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Chapter 8 Vocabulary Review

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1 Chapter 8 Vocabulary Review

2 A set of basic principles that determines the powers & duties of government.

3 Articles of Confederation
Document that created the First central government for the United States, was replaced by the Constitution in 1789. Articles of Confederation

4 Trade that is conducted between the states.
Interstate commerce

5 Uprising of Massachusetts farmers led by Daniel Shays, to protest high taxes, heavy debt & farm foreclosures. Shays’s Rebellion

6 Series of essays that defended the Constitution & tried to reassure Americans that the states would not be overpowered by the proposed national government. Federalist Papers

7 Official changes, corrections, or additions to the law or the Constitution.

8 People who lend money. creditors

9 Support for a type of government in which representatives are elected and in which the people hold the political power. republicanism

10 Fundamental rights, such as religious liberty and equality before the law.
Natural rights

11 Taxes on imports or exports.

12 System established by the framers of the Constitution to prevent any branch of government from becoming too powerful. Checks and balances

13 Distribution of governmental power between a central authority and the states or provinces that make up the nation. federalism

14 Decision made at the Constitutional Convention that settled the issue of how the states would be represented in Congress. Great Compromise

15 Formal approval. ratification

16 Steep drop in economic activity combined with rising unemployment.

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