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A Story of Canadian Nationalism, Turmoil and Betrayal.

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1 A Story of Canadian Nationalism, Turmoil and Betrayal

2  Only copy down the highlighted text.

3  Created in 1867 for the Confederation of Canada  Under the authority of the British Parliament  The federal government had tried unsuccessfully for years to bring the Constitution to Canada

4  During the lead up to the 1980 Referendum in Quebec PM Trudeau had promised ‘change’ to Quebeckers if they rejected sovereignty association  With the failure of the referendum Trudeau felt the time was right to repatriate (bring home) the constitution

5  Trudeau and the 10 provincial premiers met to revise the constitution – with no success  Trudeau gave the premiers one last final ultimatum to reach a deal or be left out of the process  Trudeau and 9 premiers (not Rene Levesque – Quebec) worked through the night to reach a deal

6  The following morning Levesque learned a deal had been reached in his absence  Levesque complained the deal confirmed that “Quebec was alone” within Canada  The purpose of constitutional renewal had been to reassure Quebec of its place within Canada – instead it further alienates them

7  The three main points of the agreement were: 1. The power to amend (change) the constitution would be brought home from Britain 2. Changes to the constitution required the approval of the federal government and 7 provinces (comprising 50% of the pop.) 3. A Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be added to the constitution

8  The federal government voted in favour of the patriation package  The Parti Quebecois government in Quebec order all flags to be flown at half mast to signify the “insult” from English Canada  The British Parliament approved the changes to the BNA Act and the Constitution Act 1982 was born

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