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Voxtron Communication Center Product Presentation Voxtron Communication Center Launch Vienna, 30.09.2010.

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1 Voxtron Communication Center Product Presentation Voxtron Communication Center Launch Vienna, 30.09.2010

2 Content September 20102Voxtron Communication Center Introduction If you want to go to a specific section, click the corresponding button. Summary 1. Architecture 2. Installation Center 3. Client Software 4. Core modules10. Editions 6. Audit Trail and Installation Monitoring 7. Redundancy 8. Users 5. Operational modules11. Requirements 9. Integrations 12. Upgrade paths

3 About Voxtron Voxtron (1994) is an international company, headquartered in Belgium and having sales offices in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE and Thailand. Voxtron delivers state-of-the-art Customer Interaction Solutions for enterprises. Voxtron offers a cost-efficient answer to your communication challenges! September 20103Voxtron Communication Center

4 September 20104Voxtron Communication Center Customer Interaction Solutions Customer

5 What is Voxtron Communication Center? Voxtron Communication Center is the new Multimedia Customer Interaction Solution of Voxtron Thanks to its unique architecture, it addresses the needs for both the Enterprise market and the market for Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMB) Voxtron Communication Center offers a straightforward administration and configuration and yet is able to answer (very) complex installation demands It supports innovative license and pricing models September 20105Voxtron Communication Center

6 What is Voxtron Communication Center? Voxtron Communication Center – is customer interaction software that runs on top of any (existing) communication environment – sends contacts (calls, emails, faxes, web chats) to appropriate persons within the organization – distinguishes between direct (personal) communication and routed (to a pool of employees) communication – assignment strategy is based on Skill-Based Routing (SBR) – is based on the Universal Queue (UQ) principle – provides Business Intelligence (BI) information – CTI function improves employee efficiency – offers powerful Software Development Kits (SDK) for integration within the existing IT infrastructure September 20106Voxtron Communication Center

7 Direct versus routed communication Voxtron Communication Center distinguishes between direct and routed communication Direct (personal/private) communication: – Refers to contacts (calls, emails, faxes) that the initiator sends to a specific person within the organization by dialing a DDI (direct dial-in) for making a call or sending a fax sending a message to a personal email account Routed communication: – Refers to contacts (calls, emails, faxes, web chat) that the initiator sends to an organization, not knowing (and caring) who treats the request by dialing a general number for making a call or sending a fax sending a message to a general email account entering a web chat session via the corporate web site September 20107Voxtron Communication Center

8 ARCHITECTURE September 20108Voxtron Communication Center

9 September 20109Voxtron Communication Center Contact center (routing) Contact center (routing) IVR CC IVR Dashboar d Dash board Dash board... Voxtron Communication Center operational modules Each module can be installed multiple times (multiple instances) Modules can be installed on different servers Datastore Webcenter Licensing Voxtron Communication Center core modules Each module must be installed only one time (one instance) Modules can be installed on different servers Built on Windows 2008 (R2) and SQL Server 2008 (R2) 32 and 64 bit Virtual environments

10 Module overview Core modules Datastore Webcenter Licensing Operational modules Contact center (routing) CTI IVR (calls and faxes) Web Chat Email routing Dashboard Reporting Recording September 201010Voxtron Communication Center

11 Module basics All modules connecting to the same Datastore make one Voxtron Communication Center installation Core modules are installed exactly one time Operational modules can be installed zero, one or multiple times (instances) All modules can be installed on different servers (~scalability) September 201011Voxtron Communication Center

12 ARCHITECTURE EXAMPLE A September 201012Voxtron Communication Center

13 September 201013Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing Dashboard CTI CC IVR BU “Sales” CC Web chat BU “Support”

14 ARCHITECTURE EXAMPLE B September 201014Voxtron Communication Center A new business unit is added; An extra server is made operational

15 September 201015Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing Dashboard CTI CC IVR BU “Sales” CC Web chat BU “Support” CC Web chat BU “Finance” IVR

16 INSTALLATION CENTER September 201016Voxtron Communication Center

17 Installation Center Utility to manage different instances of different modules on different servers Exceptional ease of use Installation via the Internet or from a DVD Automated check for (module) dependencies reduces the number of potential mistakes Retrieves and uses the information from the datastore to guide other module installations September 201017Voxtron Communication Center

18 Demonstration 1: installing the core Deploying from the Internet The Installation Center Installation of the Voxtron Communication Center core modules September 201018Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing

