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Effective ExCom Meetings & Section Operations Naresh Chand, Fellow IEEE Chair, North Jersey Section, NJ Director, Huawei Technologies, NJ

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1 Effective ExCom Meetings & Section Operations Naresh Chand, Fellow IEEE Chair, North Jersey Section, NJ Director, Huawei Technologies, NJ MGA Operational Manual _activities/operations_manual/index.html

2 Outlines Introduction – My section and initial challenges Role and responsibilities of the section officers as defined by MGA Effective ExCom meetings – Food – Agenda Effective section operations – Budget – MGA resources MGA Staff Vtools IEEE-notice Webinabox SAMIEE – Bringing new volunteers – Society Chapters – Affinity groups – Committees Summary 2

3 North Jersey Section About 2,800 - 3,000 members No. of meetings in 2011: 111 – Administrative: 12 – Technical: 76 – Non-technical: 19 – Professional: 4 2012 total income: $ 55,422.65 – Includes about $24,326 from IEEE as Rebates, Societies support, IEEE USA, Awards, and travel support – Rest was generated by section 2011 expenses: $ 48,901.68 Net gain in 2011: $ 6,520.97 Cash in Hand @beginning of the year: $164.838.76 Cash in hand @end of the year: $170,491.14 3

4 Initial challenges No administrative experience Little knowledge of the section, MGA and their operations Shrinking membership and with it IEEE rebates Highly dedicated and experienced ExCom members – Preferred status quo – Tremendous resistance to use IT tools – Two members died in first month Balance budget Changing printed newsletter to an electronic newsletter saving about $28,000/year and taking advantage of everything in cloud – No one liked the idea – EC Chair felt that they will not be able to run any course Newsletter editor resigned Lost access to our website Secretary went to China for 6 months on sabbatical New treasurer with no accounting experience We must become the change we want to see. — Mahatma Gandhi 4

5 My approach Treated the Section operations as System Engineering with members as customers Put considerable efforts in learning – Mission and goals of the Section – Roles and responsibilities of the Section Chair and other officers to best serve the interests of the IEEE, Section and its members – Available resources available from MGA, IEEE USA, Societies, affinity groups Offer volunteer positions to members Live by example Decided to make a difference and accepted the challenge 5

6 Built quality and discipline in our system We require all events are posted on VTOOLS which can be accessed by anyone including non-members Only events on VTOOLS go in newsletters Expense voucher requires certifications of – Event was created on VTOOLS – L31 has been submitted All monies chapter chairs bring from their Societies go in their budgets Budget is not a constraint if the money is spent wisely We encourage registration on VTOOLS so that right amount of food can be ordered 6

7 Highlights of 2011 All Chapters, groups, and committees met their obligations 111 meetings Simplified expense claim form; no reimbursement without L31 and VTOOL announcement Had a grand award ceremony as always Had a life member luncheon Received financial support from several Societies Reg. 1 Gruenwald Award $1000 Two R1 awards All events are on VTOOLS and on our website Discontinued hard copy of newsletter that saved $28,000 Introduced electronic newsletter and use of e-notice Ran more educational courses successfully IEEE AP/MTT Mini Show IEEE Innovation day Attendance to our meetings increased Did not cut budget of any chapter or event Had surplus budget Year end dinner with a token gift to all ExCom members We’ve full roster for 2012

8 2012 Goals Approach more non-IEEE members Make our newsletter more effective New website Advertize our website and event calendar for up to date information Attract new volunteers – Use SAMIEEE to find them Use more IEEE resources Partner with Industry Ask attendees to register on VTOOLS (better planning, easy to manage event changes, easy to contact attendees,..) More educational courses Partnerships with other Sections Make ExCom meeting more useful and educational – Chairs should report important outcome of events Slides of talks on our websites Improve accounting Challenge: Making new members (We are trying to put a system at place) High potential students awards

9 Section Mission Inspire, Enable, Empower and Engage Members of IEEE at the local level for the purpose of: – Fulfilling the mission of IEEE – Enhancing the member’s growth and development throughout their life cycle – Providing a professional home 9

