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1 Mandy Harrison & Kathe Harrison October 4, 2013 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

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1 1 Mandy Harrison & Kathe Harrison October 4, 2013 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

2  Welcome and introductions  Types of Leaves  College policy  Leave Approval Process  Paperwork needed  Stumbling Blocks  Wolverine Access  Filling out the form  Leave matrix  Scenarios  Contact us  Questions? 2

3 Sabbatical (SAB)  Tenured faculty only, with active research program & 12 active terms Duty Off-Campus Leave (DOC)  For nurturance leaves, administrative leaves, assigned teaching abroad programs, research elsewhere at the request of the unit or college, sabbatical equity accrued elsewhere Scholarly Activity Leave (SAL)  Prestigious fellowship; award must generally be at least 25% of academic year FTR salary Leave Without Salary (LWOS)  Personal leaves, non-assigned teaching or research elsewhere 3

4 No leave is an entitlement Two years of active duty required after a leave (paid or unpaid) to be eligible for another leave Sabbatical equity can only be earned:  during active terms, or  while on DOCs for nurturance leave, assigned teaching abroad, or assigned research off campus Course release time and modified duties are not leaves:  Scholarship, service, student mentoring, non-didactic teaching all continue 4

5 1. Department submits leave request to Mandy Harrison, 2150 LSA. 2. LSA Executive Committee approves leave. Mandy sends notification of approval to unit(s). 3. Tom Hart in the Dean’s Office creates submittal. All leave submittals that change leave pay will also change to 100% scholarship/research. 5

6 Sabbaticals (SAB) UM sabbatical request form LSA leave worksheet Current CV 6 6 Non-Sabbaticals Duty Off-Campus (DOC)  LSA leave request form  LSA leave worksheet Scholarly Activity (SAL)  LSA leave request form  LSA leave worksheet  Award letter with salary stipend Leave Without Salary (LWOS)  LSA leave request form  LSA leave worksheet Submit leave request packet to Mandy Harrison, 2150 LSA

7 Impact on benefits and salary Impact on retirement contributions Topping off awards 7

8 Leaves that CHANGE or STOP pay must be on Wolverine Access by: Leaves that do NOT stop or change pay:  Submittal to HRRIS may be delayed until after the beginning of the term – especially for fall term, in order not to conflict with the salary program.  BUT can be processed anytime after LSA approval, if requested, to accommodate faculty member’s benefits needs. 8 Best Practice for Units: Verify leave in Wolverine Access according to timeline noted above.

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10 Non- Sabbatical Leave Form Other Forms LSA Leave Worksheet Memo to Associate Dean Regental Communication Accrues Sabbatical Equity Retirement Contribution Health Benefits MPathways Submittal Paperwork Sabbatical Leave (SAB) No UM SAB Form Yes Yes-if asking for exception to policy No Yes Yes-by Dean’s office Duty Off Campus Leave (DOC) YesNoYes Yes-if asking for exception to policy No Only for nurturance, teaching abroad, unit assigned research off campus Yes Yes-by Dean’s office Scholarly Activity Leave (SAL) YesNoYes Yes-if asking for exception to policy No Yes-only on UM funded portion Yes Yes-by Dean’s office Leave Without Salary (LWOS) YesNoYesNo Yes-if asking for leave beyond one year No Yes-by Dean’s office Modified Duties (not a leave) No YesNoYes No Medical Leave*NoMedical Release No Yes Contact Work Connections & Deb Erskine prior to completing paperwork 10

11 Some common questions regarding leaves  Professor X has a prestigious award for the fall term 14, can she also take a sabbatical during winter term 15? Yes, faculty can combine two leaves back to back for a total of one year leave. She would take a SAL in FT and a SAB in WT.  Professor X has been offered a prestigious fellowship at another institution, but they are only funding 80% of his salary. Can he receive the remaining 20% of his salary from UM? Yes, he would request a SAL with a topping-off award. (TOA). The College could pay the remaining 20% of his salary at its discretion. The prestigious fellowship must equal at least 25% of the faculty member’s full time salary rate to qualify for topping-off. 11

12  Professor X receives an on-campus fellowship (e.g., Michigan Humanities Award, Humanities Institute Fellowship, Frankel Center Fellowship). Is this a DOC ? No, on-campus fellowships are taken as SALs. A leave request form, along with the award letter, needs to be submitted and approved. SAL’s don’t accrue sabbatical equity.  Professor Y has been contacted by Stanford about a possible job in the Department of Redundancy. Can he take a Leave Without Salary so he can spend the year as a visitor at Stanford before deciding whether to apply for the position.? No. LSA policy does not allow faculty to go on LWOS to accept visiting positions at institutions where they are under consideration for a faculty position. 12

13  Professor X is applying for a nurturance leave in conjunction with a term of modified duties. Does this affect his tenure clock? No, the tenure clock is not affected by leaves or a term of modified duties. Delay of tenure review are separate requests that go to the College Executive Committee for approval. A faculty member may also request a delay in their 3d year review in conjunction with their delay in tenure.  Professor X is scheduled to take a sabbatical and then gets hurt and needs to take a medical leave. Can she postpone her sabbatical ? Yes, the faculty member may submit a request for postponement of the sabbatical to her chair/director who would forward it to the College (Mandy Harrison) for approval. 13

14  Professor X spent 2012-13 on Leave Without Salary as a visiting professor at Harvard. He applied for and won a Guggenheim Fellowship for 2014-15. Can he accept it? No, LSA policy requires him to return to active duty for two years following a leave of any kind before requesting another leave. He may be able to postpone his Guggenheim until 2015-16.  Can a faculty member postpone a sabbatical without a loss of equity ? Yes, if she is postponing it for teaching, mentoring, research, or service needs within the unit, college, or university. The unit sends a request to preserve the additional equity to Mandy Harrison in Divisional Affairs. Once this has been approved by the relevant Associate Dean and by Academic HR, an email notification of approval will be sent to the unit. 14

15 Consult the LSA website: And you can always contact:  Mandy Harrison -,  Kathe Harrison –, 15

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