19 Demonstration 2: installing an operational module September 201019Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing CC BU “Sales”

20 Demonstration 3: scalability September 201020Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing CC BU “Sales” CC BU “Finance”

21 CLIENT SOFTWARE September 201021Voxtron Communication Center

22 One client for the agent and the backoffice worker Only one: “Voxtron Client” Provides CTI functionality Provides fax printer driver for outgoing faxes Adds agent functionality in the contact center Easy integration with your business applications Local installation or distribution of MSI via Group Policy Objects Partial installations possible (e.g. no fax driver) 14 September 201022Voxtron Communication Center

23 14 September 201023Voxtron Communication Center

24 Demonstration 4: Client software installation September 201024Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing CC BU “Sales”

25 Auto updates Voxtron client software is updated automatically – User gets notification of availability of new version – User can postpone update – For installations with limited number of Voxtron Clients only (otherwise use GPO) September 201025Voxtron Communication Center

26 CORE MODULES September 201026Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing CC CTI Email Web Chat IVR Reporting Dashboard Recording

27 Datastore Gathers and holds following data: – Configuration information – Administration information – Operational data Information that is temporary stored in the database by certain instances – Dashboard data Real time information that is provided through the Dashboard data service to the different Dashboard instances – Statistical data Pre-processed historical information that is used in reports – Audit Trail data Information on which settings were changed by whom – Recordings 14 September 201027Voxtron Communication Center

28 Datastore 14 September 201028Voxtron Communication Center DB Administration data Configuration data Operational data Dashboard data Audit Trail data Recordings Copy of: Administration data Configuration data Historical data IVR CC CTI Dashboard Warehouse Reports

29 Web Center Centralised configuration and administration Adaptive: new modules/instances become available in the website as they are added to the installation 2 types of users: – Super administrator A System administrator with all rights Cannot be deleted – System administrator Defined by the super administrator Has access to the Administration and the Configuration of one or more instances 14 September 201029Voxtron Communication Center

30 Web Center Centralised configuration and administration Adaptive: new modules/instances become available in the website as they are added to the installation 14 September 201030Voxtron Communication Center UserInstancesAdministrationConfiguration Super Administrator All System Administrator Assigned instances AdministratorAssigned CC instances  Team LeaderAssigned CC instances 

31 Web Center 14 September 201031Voxtron Communication Center

32 Demonstration 5: Web Center & User roles September 201032Voxtron Communication Center

33 License module Centralized license management Support for: – Incremental licenses – Peak licenses – Virtual environments License file backup on the Voxtron ordering site USB dongle is the key, the license files holds the purchased modules and interactions – Trouble-free ordering without activation – Server hardware independent (e.g. HDD replacement, network adapter, …) – Easy to move to another server – System and network time clock independent 14 September 201033Voxtron Communication Center

34 License module 14 September 201034Voxtron Communication Center Data store Data store License file License module administration Order website License server License file IVR CC CTI

35 License schemes Interaction Log-in Unit (ILU) – Degressive price scheme – Double degressive for Interaction Log-in Unit (2nd, 3rd,... interaction for same agent is lower in price) promoting multimedia users – Supports peak licenses Routed Multimedia Contacts (RMC) – Initial investment for basic infrastructure – Degressive price scheme for Routed Multimedia Contact (inbound calls, faxes, emails, web chat sessions) 14 September 201035Voxtron Communication Center

36 OPERATIONAL MODULES September 201036Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Webcenter Licensing CC CTI Email Web Chat IVR Reporting Dashboard Recording

37 Contact Center (CC) module Voxtron Communication Center’s CC module is based on Skill Based Routing (SBR) In a SBR solution, the Administrator assigns skills (e.g. product knowledge, language,…) to each agent. He indicates to which extent this user possesses these skills (%) Upon arrival, each new contact gets skills assigned. Potential ways for acquiring contact skills: – Info from the PSTN network: Dialed number (can be linked to a specific service) Database retrieval of info based on Calling Number Identification (CNID, also known as CLIP) – Data gathering via the Self Service application (Interactive Voice Response – IVR) SBR searches for the best suitable user to serve a certain contact with its attached skills September 201037Voxtron Communication Center

