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UNIT 5 ASSESSMENT 3 Planning, Leading & Reviewing a sports event.

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1 UNIT 5 ASSESSMENT 3 Planning, Leading & Reviewing a sports event

2 Structure of this Assignment It has lots of parts so we will do each stage step by step. You are going to make this as a guidance resource that outlines everything. Imagine that you are ill on the day of the event this document will clearly identify everything to do with the event so that someone can just pick it up and know what to do

3 PART 1 P4a

4 STAGE 1 - Administration You have to decide what type of event you want to run. It has to be based in a sensible venue, last one day, no longer than 9am-3pm You then need to think about how many school teams you need to invite (I would say at least 3, maximum 6) You then need to write a letter of invitation to a school outlining all the details

5 STAGE 2 - Structure Now you have thought of your event you need to think about what events are there maybe multiple matches/events How will the teams score points How will the teams be ranked, table format, knock out, total point score What rules are needed for events, the day

6 STAGE 3 – Health & Safety You have to write a risk assessment for your event Do you have a contingency, if possible is there a sports hall incise of weather problems, if not would you just postpone the event when would you let people know, how would you let them know Bigger events may have St Johns ambulance, which charge a nominal fee

7 STAGE 4 – Roles and Responsibilities Who is doing what??????? How will people identify who should or shouldn’t be there Uniforms etc to identify leaders, what about other adults there i.e. School teaches Awards – trophies, certificates who pays, where does the money come from Where is the equipment coming from

8 REVIEW OF STAGE 1 You need to review how effective each stage has been Write a brief outline of how the stage went, what went well, what could be changed, why you may change something.

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