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Philosophical Care as Medicine for The Soul Jeanette B. L. Knox.

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1 Philosophical Care as Medicine for The Soul Jeanette B. L. Knox

2 Philosophy as an academic discipline Philosophy as a way of life

3 ”Empty is that philosopher’s argument by which no human suffering is therapeutically treated. For just as there is no use in a medical art that does not cast out the sicknesses of bodies, so too there is no use in philosophy, unless it casts out the suffering of the soul.” Epicurus In US. 221 = Porph. Ad Marc. 31, p. 209, 23 N: see chapter 4 ”Philosophy is an activity that secures the flourishing life by arguments and reasonings.” Epicurus In Sextus M 11.169 = Us. 219

4 Non-clinical Non-psychopathological Non-dogmatic Philosophical Care

5 Project – The Danish Cancer Society 6 dialogue groups 33 participants (26 women; 7 men) Different patient groups Ages between 35-75 Rehabilitation or chronically ill

6 General Rules 1. No name-dropping 2. No reference to theories or studies 3. Willingness to postpone one’s judgment 4. Willingness to revise one's opinions 5. The aim is not to a find an answer or a solution 6. Dialogue, not monologue or discussion The Socratic Dialogue Group

7 1. A philosophical question is selected by the participants 2. Each participant tells his/her story illustrating the question 3. The story that best illustrates the question is chosen and is retold in detail 4. Where in the story is our question best illustrated and why 5. Can the other stories contribute to illustrating our question; if so, how and why 6. Preliminary statements and definition of question 7. Does our question generate other questions; if so, which ones

8 Responses - Examples ”You are encouraged/driven me to think in depth and put my thoughts into words. You are trained to cut off all the irrelevant stuff and sharpen your attention towards the essential things in life.” ”It has launched many constructive thoughts in my head, particularly in relation to the topic we chose. Thoughts that I try to incorporate in my every day life. It is enriching to be able to experience that we can philosophize at a high level together.”

9 1. Collective introspection 2. Distance 3. Community 4. Focus General Picture so far

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