38 Universal Queue Voxtron Communication Center performs SBR based on the Universal Queue (UQ) principle This means that all contacts (incoming calls, faxes, emails, web chat sessions) are sent to this UQ When an agent becomes available, the system calculates the score matrix as shown in following slide The contact with the highest score is transferred to the available agent The complex algorithm takes into account skills but also: – Time: a contact gets more important the longer it is in the UQ – Agent: contacts can be assigned to an agent when this agent had no contacts for a long time this agent has the smallest load this agent handled a previous contact of the same customer September 201038Voxtron Communication Center

39 Universal Queue (UQ) September 201039Voxtron Communication Center Free Agents Agent Queued Contacts Call Web chat Fax Email Score High Score Score

40 IVR module Voxtron Communication Center contains a powerful, multilingual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) IVR is typically used to identify and segment callers (i.e. assign skills) By extension it is also used – to resolve caller’s queries without transferring to an agent – to register call back requests from people who don’t want to continue to wait for a free agent – to link to customer data – to send and receive faxes – to store and retrieve voice messages (voice mail) – for conferencing Supports telephone touchtone keypad input and speech recognition Responds with pre-recorded or dynamically generated (TTS) audio September 201040Voxtron Communication Center

41 IVR module Intelligent Graphical User Interface (GUI) Limited set of powerful building blocks No programming skills required September 201041Voxtron Communication Center

42 Faxes With Voxtron Communication Center one can – Receive direct (personal) and routed faxes – Send private faxes and ‘contact center’ faxes – Add one of the many (customizable) cover sheets – Look for archived faxes in the Fax Center Delivery of faxes to the user can happen in two ways: – Within the client interface (immediate view) – As an attachment to an email message A user can send faxes from any Windows application that supports the “Print” function Voxtron Communication Center sends status delivery reports to the user September 201042Voxtron Communication Center

43 Fax cover sheet System administrator can define one or more fax cover sheets per CC instance, using an editing toolbox Cover sheet consists of following parts: – Images (e.g. company logo) – Text fields – Parameter fields Automatic parameters (e.g. date, time, number of pages,...) Custome parameters – E.g. short description, sender name – The fax printer wizard will ask a value for each of these custome parameters September 201043Voxtron Communication Center

44 Fax cover sheet September 201044Voxtron Communication Center

45 Send fax September 201045Voxtron Communication Center

46 Receive fax September 201046Voxtron Communication Center

47 Fax Center September 201047Voxtron Communication Center

48 Web chat Voxtron Communication Center allows users to communicate with agents in real time using just a web browser No need for 3rd party IM application Instant accessability Free of charge for the user Components for building it into the company’s web site available in both ASP.NET and PHP September 201048Voxtron Communication Center

49 September 201049Voxtron Communication Center Web chat – example customer interface

50 September 201050Voxtron Communication Center Web chat – agent interface

51 Demonstration 6: Web Chat September 201051Voxtron Communication Center

52 Email module Voxtron Communication Center supports email routing – Skills and a priority are assigned to an email using the email rule wizard (perform actions based on the subject, “to” field, “from” field,...) advanced PERL scripting – Email routing has its own settings (e.g. thresholds) – Email is forwarded to the most appropriate agent – The agent’s standard email client (e.g. Outlook) is used to send/receive contact center emails – Auto detect reply email (wrap-up starts) – Personal email address masking – Support for PERL libs allowing to trigger al kind of events upon arrival of a new mail (e.g. auto-reply message) September 201052Voxtron Communication Center

53 Email module September 201053Voxtron Communication Center

54 Dashboard module Voxtron Communication Center’s dashboard module consists of: – Dashboard data service; each instance of this service has a single connection to the datastore cashes Dashboard data provides cashed data to multiple SOAP clients – Design tool to create iGoogle-like dashboards Highly customizable Design by using widgets Drag & drop September 201054Voxtron Communication Center

55 Dashboard module September 201055Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Dashboard parameters Dashboard Data Service (SDK) Dashboard Data Service (SDK) Voxtron Communication Center Dashboard SOAP ASP.NET PHP ASP.NET PHP Custom Implementations SOAP Dashboard parameter cache

56 Dashboard module September 201056Voxtron Communication Center

57 Dashboard module – publishing custom parameters September 201057Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Dashboard parameters Dashboard Data Service (SDK) Dashboard Data Service (SDK) Dashboard SOAP Legacy app SOAP Dashboard parameter cache

58 Demonstration 7: dashboard September 201058Voxtron Communication Center

59 Reporting Part of the Web Center Standard reports are defined for a particular CC instance Consolidated reports available via “Custom Reports” Based on the pre-processed data in the Warehouse; therefore – having no impact on the modules that are using the active data in the datastore – less IO, resources and thus time needed to generate September 201059Voxtron Communication Center