10 Section Goals Increase member engagement Improve relationships with and among members Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, within the section and its interfaces Enhance collaboration – serve as the local face of IEEE to community Increase membership Ensure the collection of appropriate information necessary to all the IEEE to become a data driven organization 10

11 11 Section bylaws are no longer required. But, if required by local law, Sections and Councils may create their own addendum/bylaws, using the MGA Operations Manual as a guideline. MGA Operational Manual operations_manual/index.html

12 Roles of a Section Chair CEO of the Section Responsible for ensuring that the Section is fulfilling its Mission and Goals Ensures that all local units are in compliance with IEEE Policies and local regulations Manages the operations of the Section to ensure the best interests of local members Provides leadership and guidance to ensures that the Section activities are focused on increasing member engagement and satisfaction Represents the needs of Section members by providing feedback to Region Committee and/or IEEE organizational units Serves as a Chair and preside at ExCom meetings Represent the Section at IEEE gatherings Represent the Section at Regional Committee Meetings and vote on issues on the basis of the best interest of members and IEEE 12

13 Responsibilities of the Section Chair Oversee Management of the Section to serve the best interests of the IEEE, its members and the humanity Exercise business judgment to act in what is reasonably believed to be in the best interest of the IEEE, its members and the general public and not on behalf of any individual, entity or interest group Identify appropriate volunteers for the Section’s non-elected positions and present their appointments to ExCom for review Prepare the agenda and serve as chair for all ExCom meetings Serve as a signer on the Section bank account and authorize disbursements as approved by the Section Executive Committee Sign the Section annual report of financial activity at year end Establish annual Section activities, with the approval of the exCom Ensure that all Section Officers, Committee Chairs, Chapter Chairs and Affinity Group Chairs are aware of their responsibilities and duties If a Section Officer is unable to perform his/her duties, the Chair is responsible for ensuring that the duties are completed Be informed of the IEEE and its business, including its mission, services, policies and programs 13

14 Responsibilities of the Section Chair - Cont Ensure that the Section (including Section Technical Chapters and Section Affinity Groups) are conducting activities on a regular basis and this information is being report to IEEE MGA (L31) Ensure that a Section Nominating Committee is established in accordance with MGA Guidelines Be informed of the IEEE and its business, including its mission, services, policies and programs Spend sufficient time and energy to be familiar with matters requiring the ExCom’s attention Disclose any real or perceived personal conflict of interest with matters before the ExCom or which might otherwise conflict with the fiduciary duties owed to the IEEE Review IEEE documents as they relate to the position of Section Chair, including IEEE Bylaws, IEEE Manual Policy, IEEE Financial Operations Manual and the MGA Operations Manual. Become familiar with IEEE Policies regarding funding sources for Geographic Units, the appropriate Use of IEEE Funds, establishing bank accounts, contract administration, annual reporting requirements and insurance coverage. Exhibit highest standards of collaboration Provide leadership in the association's statement of vision, mission, and goals, and the corresponding strategies, plans, and budgets to achieve them Suggest potential nominees to the Section Nominating Committee who can make a significant contributions to the work of the Section and the IEEE Identify potential individuals to serve in this position at completion of your term of office. Act as mentor to successor. 14

15 Section Chair should: Exercise sound judgments in matters that relate to the current and long-term objectives of the IEEE and the Section Listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group Cultivate and recruit Section members and other volunteers Understand the conflicting interests of the various constituencies of the IEEE and to act in the interests of all Section members and the general public Exercise honesty, integrity and adherence to high ethical standards Show sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient approach, and community-building skills, Motivate others, negotiate compromise and resolve differences Maintain positive working relationships and capability to set direction for the Section Adhere to governance practices Passion for, and interest in, the IEEE organization Dedicate service to the IEEE while maintaining balance with professional and personal life Communicate clearly Meet deadlines and respond to communications in a timely fashion 15

