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A PowerPoint Presentation by Dalton

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1 A PowerPoint Presentation by Dalton
Sir Francis Drake A PowerPoint Presentation by Dalton

2 Sir Francis Drake was born in England in 1545.

3 Drake went with six ships: The Pelican, The Elizabeth, The Mary Gold, and The Swan, unfortunately, the other two names aren’t given.

4 He traveled during the years of 1577-1580.

5 His goals were to sail around the world and to stop the flow of goods to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand from Cortes.

6 They set sail on November 15, 1577.

7 The ships had to postpone the voyage about one month because of large gusts.

8 Their first stop was Tierra del Fuego, which is the tip of South America.

9 There they got food and water from Natives.

10 About one year later Drake and his men took control of a Spanish ship.

11 In North America, he claimed land for the Queen.

12 They then sailed by Indonesia.

13 Before they knew it, they were looking at England.

14 He received a scarf, a mini Queen Elizabeth I, and 10,000 pounds (English money).

15 When the queen found out that Drake was involved in piracy, she didn’t want to see him anymore.

16 The End

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