60 Reporting Accessible by team leaders, administrators and system administrators – Skill reports – Agent reports – Contact code reports – General reports – Login reports – Custom reports Time interval for each of these reports can be changed All reports can be exported to.csv or.html file Scheduled reporting: – Send to an email address – Save to a folder September 201060Voxtron Communication Center

61 Reporting September 201061Voxtron Communication Center

62 Reporting September 201062Voxtron Communication Center

63 Recording module Recording in Voxtron Communication Center is an independent module and therefore enables stand-alone, distributed recording solutions Recordings are stored in the (central) Datastore Lookup and retrieval of the recordings is done via the Web Center September 201063Voxtron Communication Center

64 Recording module September 201064Voxtron Communication Center Recording engine Recording engine Recording board Trunk Recording service Datastore HDD

65 Recording module Web Center is the central place to lookup recordings Search criteria: – CLIP (or part of it) – Dialed number (or part of it) – Recording started after/before a specific date and time – Duration longer or shorter than a given duration – (and all combinations of the above criteria) September 201065Voxtron Communication Center

66 Recording module – match CC data Recording module used in combination with one or more CC instances Voxtron Communication Center tries to match the calls with the related CC data (skills, contact codes, agent,...) This matched data will be shown in the search result page CC data can be used to filter the results September 201066Voxtron Communication Center

67 September 201067Voxtron Communication Center

68 AUDIT TRAIL & INSTALLATION MONITORING September 201068Voxtron Communication Center

69 Audit Trail Voxtron Communication Center’s Audit Trail keeps track of: – Which settings have changed when in the Web Center – Who has changed these settings (do not share credentials!) This data is available in the Datastore and can be retrieved by a Certified Voxtron Engineer September 201069Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Administration data Configuration data Operational data Dashboard data Audit Trail data Recordings

70 Configuration of logging In the Web Center, each module has the same page for configuration of the logging settings Each module has the same set of base logging types: information, errors, exceptions, warnings, successful actions A module can have additional (module related) logging types (e.g. Email module has SMTP logging) September 201070Voxtron Communication Center

71 September 201071Voxtron Communication Center

72 Compression In order to save valuable disk space: – Log files stay uncompressed for a configurable number of days – Log files are compressed saving up to 95% of the original size – The compression process runs overnight – Logging files can be deleted automatically after a configurable number of days September 201072Voxtron Communication Center

73 Microsoft Event Viewer A selection of events can be published in the Microsoft Event Viewer September 201073Voxtron Communication Center

74 Syslog Syslog protocol emerged in the Unix & Linux world (~ Microsoft Event Viewer) A lightweight protocol that uses UDP packages to send events from a Syslog client to a Syslog server Upon receipt, the Syslog server can take different actions: – Send email, SMS, IM message – Generate SNMP trap – Pop-up a message – Add a record to a database –... Voxtron Communication Center does not include a Syslog server (products available on the market; e.g. September 201074Voxtron Communication Center

75 September 201075Voxtron Communication Center Datastore CC IVR SC CTI SC Syslog Server Web Center Syslog used in the Web Center

76 Demonstration 8: Syslog September 201076Voxtron Communication Center

77 REDUNDANCY September 201077Voxtron Communication Center

78 Redundancy Redundancy is not an exact science! Redundancy is often guided by the customer (in line with his existing IT infrastucture and knowledge) When talking about redundancy, we talk about – High-Availability (HA) Clusters – Blade systems – Virtualisation – Disk arrays – NAT – DNS –... A redundancy solution can be based on one or more of these techniques; and therefore a big variety is possible September 201078Voxtron Communication Center

79 Redundancy – HA Cluster A cluster is a group of linked computers Each computer is called a node Nodes are connected via a ‘private’ LAN In a HA cluster, only one node is active at the time On the non-active node, the Voxtron Communication Center instances get the same ID (identifier) as the instances on the active node September 201079Voxtron Communication Center

80 Redundancy – HA Cluster September 201080Voxtron Communication Center Disk array SQL server Node 1 SQL server Node 2 Company LAN Cluster LAN HA Cluster

