – maintain healthy relationship with them. 20. You do not get a second chance for the ‘first impression’ !!

12 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT 1. 100% quality consciousness in each activity !! 2. Quality – It is a state of mind !! 3. All the employees must focus on TQM. 4. It is a Team effort for the success of TQM. 5. Wastage should be eliminated in production. 6. Inventory of Raw Material should be minimized. 7. Inventory of finished Goods should be according to sales. 8. House-keeping of Each department should be taken care of. 9. Arrangement of files / things / tools in proper order. 10. Each employee is responsible for neatness and cleanliness. 11. Throw away unused things from all departments. 12. Old items lying at the backyard must be disposed off. 13. Adopt kaizen – means ‘continuous improvement’. !! 14. Small small improvements each day in each department. 15. TQM also focuses on ‘Customer Care’. 16. TQM also focuses on ‘Employees Care’. 17. Creating a beautiful Environment around the company. 18. Visitors area, washrooms, food quality must be checked. 19. Notice Boards – Instruction Boards must be prominent & visible. 20. Make a TQM Team for Inspection daily.

13 CHANGE MANAGEMENT 1. ‘CHANGE’ is a must in this competitive world. 2. Change is not readily accepted. 3. People don’t like to change the ‘old-mind-set’. 4. 21 st Century requires a ‘new-mind-set’. 5. Every employee must find out his ‘core-competence’. 6. Every day-each employee has to perform. 7. Add value to your work each day. 8. Competition is not ‘outside’ – it is ‘within you’. 9. Fear factor stops the ‘change’. 10. Old perception does not allow ‘change’. 11. Change is good for all the people and management. 12. From top to bottom – training should be given for change. 13. Change is needed in personal life. 14. Change is needed in family life. 15. Change is needed in social life. 16. Innovation can bring about changes !! 17. Brainstorming Exercise can bring change !! 18. Change is required in systems – planning – meeting. 19. Change is required in Manager’s ability and skills. 20. ‘Change’ is a ‘Positive’ word for Management.

14 RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT 1. Always carry a Business card. 2. Always remember the birthdays of all. 3. Give a phone call on birthdays – wish them. 4. Keep in touch with E-mails, phones etc. 5. Attend the receptions / parties / take out time. 6. Every invitation must be respected. 7. Every phone call must be answered. 8. Every letter must be replied. 9. Write a ‘Thank you’ note. 10. Be social – Help Everyone. 11. Throw a Dinner Party once in 3 months. 12. Make People happy – lovable – respectful. 13. Visit People / Relatives in Hospital. 14. Write condolence letters for those who have died. 15. Be the first person to congratulate !! 16. Be polite – Humble with everyone. 17. ‘Brand’ your Image – have a magnetic personality. 18. Be Broad Hearted !! Think Big. 19. Small and petty things should not bother you. 20. Leave a legacy – behind you.

15 STRESS MANAGEMENT 1. Stress is an ‘Unrest State of Mind’. 2. Stress can be caused because of ‘Personal Tension’. 3. Stress can be a professional Tension. 4. Stress can be a ‘Family Tension’. 5. Stress can be from Environment – smoke – noise etc. 6. Stress can be created by ‘Boss’ also. 7. Because of stress, the productivity can go down. 8. Person may have illness, goes weak, tired !! 9. Stress can be positive and negative both. 10. Positive stress motivates E.g. Finals in cricket. 11. Negative stress is dangerous. 12. Over stress can create a depression. 13. Emotional stress can reduce memory and concentration also. 14. ‘Forgetfulness’ is due to ‘stress’ !! 15. ‘Don’t worry be happy’ is the remedy for stress. 16. Meditation can help in reducing stress. 17. Relaxation Exercise can reduce stress. 18. Stop giving ‘Stress’ to others !! 19. Children have lot of ‘stress’ because of exams !! 20. Positive thinking – cheerfulness – let it go – are the enemies of stress.

16 HEALTH MANAGEMENT 1. Our body is the greatest gift of God. 2. Many times we eat because it is ‘time’ to eat. 3. Eat only when you are hungry. 4. Body has a unique intelligence – It will demand. 5. 10 to 15 minutes Exercise – Yoga – Asnas – a brisk walking is essential. 6. Maintain the energy level. 7. Have fixed timings – to go to bed and for rising. 8. You have to find out how many ‘hours’ of sleep you require. 9. Do not sleep in the afternoon. 10. Do not eat too much chilly and spicy food. 11. Drink one glass of hot milk daily. 12. Drink lot of water – minimum 14 glasses a day. 13. Early morning before brushing the teeth – drink 2 glasses of water. 14. Do deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes. 15. In the morning press the 15 knuckles of all fingers for 10 seconds each. 16. This is a free body check up. 17. After coming from the office relax for 5 minutes. 18. Avoid outside food – hotel – restaurant – vendors etc. 19. Always sit with your folded legs and spinal cord straight. 20. Do not eat while watching TV.

17 CREATIVITY MANAGEMENT 1. Each of the Employee has a ‘Creative’ genius in him. 2. Many times they are not allowed to share the Ideas !! 3. An Experienced Employee has many Ideas !! 4. Even a new comer can throw light in a new way. 5. Keep an ‘Idea-Box’ in all the departments. 6. One Idea a week from each Employee ! 7. Brainstorm can help to expose ‘creativity’. 8. To beat the competition – we need ‘creativity’. 9. To keep our jobs – we need ‘creativity’. 10. World is changing fast because of ‘creativity’. 11. We are receiving new Ideas daily !! Write them down. 12. Through meditation we can increase our ‘creativity’. 13. Brain Puzzles can develop the creativity. 14. Movies – Dramas – can develop the creativity. 15. ‘Dream process’ can develop the creativity. 16. Any work done with great care and dedication can be creativity. 17. Attend various Training Programmes. 18. Creativity is the work of sub-conscious mint ! 19. Observe Nature. It is a great work of creativity. 20. Explore – Experiment – Excel in ‘Creativity’.

18 SPIRITUAL MANAGEMENT 1. Read any Spiritual book for 10 minutes. 2. Write down in your diary, what did you learn. 3. Implement in your life – exchange learning. 4. Have a “Giving” attitude. 5. If you “Give” then only you “Receive” !! 6. Do something for Birds & Animals. 7. Have a little contribution towards the environment. 8. Teach meditation to friends. 9. Attend Spiritual lectures / listen to Audio-Cassettes. 10. Remain silent for 10 minutes daily. 11. Do Regular Prayers – 2 times in a day. 12. Pray for the poor – handicapped & sick. 13. Make a visit to blind school – Donate something. 14. Make a visit to Animal Hospital. 15. Make a visit to General Hospital – Help the poor. 16. Offer food to poor once a week. 17. In India we have 30 million people who do not get food everyday. 18. Wasting food is a great crime !! 19. Stop others – tell others – not to waste food !! 20. Teach illiterate children !! Pay fees for poor child.

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