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Tips and Tricks for Easy Mealtimes and Bedtimes By: Tien Nguyen Margie Martinez Jennifer Rackley.

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1 Tips and Tricks for Easy Mealtimes and Bedtimes By: Tien Nguyen Margie Martinez Jennifer Rackley

2 At some point or another most parents have experienced the change that occurs in their child when it is time to eat. The “little angel” turns into the “mealtime monster”. Using a mantra such as “I don’t like that!”, they demand their favorite food and refuse to eat until they get it. If you haven’t encountered that problem, or if you have, you are more than likely a veteran of “bedtime wars”. It happens at the end of the day, when your household is settling down for the evening, that your child unexpectedly turns into a special forces commando, charging around the house and screaming “I don’t want to go to bed!” at the top of their lungs. Believe us when we say we feel your pain. So we have compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks to assist you in getting your “little angel” to eat, and to restore peace in the bedtime war zone.

3 MEALTIME TIPS Establish regular meal and snack times, with enough time in between to allow your child to get hungry. Smaller children sometimes prefer to eat several small meals throughout the day, a pattern known as “grazing”. Do not pacify an upset child with food. This response often overlooks what the child is really upset about as well as interferes with mealtimes. Remember to serve child sized portions, and only give more if your child asks for it. Make sure your child is getting enough exercise. A child who plays hard will likely eat more to keep up their energy. Allow your child to assist in the meal planning and preparation. They will be more inclined to eat what they helped to cook.

4 MEALTIME TRICKS If your child has a sweet tooth, try offering fresh or dried fruits instead of dessert treats. Remember, if you don’t buy it they can’t eat it. If your child has a favorite food and insists on eating that food every day, let them. Serve with it whatever food groups are missing from their favorite food, to balance the nutrition. If your child won’t eat vegetables, try disguising them in other foods. Finely chopped, most children won’t be able to spot them. Try, try again. There are lots of varieties of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. You might go through them all, but chances are your child will like at least one of them.

5 BEDTIME TIPS Establish a bedtime routine. This can include all of those things children would normally do to get ready for bed, and then finish up in their bedroom. Allow children time to finish an activity before getting ready for bed. Offer a reminder and a time limit so they are not surprised. Observe when your child gets tired to create a consistent bedtime. Do not allow your child to consume caffeinated snacks or drinks at least two hours prior to bedtime. Make sure to spend quality time with your child prior to bedtime. They will sleep easier knowing they got your attention. Make sure your child is comfortable. This means that they are dressed for the weather, they have their favorite bedtime toys and the room is quiet.

6 BEDTIME TRICKS Have bedtime music, or white noise, to play. This can signal your child that it’s time to go to sleep. Read or tell your child a story. They can already be in bed, and then, when the story is done, it’s a simple lights out. If your child is afraid of the dark, keep a night light or hall light on to reassure them. Give your child a relaxing massage to help calm them down. Make bedtime a game. The best way to get your child to do something they don’t want to do is to have fun.

7 WEBLIOGRAPHY For more information check out our excellent sources. eaters.html sleep_tips/

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