81 Redundancy – HA Cluster – example Installing the instances on the cluster nodes September 201081Voxtron Communication Center HA Cluster Datastore Clients connect to the cluster’s virtual IP address SQL server Node 1 CC LIC WB SQL server Node 2 CC LIC WB ID X ID Y ID Z ID Y ID Z Dongle has to be moved manually

82 Redundancy – HA Cluster – example Installing the instances on the cluster nodes; alternative 1 September 201082Voxtron Communication Center SQL server Node 1 SQL server Node 2 HA Cluster Datastore Clients connect to the cluster’s virtual IP address CC LIC WB CC LIC WB ID X ID Y ID Z ID Y ID Z USB ethernet hub

83 Redundancy – HA Cluster – example Installing the instances on the cluster nodes; alternative 2 September 201083Voxtron Communication Center SQL server Node 1 SQL server Node 2 HA Cluster Datastore Clients connect to the cluster’s virtual IP address CC LIC WB CC WB ID X ID Y

84 Redundancy – Virtualization Examples: – Microsoft Hyper-V – VMware – Blade systems A blade system is a set of blade servers gathered in one blade enclosure A blade server is a stripped down server computer The blade enclosure provides power, cooling, networking, interconnect and management September 201084Voxtron Communication Center

85 Redundancy – Vitualization (example) September 201085Voxtron Communication Center Hardware Parent partition Client partition 1 Client partition 2 Backup

86 USERS September 201086Voxtron Communication Center

87 Users The types of users in Voxtron Communication Center: – Super Administrator – System Administrator – Administrator – Team leader – Agent – (Back)Office Worker All of them can work from home/anywhere, provided that a suitable phone and data connection is available September 201087Voxtron Communication Center

88 Super Administrator Voxtron Communication Center’s Super Administrator has access to all settings The Super Administrator account cannot be destroyed September 201088Voxtron Communication Center UserInstancesAdministrationConfiguration Super Administrator All

89 System Administrator The System Administrator is a user account that can be defined in the Web Center by the Super Administrator only The System Administrators have access to one or more assigned instances September 201089Voxtron Communication Center UserInstancesAdministrationConfiguration System Administrator Assigned instances

90 Administrator The CC Administrator defines and administers: – Skills – Groups – Users – Pause reasons – Contact Codes – General settings September 201090Voxtron Communication Center UserInstancesAdministrationConfiguration AdministratorAssigned CC instances 

91 Skills There is no limit on the number of skills Administrator can define the relative importance of a skill (compared to other skills) Supports mandatory skills: – A contact can only be routed to an agent having that skill – Mandatoryness can expire after a certain time September 201091Voxtron Communication Center

92 Groups Administrative support for installations having a lot of users Steps involved: – Define a group – Assign skills to the group – An agent inherits the skills of the group he/she belong to September 201092Voxtron Communication Center

93 Users The administrator adds a user by running through different parameter sets: – Personal settings (name, email address,...) – Permissions (with respect to monitors, fax center, email handling,...) – Skills (select & assign a knowledge percentage) – Interactions (free seating, types of interactions,...) – Filter display info in activity and agent monitor – Fax (enable/disable, sender/receiver number, archive (yes/no),...) September 201093Voxtron Communication Center

94 Users September 201094Voxtron Communication Center

95 Contact codes Purpose of the contact codes is the qualification of the contact Defined by the Administrator Selected and assigned by the agent during the treatment of the contact Gain an insight into the type of questions treated by the agents, thanks to the contact code reports September 201095Voxtron Communication Center

96 Pause reasons The administrator can define an unlimited number of pause reasons Example pause reasons: lunch, meeting, toilet break Default pause reason = the pause reason selected in case of: – User inactivity since x seconds – User fails to take a contact although marked as available September 201096Voxtron Communication Center

97 General settings Timers (default wrap-up times, thresholds) Agent specific (log-off/pause of last agent (y/n), pause wrap-up (y/n),...) Routing strategy (define the mixture between skills-based routing, time based routing and agent based routing by using slider bars) Advanced routing strategy (enable multiple simultaneous contacts per agent) Mandatory skills (time after which the mandatoryness is obsolete) September 201097Voxtron Communication Center

98 General settings September 201098Voxtron Communication Center

99 Team leaders Team leaders: – Have access to the reporting tool (refer above) – Can assign contacts in the waiting queue to a specific agent – Receive warning messages if contacts wait too long in the queue September 201099Voxtron Communication Center UserInstancesAdministrationConfiguration Team LeaderAssigned CC instances 

