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Diversity at Work Business Information Management II.

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1 Diversity at Work Business Information Management II

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3 Goals for This Lesson Students will understand multiculturalism in the workplace. Students will learn to accommodate cultural diversity of customers. Students will learn strategies for handling conflicts in a culturally diverse workplace. 3

4 Types of Diversity Cultural, ethnic background Age Gender 4

5 Barriers to Communication Language Cultural Differences Poverty Trust, fear 5

6 Strategies Know your own culture Develop listening skills Utilize nonverbal communications 6

7 Tips for Effective Listening Pay attention –Eye contact Show that you are listening –Inviting posture Provide feedback –Respond to statements Postpone judgment –Do not interrupt Respond appropriately –Show respect to speaker 7

8 Strategies for Conflict Resolution Examine the facts in a situation Sensitivity training Keep discussions professional Recognize miscommunications Personal thoughts about different types of diversity issues should remain on neutral ground and not on work time Encourage the value of diversity and learning opportunities 8

9 Assignments Corporate Diversity Strategy Assignment #1 Each student can select a corporation and create a PowerPoint utilizing all nine of Toyota’s Diversity Strategies and applying them to that corporation. They should use the company name as a slide master and create effects and timings as well. Active Listening Assignment #2 Students can be in pairs for this assignment but each will complete the assignment on his or her own. Using the McGraw-Hill Active Listening Exercises, students will prepare a table summarizing each of the remaining three vignettes (the first was done in Guided Practice). The table should by clearly labeled with column headings and questions thoroughly answered for each vignette. Appearance should be professional and pleasing. Logistics Assignment #3 Students will select a product and prepare a SmartArt diagram outlining the steps involved in supply chain management as it pertains to that product. Then they will each prepare a short report detailing each of the steps. Use the Kellogg’s example as a guide. The report should also address how the cultural diversity related to the product’s manufacturing or distribution is addressed, for example, whether or not their components are from foreign countries or how the products are shipped worldwide. Also, create an advertisement for the product that is translated into another language using Word’s translation feature or using another source to translate.. 9

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