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Advertising P ROM O T I O N. Sales Promotions.

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1 Advertising P ROM O T I O N


3 Sales Promotions


5 What will your booth be like? Fill up the spaces Arrangement Signs Price tags Product key points Banners

6 Customer Service GREETING Eager to help Active listening Cheerful Courteous Respectful Product knowledge Good closing

7 Common NOs “ No Money” “Sorry I am busy” “Let me think about it” “ Just looking” “ I need to talk to ___ first”

8 Handling Objections Acknowledge and convert Postpone Agree and neutralise Denial

9 How to manage your float $ $ $ $ $ $

10 PRODUCT -> Tangible -> Product benefits -> Memorable, distinctive & positive PRICE -> Odd-even pricing -> Bundle pricing -> Cost-plus pricing -> Standard pricing PLACE We know you know where it is at ;) PROMOTION -> Advertising -> Direct Marketing -> Sales Promotions MARKETING

11 Have you been listening? Name two methods which you can use to set prices for your products. Give me two important features to take note for your booth space. Name one type of sales promotion that you can use for your business. How and where can you carry out your pre-sales? What is one of the factors to consider when selecting your team name?

12 4 The End..

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