100 Users Major functions available for the users: – Free seating – Multilingual – Auto logon when starting Windows – Selection of type of contacts that he/she will treat – Work in full screen or minimize to system tray – Screen pop-ups – Select pause reason – Quick dial – Send faxes from any Windows application – Show web pages in the Voxtron Client September 2010100Voxtron Communication Center

101 Log-on September 2010101Voxtron Communication Center

102 Maximized view agent client September 2010102Voxtron Communication Center

103 Activity and waiting monitor Waiting monitor: – Provides an overview of all contacts that are waiting in the UQ – Allows sorting, filtering and grouping based on selectable fields (contact type, status, waiting time,...) Activity monitor: presence – Provides an overview of all agents and (back)office workers – Allows sorting, filtering and grouping based on selectable fields (name, status, extension, duration,...) – The Administrator decides which other agents an agent can see September 2010103Voxtron Communication Center

104 Activity Monitor September 2010104Voxtron Communication Center

105 INTEGRATIONS September 2010105Voxtron Communication Center

106 Integrations Voxtron Communication Center has a set of powerful SDKs allowing you to integrate with almost any business environment: – IVR plug-ins – Perl scripting for incoming emails – client SDK COM interface Custom toolbar HTML – server SDK Custom statistics Custom Dashboard September 2010106Voxtron Communication Center

107 EDITIONS September 2010107Voxtron Communication Center

108 Voxtron Communication Center Enterprise This edition of Voxtron Communication Center targets the Enterprise market No commercial limitations on number of instances and number of users / ports High end integrations (e.g. Microsoft Lync, SAP,...) will be implemented on this edition of Voxtron Communication Center September 2010108Voxtron Communication Center

109 Voxtron Communication Center Express This edition of Voxtron Communication Center targets the SMB market Each operational module can be installed only ONCE, except for the IVR module September 2010109Voxtron Communication Center

110 REQUIREMENTS September 2010110Voxtron Communication Center

111 System requirements – Server OS Server operating systems: – Windows 2008 Server Standard 32-bit, English edition – Windows 2008 Server Standard 32-bit, German edition – Windows 2008 Server Enterprise 32-bit, English edition – Windows 2008 Server Enterprise 32-bit, German edition – Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard 64-bit, English edition – Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard 64-bit, German edition – Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise 64-bit, English edition – Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise 64-bit, German edition Cluster setup requires Enterprise edition September 2010111Voxtron Communication Center

112 System requirements – Client OS Client operating systems: – Windows Vista 32-bit Business or Ultimate edition – Windows Vista 64-bit Business or Ultimate edition – Windows 7 32-bit Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate – Windows 7 64-bit Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate These operating systems are supported in the same languages as the languages in which the Voxtron Client is available September 2010112Voxtron Communication Center

113 System requirements – SQL Server Voxtron Communication Center supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server Enterprise is needed in case of a cluster Extra conditions: – SQL Server must have the same language as the OS (English / English or German / German) – SQL Server must support same processor type as the OS (32-bit / 32-bit or 64-bit / 64-bit) September 2010113Voxtron Communication Center VCC ExpressVCC Enterprise SQL Express?  SQL Standard SQL Enterprise

114 System Requirements – SQL server SQL Express is limited in data storage and memory Each module makes connection with the datastore and therefore consumes an amount of memory Microsoft does not publish figures about the memory consumption (it depends on the connection and traffic) As a result, Voxtron even cannot guarantee that a Voxtron Communication Center Express in all of its configurations will work on a SQL Server Express September 2010114Voxtron Communication Center

115 UPGRADE PATH September 2010115Voxtron Communication Center

116 Upgrade path Voxtron Communication Center is because of it’s new architecture a different product from agenTel There is no upgrade procedure for customers having agenTel and wanting to move to Voxtron Communication Center Express Voxtron will make available a data import tool within 4 months after release. This data import tool gathers the agenTel administration and configuration data and loads them into the Voxtron Communication Center Datastore Reporting modules in Voxtron Communication Center and agenTel are not compatible; therefore the data import tool will not include the statistical data September 2010116Voxtron Communication Center

117 SUMMARY September 2010117Voxtron Communication Center

118 September 2010118Voxtron Communication Center Installation Center accelerates the time to deployment Flexible licensing enables targeting different markets Multi-tenancy Advanced, modular architecture Scalable Central administration and configuration RIA Dashboard RIA Dashboard Audit Trail and installation monitoring Multimedia


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