16 In–Person meetings Section and/or Section Executive Committee meetings – 8 - 12 meetings per year (typical schedule) Regional Meetings – 1 or 2 meetings per year – typically requires travel to/from meeting location Sections Congress – This event is conducted every three years. Technical Chapter/Affinity Group Meetings – 1 – 2 meetings per year (optional) Additional local activities (i.e. IEEE Conference within the Section boundaries) Award ceremony, life members lunch/dinner, and year end section party Award ceremonies of neighboring sections Represent IEEE at local non-IEEE events. 16

17 Vice Chair Chair meetings in absence of Chair Familiar with the policies relating to the activity of the Section and subunits, including IEEE bylaws, IEEE Policies, MGA Operations Manual Assume additional authority or activity as designated by Chair 17

18 Treasurer Process expense vouchers and reimburse expenses Prepare the annual budget Record all financial activity Reconcile bank statements/activity Report status of unit’s finances to the Section ExCom on a regular basis Prepare and submit Annual Financial Report (L-50) Signer on bank account 18

19 Secretary Record minutes of ExCom and other Section meetings Handle correspondence Distribute meeting notices Maintain Section records Submit officer and meeting reporting, including officer changes during the year, to IEEE Operations Center 19

20 IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct IEEE Code of Ethics All items relevant, but remember to: – treat fairly all persons regardless of such factors as race, religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin; – avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious action; – assist colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics. 20

21 Recognition and awards Officers of all units Conference organizers Committee chairs Newsletter editors/web masters SAMIEEE database coordinator Newly elected Fellows & elevated Senior Members R1 awards MGA awards Section awards – Newsletter article – Web page – Certificate – Plaque Section or Chapter Chair pins 21

22 Effective ExCom meeting Have an agenda with time allocated for each item and follow it strictly Food and Sign In Call to Order Approval of Minutes (may be conducted via email) Treasurer Report and budget Newsletter Updates of officers, chairs, Committees, etc Special Program-Speaker(s) Officers Reports Unfinished Business New Business Adjournment in time 22 Pay attention to the food needs of everyone. Include healthy and tasty food, more vegetarian, water and other drinks.

23 Procedure to Introduce New Business Member raises hand When recognized by the chair, member stands, gives name, and states his/her motion. e.g. "I move that __________." Member may give a brief explanation for introducing the motion Another member must second the motion to continue The chair calls for discussion on this motion The member who introduced the motion has the right to speak first. Members wishing to discuss the motion raise their hands and wait for recognition from the chair before speaking, enabling everyone to share his/her opinions. The chair calls for a vote on the motion* The chair states results of vote and resulting action 23

24 Options related to motions Amend it Refer it to a Committee Withdraw it Postpone it Postpone it indefinitely Ref: The Basics of Robert's Rules of Order 24

25 Resources available from MGA MGA Staff at HQ especially IT staff (Khanh Luu and Y. Khushid) – Send appreciation notes Vtools – We require all events to be posted on VTOOLS. Only those events are legitimate IEEE events and will go in newsletter Webinabox – Events on VTOOLS automatically goes in calendar IEEE e-notice 25

26 Newsletter Hard copy: We discontinued it and saved about $4,000/issue Electronic copy – Events on Vtools only go in there We send it through IEEE e-notice Some chapter chairs have authorization to send their meeting announcement directly through e-notice. We recognize and welcome new members in the newsletter We post our full roster in the newsletter About 12 pages Would prefer one page e-zine (Electronic- Magazine) format (?) – Content is supposed to be in cloud and available on a click 26

27 Recruiting new volunteers Keep an eye on potential volunteers Approach them and make an offer Welcome guests Introduce them to ExCom 27

28 Recognize volunteers Give them credit for what they do Nominate them for awards Give occasional gifts for their special contributions Year end party and token gifts Send appreciation letters (even to their employers if necessary) 28 You can get anything done if you don’t care who gets the credit. - President reagan

29 Budget Most important item Support everyone based on needs Seek support from Societies Must be presented in December (?) 29

30 Generating income for the Section Educational courses Trade shows and mini conferences Technical conferences Certification courses Support from technical Societies 30

31 Summary Do your best keeping the interests of members, volunteers, Section and IEEE in mind Spend members’ money wisely Leave your legacy behind 31

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