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Overview %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%

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1 Overview %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%



4 opensource license, copyright 2010 % %developed by Stephane Poirier, M.Sc. Optical Physics, Remote Sensing Application Software Developer (1991-2010) % %this function is part of's ar\sp\ Microwave- derived 30-year Canada-Alaska Daily Temperature and Snowcover Databases library % %this function is part of's ar\sp\'this folder' application (lauched with ar\sp\'this file'.m)'s ar\sp\affiche_carte application is part of the's ar\sp set of applications which %may also contain similar variant versions of this function with identical filename. % %A geophysical research paper about this work has been submitted in June 2009 for publication in JGR-Atmosphere %Royer, A. and Poirier S., Surface temperature spatial and temporal variations in North America from homogenized %satellite SMMR-SSM/I microwave measurements and reanalysis for 1979-2008, Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmosphere, %Submitted June 2009, Poirier_Microwave-derived-daily-surface- temperature_JGR2009JD012760_R2.pdf % %This study's database can be downloaded from the author web site at: % % %this function is used to display the raw microwave raster data (NSIDC's SMMR and SSMI satellite, ref. % %usage: % 20yymmmdd % %version 0.0, 20yymmmdd, spi, initial function draft % opensource license, copyright 2010

5 %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%


7 %version 0.2: 2009sept21, spi, stephane poirier, modif. d:\ for k:\d-, c:\ for k:\c- and g:\ for k:\g- %version 0.1, adaptation de lireTSmoy.m du dossier C:\mw\am- mt\work-programmes %version 0.1, adaptation de lireTSmoy(zone,an,phase,jour1,jour2) applicable %version 0.1, au ts-moy journaliers prealablement calcules. cette fonction %version 0.1, lis les ts-moy journaliers d'une series de jours juliens et %version 0.1, retourne la moyenne temporelle % %parametre path_tsmoy peut etre un des suivants: % %D:\smmr_ts-corr\smmr_ts-moy\160x240\Canada\1987\37GHz %D:\smmr_ts-moy\160x240\Canada\1979\37GHz %D:\ssmi_ts-corr\ssmi_ts-moy\160x240\Canada\1987\37GHz %D:\ssmi_ts-moy\160x240\Canada\1987\37GHz %D:\ssmi_ts-moy-narr\160x240\Canada\2002\37GHz function TS=lireTSmoyen(path_tsmoy,jd_start,jd_end,display); if nargin<4 display=0; end if nargin<1 disp('lireTSmoyen(''k:\d-smmr_ts-corr\smmr_ts- moy\160x240\Canada\1987\37GHz'',jd_start,jd_end,0)'); return; end if exist(path_tsmoy,'file')==0 disp('lireTSmoyen: path_tsmoy invalide'); return; end dim=[160 240]; m=mask(2,2); TS=[]; for i_jd=jd_start:jd_end filename=['TS_D',sprintf('%03d',i_jd)]; pathfilename=fullfile(path_tsmoy,filename); if exist(pathfilename,'file')~=0 fid=fopen(pathfilename,'r'); matrice=fread(fid,dim,'float32'); fclose(fid); clear fid; %assuming data in kelvin %assuming mask saved as zeros %assuming uncomputed values saved as zeros matrice(matrice==-100)=NaN; matrice(matrice==-20)=NaN; matrice(matrice==-10)=NaN; matrice(matrice==0)=NaN; TS=cat(3,TS,matrice); else disp(['lireTSmoyen: file ',pathfilename,' notfound']); end TS=permute(TS,[3 1 2]); TS=nanmoy(TS); TS=permute(TS,[2 3 1]); %TS(isnan(TS))=0; %leave NaN to NaN if any TS(m==0)=0; if display==1 figure;imagesc(rot90(TS'));axis;colorbar; end end %function

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