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Chris Jones Chairman, WISH and Director, Cory Environmental Limited WISH Progress to date and future prospects.

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1 Chris Jones Chairman, WISH and Director, Cory Environmental Limited WISH Progress to date and future prospects.

2 In the next 15 minutes or so…. The 2013 Roadmap - What the industry asked for. - The working groups - Industry involvement and engagement Other WISH work - Review and update of existing WASTE XX guidance - New guidance – WASTE 24 and WASTE 28 - The WISH website Old relationships – new partnerships Measures of achievement The direction of travel.

3 The 2013 Roadmap 7 th February 2013 summit - Strong leadership, - Involve the workforce, - Build competence, - Creating healthier, safer workplaces, - Support SMEs,

4 The 2013 Roadmap

5 The Working groups All have held meetings and done useful work. One has progressed to the production of a toolkit. One is very close to finishing a useful new publication One has spilt into a number of groups each tackling a specific issue. All need more support and more engagement

6 Best practice guidance notes - Reviewed, revised and updated - Living work in progress RefTitle Waste01 Operating civic amenity sites safely Withdrawn and replaced by Waste 26 Waste02 Green waste collection: health issues Withdrawn and replaced by Waste27 Waste03Orphaned compressed gas cylinders in the waste and recycling industries Waste04Waste and recycling vehicles in street collection Waste05The safe use of refuse collection vehicle hoists and bins Waste06Skip and container safety in waste management and recycling Waste07 Safe handling of asbestos cement waste at civic amenity (CA) sites Withdrawn and replaced by Waste27 Waste08Compaction equipment: User and public safety Waste09Safe transport in waste management and recycling facilities Waste10The safe recovery of petrol from end-of-life vehicles Waste11Safety at ‘bring sites’ in the waste management and recycling industries Waste 12 Storing hazardous waste at household recycling centres Withdrawn and replaced by Waste26 RefTitle Waste 13Designing and operating Material Recycling Facilities (MRF’s) safely Waste15 Health hazards in the waste and recycling industry Withdrawn and replaced by Waste27 Waste16Kerbside glass collection: Noise reduction techniques Waste17 Managing ‘task and finish’ to reduce safety risks Withdrawn and replaced by Waste23 Waste18Hand sorting of recyclables (‘totting’) with vehicle assistance Waste19 Handling needles in the waste and recycling industry Withdrawn and replaced by Waste27 Waste21Health and safety training: Guidelines for the waste management and recycling sector Waste22Handling offensive hygiene waste Waste23Safe waste and recycling collection services Waste25 People in commercial waste containers Withdrawn and replaced by item on HSE webpage Waste26Managing Health and Safety in civic amenity sites Waste27Health and hazardous substances in waste and recycling Waste28Reducing fire risk at waste management sites. Other WISH work

7 Best practice guidance notes - Waste04 “Safe collection activities” - Waste24 “Safe highway cleansing” - Waste28 “Fire safety at waste sites” Other WISH work

8 WISH fire guidance Reducing fire risk at waste management sites  Released 20 October 2014  Has support of ESA, EA, SEPA, HSE, HSL, CFOA, CIWM  Insurer input throughout  Joint press release WISH / CFOA, plus CIWM release  Distributed widely   10 months in production... Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum

9 The WISH Website - Likely to move to its own site in 2015 - Still signposted from the HSE website - Still supported by the HSE, EA, FRS and other regulators Other WISH work

10 WISH Guidance – Key features What separates WISH guidance from others? Written for operators, by operators. Best practice not lowest common denominator. Best practice, not compliant practice Hints, tips, advice and case studies Updated as knowledge, understanding and practices change.

11 Spreading the word Organisation/ bodyPlace IOSHWarrington UK Safety Networks (UKSN)Essex (Chelmsford) RoSPABirmingham RoSPAReading RoSPALondon UKSNEast Anglia (Norwich) WISH NIBelfast LA group (Lincs)Lincoln LA group (Northampton) Hemel Hempsted and Aylesbury (sep talks/events) South West Waste Recycling forum Cornwall AIRMICBournemouth FEAD/EU joint meetingAmsterdam LA group (London)Hammersmith West Midlands Waste ForumKidderminster Environmental Media Group (Letsrecycle) Solihull and London (sep talks/events) Manchester Waste ForumManchester Airport SESAGlasgow LA group (Gloucester)Cheltenham SW Safety forumBristol Other WISH work

12 Achievements to date ESA accident charter Accident rate fell from 4150 to 2428 between 2003 and 2007. More than a 12% year on year reduction. Following renewal of the charter in 2007 the accident rate has fallen to stand in 2013 at 1313.

13 Accident rates in the waste industry -Bomel Report “Damming research was published yesterday by the HSE which showed that around 4,000 accidents are reported by the waste industry each year, or approximately 2,500 per 100,000 workers. This is nearly five times the national average accident rate, and the fatal incident rate of 10 in 100,000 is ten times the national average.” “The research, conducted by Bomel Limited, was based on 2001/02 figures and revealed that incidents were mainly reported from refuse or recycling collection crews manually sorting the waste.” From 17 June 2004 Achievements to date

14 RR701 BOMEL II -Accident rates fell by 15% from 03/04 to 07/08. HSE's Head of Manufacturing Sector, Geoff Cox said: "There has been a lot of work by all parties to improve the industry's poor record since we published the first analysis of the injury rates in 2004.” "The declining performance at the beginning of this decade has been halted and we can now see improvements that equate to 800 fewer injuries per year.”

15 2001/2~4100 (Bomel, RR240) 2006/7~3300 (Bomel, RR701) 2012/13 ~2100(HSE Statistics) 2013/14 ~2000(HSE Statistics) The RIDDOR record 2001/02 to 2013/14 Achievements to date But the industry RIDDOR rate is still higher than construction….

16 WISH is committed to change by: -Establishing and sharing best practice -Improving the safety performance of the industry -Developing the competence of those who work in the industry -Improving perception of the waste industry as a benefit to society and a safe place to work “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win”. John F Kennedy (1917-1963)


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